Atmore Student Charged With Attempted Murder In Shooting; Security Heightened At Schools

February 28, 2018

A drive-by shooting in Atmore Tuesday afternoon left a student in critical condition and led to a precautionary increased police presence at two schools.

Atmore Police said a 17-year old was taken to Atmore Community Hospital about 4:08 p.m. with a possibly life threatening gunshot wound. Police said he was shot  when someone fired at a group of classmates gathered in a porch on the 300 block of East 4th Street off Martin Luther King Avenue. Officials believe the shooting may have been retaliation after a fight that happened Tuesday at Escambia County High School in Atmore.

The police department stated in a press release that “the victim suffered a punctured lung and the bullet also struck his spine leaving the victim paralyzed”.  He was airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

The victim was conscious and was able to identify the person who shot him.

The suspect, 17-year old De’Andre Lamar Mitchell arrived at the Atmore Police Department Wednesday morning with his mother. After speaking with investigators, Mitchell was placed under arrest for attempted murder and transported to the Escambia County (AL) Detention Center in Brewton. He is expected to be tried as an adult.

A decision was made, according to Escambia County (AL) Chief Deputy Mike Lambert,” to provide extra security as a  precaution at both Escambia County High School and Escambia County Middle School in Atmore. Deputies could still be seen monitoring ECHS Wednesday afternoon from near parking lot entraces, as Atmore Police officers patrolled through the parking lot.

Inside the high school, it was what appeared to be a normal day. The campus was not on lockdown.

“We have a safe a secure learning environment here today,” ECHS Principal Dennis Fuqua told as he walking a school hallway Wednesday afternoon. “It’s business as usual in here today.  I did meet with about 100 students at a time this morning to assure them that we do care about the one that was injured, but there is no reason to be worried about their safety at school”

Lambert said the law enforcement presence at both the middle and high schools in Atmore was greatly increased due to information received that indicated there might be some sort of retaliation.

“It wasn’t very specific about it, whether it migth be at school or off the school premises, but as a safety precaution and a deterrent, we decided it would be best.” Lambert said. “The safety of these students is a number one priority.”

Pictured top: Escambia County High School Principal Dennis Fuqua discusses school security as he walks the hall of the school Wednesday afternoon with Escambia County (AL) Chief Deputy Mike Lambert. Pictured below: A deputy watches an entrance at the high School in Atmore. photos, click to enlarge.

Molino Man Facing Drug, Weapon Charges After Traffic Stop

February 28, 2018

A Molino man was charged with multiple drug and weapon offenses after deputies pulled over a vehicle in which he was a passenger in Cottage Hill.

Jacob Monroe Colville, 24, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of a drug paraphernalia and providing a false name to law enforcement. He was also arrested on an outstanding battery warrant for allegedly spitting on a another man in an incident unrelated to the traffic stop.

Colville was a passenger in a vehicle deputies stopped on Williams Ditch Road near Wishbone Drive due to suspected illegal window tint. He falsely told deputies that his name was”Desean Rickit”, according to an arrest report. A K-9 positively alerted on the vehicle, and deputies found a black backpack where Colville had been sitting.

In that backpack, officers located a container containing 15 clonazepam pills (a controlled substance), a loaded .22 caliber revolver, two metal smoking devices, additional ammunition of differing calibers and other paraphernalia, the report states. Colville remained in the Escambia County Jail Wednesday morning with bond set at $27,500. The driver of the vehicle was given a verbal warning for a window tint violation.

In September 2017, Colville’s neighbor filed a police report claiming Colville spit on his right shoulder, and showed deputies that there was a stain remaining on his shirt.

House Backs Rules For Nursing Home Generators

February 28, 2018

A House committee on Tuesday agreed to take steps to ratify a rule requiring nursing homes to have backup-power sources but didn’t endorse similar requirements for assisted living facilities because of concerns about the costs.

Gov. Rick Scott in recent months has pushed for nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have generators that can keep buildings cool if electricity goes out.

McKinley Lewis, Scott’s deputy communications director, told The News Service of Florida on Tuesday that assisted living facilities need to be “included” in the mix and that the governor’s office is “continuing to work with the Florida Legislature to make sure this gets done.”

