IP Awards $50K In Grants To Local Community Groups

May 22, 2015

International Paper has awarded $50,000 in Foundation Grants to local community organizations. Grants are awarded by the IP Foundation in Memphis, Tenn., which focuses on environmental education, literacy, employee involvement and critical community needs.

“We are privileged to be able to assist our local community organizations in their efforts to make a difference in the lives of the residents and children of Northwest Florida,” said Janice Holmes, communications manager. “Their efforts serve to strengthen our community.”

North Escambia area community organizations and their projects that were awarded grants for 2015 are:

Escambia County Extension 4H “4H Environmental Stewardship”

The 4-H Environmental stewardship program supports the educational directives implemented at the new 4-H Center on Chalker Road in Molino.  Specific forestry and natural resource program material will emphasize the concepts of tree value, development of plant communities, forestry services and related ecosystem management. The funds will be used to plant pine and hardwood trees for demonstrations. “We will be using it for a teaching demonstration for the 4-H youth,” Extension Agent Hank Bignell said. The learning process will begin as the 4-H members assist in planting the trees.

Greater First Baptist Church, “Community Literacy Mentoring and Tutoring Program”

Greater First Baptist Church of Cantonment (GFB) serves as a resource and learning center for the Cantonment community and the surrounding areas.  The grant helps them to provide a continuum of supplemental reading and writing activities, tutoring and homework assistance and various other structured learning, which also includes peer mentoring.  Activities are designed to strengthen each participants self-esteem focusing on reading programs and the performing arts. The built in social and life skills development highlights self-respect, respect for others, cooperation, sense of community ownership and responsibility and youth participation in the management of their own behavior.

Cantonment Improvement Committee “Cantonment Resource Center Training Hub”

Escambia County has installed a modular building that is now used as the Cantonment Resource Center near Carver Park. The grant will fund materials and supplies to help outfit the training hub. A ribbon cutting for resource center was held Monday (pictured).

Jim Allen Elementary School, “Eggstraordinary Readers”

The goal of the Reading Eggs program is to support each child’s learning by offering activities in an interactive way to help children progress at their own rate. It fosters a love of reading at a young age so students will continue to read and to be successful throughout life. The Reading Eggs program is a powerful educational program that is based on the most up to date research on how children learn to read. The program includes activities and reward games to keep children motivated and interested in learning to read. This program includes progress reports that can be printed and shared with parents.

J.M. Tate High School “New Life for Old Fish”

Teacher John Hannon will utilize the grant to refurbish all of the science aquariums and redesign each one to represent a different marine habitat that one might find along Florida’s diverse shoreline.  The aquaria will be outfitted with living flora and fauna representative of each habitat.

Other grants awarded include:

  • American Red Cross “Home Fires Campaign”
  • Autism Pensacola “Kids for Camp Summer Learning Lab”
  • Ballet Pensacola, ”Discover Dance”
  • Council on Aging of NWFL, “Big Green, Little Green Composting!”
  • Creative Learning Academy “Middle School Library”
  • Escambia County Public Schools Foundation for Excellence, “Literacy and Environmental Classroom Grants”
  • Every Child a Reader in Escambia “Project Ready 2015”
  • First City Arts Alliance “Green Art Program: Recycled Papermaking and Paper Arts”
  • Partnership for Community Programs “Bay Day 2015,” “Stormwater Curb Marking Program,”  and “Stormwater Estuary Education Program
  • Pensacola Mess Hall “Natural History Discover Cart”
  • Pensacola Opera “From Words to Music”
  • Pensacola State College Foundation, Inc., “PSC Summer Environment Camp”
  • Perdido Bay United Methodist Church, “Global Learning Academy Reading Volunteers” and “Nature Trail”
  • The Global Corner “New Zealand and Activity Book for Children”
  • UWF Foundation, “Emerald Coast BEST Robotics Hub” and  “Summer Institute for the National Writing Project”

Pictured top:  Extension Agents Hank Bignell and Beth Bolles accepted a grant Thursday from the International Paper Foundation. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Kendal Cobb Named Miss Northview High

May 22, 2015

Senior Kendal Cobb has been named Miss Northview High School 2015.

She is the daughter of Jamie and Becky Cobb. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Northview on May 20, she plans to attend a local community college and major in nursing.

Rather than a traditional pageant, Miss Northview High School was selected this year by a portfolio, poster, resume, an interview with judges, teacher recommendations and a vote of the student body.

Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Ernest Ward Middle Presents Year-End Academic Awards

May 20, 2015

Ernest Ward Middle School recently presented the following academic awards for the 2014-2015 school year:

Language Arts

  • 6th Highest Academic Average – Amber Gilman
  • 6th Most Improved – Madalin Roberts
  • 7th Highest Academic Average – Ashlan Harigel
  • 7th Most Improved – Aaliyah Pope
  • 8th Highest Academic Average – Madison Kemp
  • 8th Most Improved – Aurora McCann


  • 6th Highest Academic Average – Libby Pugh
  • 6th Most Improved – Travon Brown
  • 7th Highest Academic Average – Emily Boutwell
  • 7th Most Improved – Travone Smith
  • 8th Highest Academic Average – Tori Herrington
  • 8th Most Improved – MaKayla Dunsford


  • 6th Highest Academic Average – Hannah Hughes
  • 6th Most Improved – Travon Brown
  • 7th Highest Academic Average – Ashlan Harigel
  • 7th Most Improved – Lydia Davis
  • 8th Highest Academic Average – Jarius Moore
  • 8th Most Improved – Sean Wilbanks
  • Algebra Highest Academic Average – Austin Smith
  • Algebra Most Improved – Larry Philyaw


  • 6th Highest Academic Average – Libby Pugh
  • 6th Most Improved – Joseph Hunter Franklin
  • 7th Highest Academic Average – Ashlan Harigel
  • 7th Most Improved – Aaliyah Pope
  • 8th Highest Academic Average – Austin Smith
  • 8th Most Improved – Hayley Black


  • 6th Highest Academic Average – Amber Gilman
  • 6th Most Improved – Andrew Cook
  • 7th Highest Academic Average – Ashlan Harigel
  • 7th Most Improved – Kelly Johnson
  • 8th Highest Academic Average – Kaylin Glenn
  • 8th Most Improved – Rebekah Amerson


  • 6th Outstanding Achievement – Justin Miller
  • 8th Outstanding Achievement – Shelby Sloan


  • Outstanding Achievement – Katie Buford &  Emma Fennell


  • Outstanding Achievement – Morgan Lathan


  • Outstanding Achievement –  Keegun Johnson

Business/Graphic Arts

  • Outstanding Achievement – Meredith Morgan


  • Advanced Chorus Outstanding Achievement – Kaylin Glenn & Ashtyn Carnley
  • Beginning Chorus Outstanding Achievement – Mary-Paige Nassar (6th grade)
  • Band Outstanding Achievement – Justin Cruce

Duke Talent Search Awards (7th Grade)

Keaton Brown

Presidential Awards (8th Grade 3.5 GPA  or higher)

  • Destiny Braddock
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Hayley Walker
  • Jazmine Norman
  • Anthony Day
  • Emma Fennell
  • Jacob Borelli
  • Olivia Seals
  • Taryn Janes
  • Aubree Love
  • Rebekah Amerson
  • Tanner Levins
  • Morgan Lathan
  • Hannah McGahan
  • Keegun Johnston
  • Alexander McMinn
  • Delaney Reynolds
  • Aaliyah Tucker
  • Austin Adams
  • Gabbrielle Peebles
  • Meredith Morgan
  • Kaylin Glenn
  • Seth Killam
  • Shelby Sloan
  • Zachary Prosser
  • Justin Cruce
  • Ashtyn Carnley
  • Dalton Hamilton
  • Austin Smith
  • Madison Kemp
  • Lydia Smith
  • Katie Buford
  • Aurora McCann
  • Nikoal Creamer

Take Stock in Children

  • Ian Gifford, Ashten Wright & Teriana Redmond

Ruritan Award

  • Shelby Bashore

Cox Hero

  • Madison Kemp

Principal’s Award 6th Grade – Korben Creel

Principal’s Award 7th Grade – Steven Cotita

Principal’s Award 8th Grade – Hadden Barlow

6th Grade A Honor Roll

  • Hannah Hughes
  • Savannah Doremus
  • Libby Pugh
  • Shelby Godwin
  • Maille Kilcrease
  • Amber Gilman
  • Sophia Cotita
  • Emily Stabler

7th Grade A Honor Roll

  • Kayla McKillion
  • Ian Gifford
  • Micah Calhoun
  • Keaton Brown
  • Ashlan Harigel

8th Grade A Honor Roll

  • Austin Smith
  • Kaylin Glenn
  • Seth Killam
  • Dalton Hamilton
  • Shelby Sloan

A-B Honor Roll Awards

6th Grade A-B Honor Roll

  • Kaley Lashley
  • Benjamin Ward
  • William Wilson
  • Conner Byrne
  • Taviana Parker
  • Summer Waters
  • Abigail Nelson
  • Tyler Ray
  • Kenna Redmond
  • Cody Thomas
  • Autumn Williams
  • Madison Peterson
  • Ariel Ward
  • Bryce Korinchak
  • Heather Knowles
  • Logan Bryan
  • Mary Nassar
  • Hailey Harigel
  • Maggie Amerson
  • Makayla Garrett
  • Nathaniel Mickel
  • Abigail Levins
  • Ireland Maharrey
  • Rebecca Fuller

