A Remembrance: Anna Brown

April 29, 2018

Anne Louise Brown was murdered on April 30, 2017, in Molino. Her family released the following on the anniversary of her death.

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One Response to “A Remembrance: Anna Brown”

  1. William Wall on July 28th, 2018 6:25 pm

    On Sunday July 6, 2018 I was driving home from church and in a lot of pain. I remembered Anna, my physical therapist from two years earlier doing a particular exercise with me to recover my core after a spinal fusion surgery.

    Anna was quite fit, a show off who was very playful, but tough in her approach to physical therapy. My mind wandered and I was saddened by the knowledge of her passing and the circumstances surrounding her death. I couldn’t help but think that maybe she had just tapped into my life once again; to help me remember how to improve my fitness to combat the pain I was experiencing in my stomach and back. I could remember her instructions to sit erect. It was like she was coaching me through the process again on my drive home.

    Sometimes the boundaries between the spirit world and the physical world are blurry to me. I was thankful for Anna and have thanked her several times since that moment. I went home and blew up my big bouncy exercise ball and pulled out the 10 pound medicine ball and performed a few sets of the exercise Anna taught me. Days later I feel better, stronger, with less pain. Thank you Anna.

    I was talking to Anna’s colleague Shane and he told me that Anna’s father sang acapella during her memorial service. We both teared up. Shane said that Anna wrote poetry and songs. I’m a poet and songwriter and would very much like to read or listen to her work to honor the beauty of her life and the ministry of health and healing that she executed daily for others. If that is possible please e-mail to whwall@gmail.com

    Thank you,

    William Wall