The House Health & Human Services Committee voted unanimously to introduce a bill that would ratify a rule issued by the state Agency for Health Care Administration, which regulates nursing homes. The proposed rule, which was hammered out by the Scott administration and the long-term care industry, would require nursing homes to have alternative power sources, such as generators, on site and 72 hours of fuel. The generators would need to be able to keep cool an area of no less than 30 square feet per resident at a temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for at least 96 hours.

The rule is estimated to cost nursing homes $121.3 million over the first five years, and about $66 million can be offset by Medicaid, according to a staff analysis. Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Justin Senior told committee members that about $25 million of the $66 million Medicaid tab would be borne by the state.

Since 2010, Florida law has required legislative ratification of any rule that would increase the costs of doing business by more than $1 million over a five-year period.

House Health & Human Services Chairman Travis Cummings, R-Fleming Island, has repeatedly expressed concerns that requiring assisted living facilities to abide by backup power rules would result in an unfunded mandate on some of Florida’s smallest businesses.

The 2,951 assisted living facilities in the state would have to spend more than $243 million to comply with the requirements.

Scott’s administration has pushed for generators at ALFs and nursing homes since the deaths in September of residents of The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, a Broward County nursing home that lost its air-conditioning system in Hurricane Irma. But long-term care providers have raised repeated concerns about issues such as costs and requirements to store fuel.

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide services in a less-restrictive and more home-like environment than nursing homes. They range from one resident to several hundred residents and offer various types of personal and nursing services.

Senior told members of the House committee that in the days following Hurricane Irma, the state emergency operations center had nightly phone calls with long-term care providers and that the Agency for Health Care Administration sent facility-surveyor staff across the state to get a gauge on what was occurring.

Senior said 1,677 assisted living facilities reported that they lost power during Hurricane Irma. Senior said facilities without backup power tended to have what he called employee abandonment, or staff not showing up for work.

He said that the “lack of staffing really put some frail elders at risk.”

Moreover, Senior said, the state “saw ALF residents, in particular, dumped inappropriately at special needs shelters and hospital emergency rooms.”

Cummings then asked Senior to focus what was in the bill and not on ALFs, which weren’t included in the bill.

Century Chamber Names Citizen, Student Of The Year

February 28, 2018

The Century Chamber of Commerce’s citizen and student of the year were named Tuesday night.

Byrneville Elementary School Principal Dee Wolfe-Sullivan was named Century’s Citizen of the Year. Northview High student Logan Calloway was named Student of the Year.

Pictured top: Dee Wolfe-Sullivan (left) was named Century’s Citizen of the Year Tuesday night. The award was presented by Tame Dunsford, Byrneville Elementary’s lead teacher. And Logan Calloway was presented Century’s Student of the Year, with the award presented by Northview Principal Gayle Weaver. Pictured inset: Logan Calloway. Pictured below: A large number of Byrneville Elementary staff and friends were on hand to see their principal receive her award. Photos for, click to enlarge.

Escambia County Contracts With Panhandle Equine Rescue

February 28, 2018

Escambia County has entered into a an agreement with Panhandle Equine Rescue in Cantonment  to house equines for the county animal shelter.

The county has budgeted up $20,000 for PER to provide shelter, food, veterinary care and transportation. Payments will be made on a cost reimbursement basis.

The only horse rescue in Escambia County, PER was founded by a small group of concerned citizens with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and provide adoption services for abused, neglected and abandoned equines. PER is authorized by the court system to investigate equine cruelty in Escambia County.

File photo.

Auburn, Georgia And Beekeepers Could Get Specialty License Plates

February 28, 2018

A House committee has approved a bill that would revamp state laws dealing with specialty license plates, including creating plates for Auburn University and the University of Georgia.

The bill (HB 1359), sponsored by Rep. James Grant, a Tampa Republican and Auburn alum, is ready to go to the House floor after being approved by the Government Accountability Committee.

The measure would make a series of policy changes to laws dealing with specialty plates, including setting a limit of 125 plates and taking steps to weed out plates that have relatively few sales. But in proposing to create Auburn and University of Georgia plates, the bill would add to the long-standing plates of Florida colleges and universities.

