UWF Discovers Third Shipwreck From Luna Fleet

October 22, 2016

The University of West Florida archaeology program announced today the discovery of a third shipwreck from the Spanish fleet linked to Tristán de Luna y Arellano’s 16th century expedition to modern-day Pensacola. The discovery comes less than one year after UWF archaeologists identified the terrestrial site of Luna’s colony in a developed neighborhood in Pensacola, marking the earliest multi-year European settlement in the U.S.

The third shipwreck was found in Pensacola Bay near Emanuel Point I and II, the first two shipwrecks linked to the Luna expedition. Emanuel Point I was found by archaeologists from the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research in 1992 and was later investigated by BAR and UWF. Emanuel Point II was discovered by UWF during a summer field school in 2006.

The third ship, Emanuel Point III, was discovered by UWF archaeologists and students during the Combined Archaeological Field Methods course on June 20, 2016. After identifying the land settlement in 2015, the UWF team was able to narrow the field of search for the remaining shipwrecks during the summer field school in 2016.

“We chose a shallow spot with a sandy bottom to dive to give the students a break after we’d been in another part of the bay where it was deeper and darker,” said Dr. Greg Cook, assistant professor of anthropology and principal investigator of the Emanuel Point II shipwreck. “We thought there probably wasn’t anything there, but had found an anomaly when we surveyed and decided to let the students have fun investigating it. Within two minutes, the divers came up and said they felt stones with their probes. Later that afternoon, the first artifacts were found. I said that day, ‘You know, it shouldn’t be this easy.’”

The UWF team has discovered ballast stones, iron concretions and articulated hull of the ship, including frames and hull planking, as well as remnants of ceramics once carried on it. They received a joint permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct test excavations through March 2017 to determine the extent of the shipwreck and the type of wood used to make the ship, which will indicate if it was among the earliest ships to be built in the New World.

“We stand a good chance that this is a different type of ship from Emanuel Point I and Emanuel Point II,” said Dr. John Bratten, chair and associate professor of anthropology and co-principal investigator of Emanuel Point II. “Because it was found in shallower water than the others, it might be smaller, possibly what they called a barca. This discovery is significant in understanding 16th century ship construction.”

The UWF archaeology program’s exploration of the Luna fleet has been funded in part by a Special Category Grant totaling more than $290,000 from the Florida Division of Historical Resources. The matching grant, awarded to UWF in 2014, provided funding for faculty, staff and students from UWF to conduct fieldwork, laboratory analysis, artifact conservation and curation, archival research in Spain and public outreach in all seasons for two years.

“This is an extremely exciting and timely discovery following the recent investigations at the nearby terrestrial Luna site,” said Dr. Timothy Parsons, director of the Florida Division of Historical Resources. “I’m very pleased that the Division can support this work through our Special Category Grants Program.”

Maritime field investigations by UWF, including continuing survey and excavations, have mainly focused on the six ships that were lost during a hurricane that hit Pensacola Bay in September 1559. The Luna expedition included 1,500 soldiers, colonists, slaves and Aztec Indians who traveled in 11 ships from Veracruz, Mexico, to Pensacola to begin the Spanish colonization of the northern Gulf Coast. The hurricane hit Pensacola one month after they arrived, sinking many of their ships and devastating their food supplies. After two years, the remnants of the colony were rescued by Spanish ships and returned to Mexico.

The Luna settlement in Pensacola lasted from 1559 to 1561, which predates the Spanish settlement in St. Augustine, Florida, by six years, and the English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia, by 48 years.

“Finding the third ship is highly significant because it confirms we have the whole fleet in Pensacola Bay,” added Dr. John Worth, associate professor of anthropology and principal investigator of the Luna land settlement. “The historical documents say that two ships were loaded, ready to go back to Spain. As long as we had just two shipwrecks, it could mean that the rest of the fleet was somewhere else. Now we know we really do have the fleet, not just two ships that happened to be from the fleet.”

Emanuel Point I was found in 1992, and UWF archaeologists continued investigations through 1998 under the direction of Dr. Roger Smith, Florida State Underwater Archaeologist. In 2006, UWF archaeologists and students located Emanuel Point II. UWF continued to examine the second shipwreck with its summer field schools until grant funding was received in 2014. The funding has allowed UWF archaeologists to work continuously at the site and search for additional shipwrecks for two years.

The Luna land settlement was identified in October 2015 when Pensacola native Tom Garner discovered Spanish colonial and Native American artifacts at a privately owned residential lot within view of the two uncovered shipwrecks in Pensacola Bay. UWF has continued investigations at the settlement site since it discovery, including offering a land-based field school during Summer 2016. Together, the shipwrecks and land settlement provide a unique insight into the earliest multi-year European colonial settlement to be archaeologically identified in the United States.