It would require that fees collected from the Auburn and Georgia plates go to scholarships for Florida residents attending those schools.

bill also would create other new specialty plates, such as the Florida State Beekeepers Association plate, the Beat Childhood Cancer plate and the Florida Bay Forever plate.

Elementary Students Compete In Science Olympiad

February 28, 2018

The Escambia County School District’s Elementary Science Olympiad was held recently.

The primary goal of the science Olympiad is to allow students to have fun while showing off what they know in nine different competitions.

North Escambia area schools are listed in bold. Scroll to bottom for additional photos.


  • 1st Place- Blue Angels
  • 2nd Place- Hellen Caro
  • 3rd Place- Lipscomb
  • 4th Place- Pleasant Grove
  • 5th Place- Cordova

Spirit Award

  • 1st Place- Montclair
  • 2nd Place- McArthur
  • 3rd Place- Beulah


1st Place- Bratt

  • Laura Laborde
  • Colby Pugh

2nd Place- Blue Angel

  • Carter Mills
  • Noah Brown
  • Tyler Parriman

3rd Place- NB Cook

  • Ford Reeves
  • Tori Sappington
  • Amaya Ross

4th Place- Oakcrest

  • Gaven Carter
  • Isaiah Smith

5th Place- Lipscomb

  • Parker Beyl
  • Hollis Scott
  • Andrew Presley

Science Bowl

1st Place McArthur

  • Beatrice Bunnell
  • Bailee Luciano
  • David Martins
  • Arthur Johanson

2nd Place- Cordova Park

  • Brooks Lurton
  • Madison Tennant
  • Alice Zhang

3rd Place- Blue Angels

  • Lana Carter
  • Skyler Hardison
  • Tyler Parriman
  • Noah Brown

4th Place- Hellen Caro

  • Izzy Owens
  • Makayla Gustave
  • Lydia Pound
  • Jake Hilley

5th Place- Molino

  • Ayden Crabtree
  • Joshua Kennedy
  • Raegan Holley
  • Blakely Campbell

Reflection Relay

1st Place- Bratt

  • Ally Richardson
  • Mary Catherine Hughes
  • Maggie Scott

2nd Place- Warrington

  • Ayden Reed
  • Keegan Britt
  • Tristan Matovina

3rd Place- Cordova Park

  • Alice Zhang
  • Brooks Lurton
  • Madison Tennant

4th Place- NB Cook

  • Sophie Thompson
  • Emree Long
  • Brendan Boyer

5th Place- Lipscomb

  • Trevor Gage
  • Paige Raiter
  • Richard Jester

Straw Egg Drop

1st Place- Pine Meadow

  • Carly Gray
  • Aleora Holman

2nd Place- Blue Angels

  • Veronica Ryan
  • Corrin Cole

3rd Place- Scenic Heights

  • Sonya Boccino
  • Aiden Iglesias

4th Place- Bellview

  • Brashaun Pello
  • Deborah Maxi

5th Place- Hellen Caro

  • Anna Baumann
  • Victoria Sipperly

Tennis Ball Catapult

1st Place- AK Suter

  • Mason Haddocks
  • Cooper Lindemann

2nd Place- NB Cook

  • Alastair Casler
  • Brody Turner

3rd Place- Pleasant Grove

  • Matthew Halloran
  • Samuel Zylstra

4th Place- Ferry Pass

  • Reese Goff
  • Abbey Wilmoth

5th Place- Cordova Park

  • Elyse Carmichael
  • Joslyn Gamber

Large Number Estimation

1st Place- Sherwood

  • Jocelyn Collins
  • Ian Megill

2nd Place- Bellview

  • Taegin Johnson
  • Christian Stokes

3rd Place- Lipscomb

  • Brayden Gryskiewicz
  • Oscar Ryder

4th Place Beulah

  • Elijah Agcaoili
  • Jaysa Ciccone

5th Place- Hellen Caro

  • Jake Hilley
  • Maddie Stoker


1st Place- Hellen Caro

  • Makayla Gustave
  • Avery Rodzewicz
  • Lydia Pound
  • Jake Hilley

2nd Place- Pleasant Grove

  • Landon Fernandez
  • Matthew Halloran
  • Bella Golson
  • Trysten McVoy

3rd Place- Cordova Park

  • Lucy Adams Stevenson
  • Joslyn Gamber
  • Sawyer Kuba
  • Berkeley Morris

4th Place- Lipscomb

  • Paige Raiter
  • Trevor Gage
  • Brayden Gryskiewicz
  • Adalynn Druhl