“They found the third ship closer to land while we were working on a lower part of the settlement site,” said Dr. Elizabeth Benchley, director of the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology and the Archaeology Institute. “Watching the survey boat over Emanuel Point III, seeing how close it was to land and imagining this was where the people came and stepped ashore; it gives me goosebumps. It’s very powerful to put yourself in a location where you can envision what the landscape was like in 1559.”

Photo Gallery: Molino Park Students Celebrate 50th Day Of School

October 21, 2016

Molino Park Elementary School celebrated the 50th day of the school year Thursday with a 50’s Day.

For more photos, click here.

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Bratt Elementary School Releases Honor Roll

October 19, 2016

The following students were named to the honor roll for the first nine weeks at Bratt Elementary School.

A Honor Roll

  • Rabekah Abbott
  • Raegan Abbott
  • Landon Allcock
  • Desiray Bagwell
  • Wade Bailey
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Haydn Baker
  • Lexi Bingham
  • Gabrielle Boatwright
  • Jackson Bridges
  • Luke Bryan
  • Christian Caraway
  • William Classen
  • Addison Classen
  • Colton Criswell
  • Carlie Davis
  • Jamarreai Davison
  • Riley Dawson
  • Logan Diller
  • JaCee Dortch
  • Carsyn Dortch
  • Jacobi Dougall
  • O’Neshia DuBose
  • Noah Faulkner
  • Aliyah Fountain
  • Parker Ganey
  • Elizabeth Gilley
  • Jamison Gilman
  • Sawyer Gilmore
  • Maggie Godwin
  • Cathryn Greenwood
  • Ashlynn Gregson
  • Talise Gregson
  • Ava Gurganus
  • Brody Hall
  • Lori Hall
  • Berklee Hall
  • Leah Hetrick
  • Mary Hughes
  • Camden Jacobson
  • Presley Johnson
  • LanDon Johnson
  • Allyson Jones
  • Laura Laborde
  • Kaylee Long
  • Savannah Lowry
  • John McAnally
  • Mikayla McAnally
  • Samantha Minchew
  • Austin Minchew
  • Carley Moore
  • Jaquez Moorer
  • Madison Mosley
  • Alexis Moya
  • Kayleb Nicholson
  • Jakel Phifer
  • Alivia Pierce
  • Madalynn Pittman
  • Colby Pugh
  • Dakota Richardson
  • Ally Richardson
  • Makinzi Roley
  • Maggie Scott
  • Jackson Sellers
  • Braylan Shelly
  • Jackson Simmons
  • Miles Smith
  • Adalynn Southard
  • Wyatt Spence
  • Jacob Spence
  • Cassandra Stilwell
  • Emily Stilwell
  • Avery Stuckey
  • Jaimee Taylor
  • Kameryn Thompson
  • Bentley Van Pelt
  • Kennedy Ward
  • Raycer Watson
  • Kaylee Wilson

A-B Honor Roll

  • Lauren Abbott
  • Ellie Adkins
  • Govan Alexander
  • Tyler Amerson
  • Claire Amerson
  • Sara Amerson
  • Elijah Amerson
  • Kendal Ard
  • Margaret Baker
  • Montgomery Baker
  • Marquis Banks
  • Kasei Barlow
  • Ethan Bingham
  • Kyle Blanton
  • Isaiah Boatwright
  • Nevaeh Bush
  • Amara Campbell
  • Addison Carpenter
  • Kaedence Carter
  • Aaron Chambless
  • Luke Chavers
  • Kinslee Coker
  • James Condrey
  • Edward Conway
  • Chloe Criswell
  • Tristan Crumm
  • Crimson Davis
  • Kylar Davis
  • Payton Daw
  • Mary-Clayton Dawson
  • Jordan Dawson
  • Samuel Dettling
  • Braxton Dinc
  • Jacob Dove
  • Tyteanna Dubose
  • Nolan Eady
  • Mayson Edwards
  • Addison Eicher
  • Gage Eicher
  • Scotty Elliott
  • Richard Emmons
  • Evelyn Esparza
  • Noah Fehr
  • Zachary Flowers
  • Zykuria Fountain
  • Raleigh Gibson
  • Hayden Gipson
  • Shelby Greenwell
  • Aubrey Hadley
  • Sandra Hall
  • Ashleigh Harris
  • William Heard
  • Jackson Helton
  • Joshlynn Helton
  • Graysen Hubbard
  • Anthony Johnson
  • Tristan Johnson
  • Jessica Jowers
  • Shanae’ Knight
  • Jaivion Kyles
  • Sarah Long
  • Khloe Mason
  • Michael McGhee
  • Anyla McNeir
  • Anija McNeir
  • Adannaya Mondaca
  • Landon Mooney
  • Logan Morris
  • Chloe Morris
  • Caleb Nezovich
  • Caleb Nichols
  • Bryson Odom
  • Hunter Parker
  • Levi Peters
  • Makayla Plato
  • William Plato
  • Brooklyn Reynolds
  • Christian Roberts
  • Jamie Roberts
  • Annsleigh-Nikole Rodriguez
  • Bryson Sanders
  • Chloe Satterwhite
  • Angel Schoonover
  • Breah Shelly
  • Ethan Shiver
  • Zakyla Smith
  • Sydney Snow
  • Noah Spence
  • Bryce Stabler
  • Maggie Stewart
  • Jonathon Stilwell
  • Jake Taylor
  • Raleigh Warr
  • Melissa Wilson
  • Mya Wilson
  • Je’niyah Woods
  • Jasmine Zisa