5th Place- Ferry Pass

  • Justin Lowery
  • Reese Goff
  • Ally Robinson
  • Jacob Sargent

Tower Challenge
1st Place- Montclair

  • Z’maya McPherson
  • Shamaya Johnson

2nd Place- Warrington

  • Kloee Griffin
  • Dolin Willis

3rd Place- Holm

  • Kendall Willette
  • Maya Hernandez

4th Place- AK Suter

  • Jude Mason
  • Olivia Rabby

5th Place- Hellen Caro

  • Lydia Pound
  • Gretchen Williams

Picture This

1st Place- Pleasant Grove

  • Bella Golson
  • Wyatt Destaffaney
  • Matthew Halloran

2nd Place- Lipscomb

  • Ava Hayes
  • Vivienne Hayes

3rd Place- Blue Angels

  • Lana Carter
  • Nolan Jones
  • Aliyah Williams

4th Place- AK Suter

  • Annabelle Apel
  • Reid Bassett
  • Lilo Vuong

5th Place- Hellen Caro

  • Izzy Owens
  • Gretchen Williams
  • Victoria Sipperly

Photos for, click to enlarge.

Local Students Selected For Washington Youth Tour

February 28, 2018

Three area high school students have been selected to represent Escambia River Cooperative on 2018 Washington Youth Tour in June. They are Lydia Smith from Northview High, Gabby Chavers from Central High and Bryce Cook from Jay High.

Judges from PowerSouth Energy Cooperative in Andalusia, AL, and Southern Pine Electric Cooperative in Brewton, AL, scored contestants in their interviews based on their knowledge of Escambia River Electric Cooperative and the history of rural electrification.  Personal attributes of each candidate such as character, academic ability, personality and leadership skills were also considered.

The students will also have the chance learn about the nation’s capital, rural electrification and more.

Sports: Wins For Northview Softball, Tate Baseball

February 28, 2018


Northview 8, Baker 1

The Northview Chiefs defeated Baker 8-1 Tuesday night.

Tori Herrington pitched a complete game with 14 strikeouts and allowing just two hits. She was 2-3 at the plate with a triple, single and four RBIs. Also for Northview: Lydia Smith 1-3 with three stolen bases; Valen Shelley 1-3, RBI, two stolen bases; Anna Sullivan 1-3, one stolen base.

Shelby Sloan of Baker went 3-3 with a single, double and triple.

Up next — the Chiefs will host Central on Thursday at 4:00 (JV) and 6:00 (varsity)

Milton 5, Tate 0


Tate 4, Gulf Breeze 3

ECHS @ Northview-  rescheduled for Thurs, 4/6:30 file photo.

Century Town Clerk Leslie Howington Resigns

February 27, 2018

Century Town Clerk Leslie Howington submitted her resignation on Monday. Her last day with the town will be Friday, March 9.

“Century is marching toward greatness, nothing going on has spurred me on elsewhere. This was a personal decision in my life,” she said.

Howington has accepted a leasing and marketing position with the Lincoln Property Company, which handles residential leasing for the Studer Properties’ new downtown Pensacola Southtowne apartment development and Majestic Oaks in Pensacola.

Howington was working as a leasing specialist in South Florida when she moved to Century about seven and half years ago to take care of her aging parents.

“I was so honored to be hired as the town clerk of my hometown, and I set out to be the very best clerk possible, constantly learning and evolving with the town. The town is continuing on the right path to set up for success. I have great faith in good things to come,” she said.

“I was blessed when I found my dream job at the Town of Century,” Howington said. “My heart is in Century.”

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