PPD Lt. Scott McDonald Retires

October 18, 2016

A law enforcement career that began as a cadet and ended as a lieutenant concluded Monday when Scott McDonald retired from the Pensacola Police Department.

McDonald was hired by the department as a cadet on January 10, 1983. Among his assignments during the next 33 years would be community relations, property management, uniform patrol, TAC, and vice and narcotics.

He was promoted to police officer on March 5, 1984; to sergeant on June 19, 1995; and  to lieutenant on December 23, 1999.

On April 10, 2006, he transferred to the Administrative, Technology & Services Division and remained there until his retirement today. Among his duties as a lieutenant in ATSD were fleet management and updating mobile radios in police vehicles and officers’ portable radios.

He also supervised a two-year $7 million overhaul of the department’s communications center. The upgrade brought state-of-the-art equipment into the department and also offered a work environment designed to offer various degrees of comfort for telecommunicators.

McDonald recently was presented the Chief’s Award from Chief David Alexander III in recognition of his diligence and dedication to improving the communications center.

Lt. McDonald and his wife Jennifer have lived in Molino for 22 years, and will continue calling the area “home” in his retirement.

Markus Baxley, Aggie Nation Present $1,000 To Miracle League

October 17, 2016

When Tate High arranged for a Markus Baxley, who has cerebral palsy, to score a touchdown in the Aggies game against Pace, the Aggie Nation also collected funds for Markus’ favorite charity.

Markus recently presented a $1,000 check from the Aggie Nation to the Miracle League of Pensacola.

To read more about Markus and his big touchdown, click here.

NorthEscambia.com photo by Kristi Barbour, click to enlarge.

Photos: Century Fall Festival, Car Show

October 16, 2016

The Century Area Chamber of Commerce held a Fall & Craft Festival & Car Show Saturday at Showalter Park.  The event will feature craft booths, family fun, food, a car show and live  entertainment.

For a photo gallery from the Fall Festival, click here.

For a photo gallery from the Car Show, click here.

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Myrick Named NHS Homecoming Queen (With Photo Gallery)

October 15, 2016

Morgan Myrick was named Northview High School’s homecoming queen for 2016 Friday night.

Homecoming court members were freshmen Briana White, Payton Jackson, Teriana Redmond; sophomores Ashtyn Carnley, Madison Sherouse, Shelby Bashore, Olivia Seals; juniors Natasha Walker, Celeste North, Madison White; and seniors Peighton Dortch, Autumn Albritton, Brittany McLemore, Mallory Gibson, Morgan Myrick and Zipporah Harris.

For more photos, click here.

Pictured top (L-R)  are Sophomore Maid Shelby Bayshore, First Runner Up Autumn Albritton, Homecoming Queen Morgan Myrick, Second Runner Up Peighton Dortch, Junior Main Celeste North and Freshman Main Teriana Redmond. Pictured inset: Myrick reacts to the announcement that she has been name homecoming queen. Pictured below: Myrick is crowned by last year’s queen Savannah Roux as her father, Mike Myrick, looks on.  Pictured bottom: Senior court members Albritton, Myrick and Dortch. NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.

Northview Celebrates Homecoming With Parade (Photo Gallery)

October 15, 2016

The Northview High School Homecoming Parade rolled through Bratt this afternoon.

For a photo gallery, click here.

NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.

Camp Fire Century Holds Trike A Thon For St. Judes

October 14, 2016

The Children at Camp Fire Century held their annual St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon Thursday, their figth year hosting the event. The children learned about trike safety this week and have been raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. They learned about being a community helper, volunteering and giving back to others in need.

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Fields Of Faith: Community Worship Service Held (With Gallery)

October 13, 2016

The Northview High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) sponsored a student led worship event  “Fields of Faith” Wednesday night in the Tommy Weaver Memorial Stadium.

The service included music, testimonies and more.

For photo gallery, click here.

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