7th Grade A-B Honor Roll

  • Ansleigh Maholovich
    Raleigh Woodfin
  • Kinzie Rackard
  • Teriana Redmond
  • Savannah Roley
  • Trevor Bomba
  • Savannah Spence
  • Brianna White
  • Karlee’ Criswell
  • Bailey Van Pelt
  • Cloe Smith
  • Nicholas Trump
  • Emily Boutwell
  • Lauren Ahern
  • Kelley Bradley
  • Josiah Stilwell
  • Anna King
  • Colby Morris
  • Addison Albritton
  • Marissa Rothrock

8th Grade A-B Honor Roll

  • Austin Adams
  • Kristopher Baxter
  • Aubree Love
  • Gabrrielle Peebles
  • Aaliyah Tucker
  • Morgan Lathan
  • Delaney Reynolds
  • Meredith Morgan
  • Taryn Janes
  • Justin Cruce
  • Tanner Levins
  • Marissa Bullington
  • Larry Philyaw
  • Jacob Borelli
  • Zachary Prosser
  • Alexander McMinn
  • Ashtyn Carnley
  • Emma Fennell
  • Destiny Braddock

Information provided by Ernest Ward Middle School.

End Of An Era: Daniel Smillie Retires From Escambia Road Department

May 20, 2015

Daniel Smillie, Jr. was recently honored by the Escambia County Commission as he retired with 30 years of service as a field supervisor with the Escambia County Public Works Department, Roads Division.

“The impact that his persona, and he, have had on that department are really immeasurable,” said Public Works Director Wes Moreno. “He has been a mainstay of that department…I guess it is the end of an era…He’s always gotten the job done. If you wanted the job done, all you had to do was call Danny Smillie and you didn’t have to worry about it any more.”

Smillie was presented with the usual county proclamation, a golden shovel and a new fishing rod. “I’ll surely use that,” he said quipped about the new fishing rod.

“I love helping the citizens of Escambia County,” he said. “I will miss that because I met a lot of good people.”

Smillie, a former resident of Cantonment, now resides in Beulah.

Danny Smillie, Jr., is pictured in the blue-checkered shirt. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Escambia Health Dept. Urges Steps To Avoid Swimming Related Illnesses

May 19, 2015

The Florida Department of th in Escambia County is observing National Healthy and Safe Swimming Week, May 18-24, by promoting simple steps that everyone can take to reduce the spread of recreational water illnesses.

Every year, thousands of Americans get sick with recreational water illnesses (RWIs), which are caused by germs found in places where people swim. The most common locations for contracting or spreading RWIs are swimming pools, water parks, water play areas, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, and open bodies of water such as bayous, bays, and the Gulf of Mexico. Swallowing even a small amount of contaminated recreational water can make you sick.

RWIs can include ear, respiratory, eye, skin, wound, and gastrointestinal infections. A single swimmer with a diarrhea-causing illness can quickly contaminate the water of a large swimming pool or a water park. RWIs are preventable, but everyone needs to take an active role in protecting themselves and other swimmers.

Take these simple steps to help prevent the spread of germs that cause RWIs:

  • Don’t swim when you have diarrhea.
  • Don’t swallow pool or recreational water.
  • Don’t swim when you have an open wound or broken skin.
  • Practice good personal hygiene.
  • Shower before entering a pool or other recreational water venue.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet or changing a diaper.
  • Check diapers or take children to the restroom every 30-60 minutes and only change diapers in restrooms. Changing diapers pool-side can spread germs in and around the pool.

Following healthy swimming steps will help protect you, your family, and other swimmers from RWIs, according to the health department.

Ribbon Cut On Carver Park Improvements In Cantonment

May 19, 2015

A ribbon cutting was held Monday for improvements at Carver Park in Cantonment.

Improvements to Carver Park include a renovated community resource center, enlarged parking lot, volleyball court and re-striped basketball court. The park will also soon feature a new pavilion for family and local events. The improvements began in 2014 and were funded to Local Option Sale Tax dollars.

Much of the work at Carver Park has been spearheaded by the Cantonment Improvement Association, a group working, as their name implies, to improve the quality of life for all law-abiding citizens of Cantonment, with an emphasis on making sure children and safe and well-prepared.

“Like the Bible says, we are going from the least one to the most, so we want everybody to be involved because our kids need all of us.,” said Josh Womack, Cantonment Improvement Association president. “The more people that’s watching, the less people are going to mess with out kids. That’s the most valuable resource we have…that’s our children.”

“They are working very hard and have put a lot into this,” Escambia County Commissioner Steven Barry said at Monday’s event. “The CIC is a group that will have more people show up for a work day than came today for a ribbon cutting and free food.”

For a photo gallery, click here.

Carver Park is located at 208 Webb Street.  The play and picnic areas at the park are located under the largest natural oak canopy of any Escambia County park.

Ferry Pass Fire Station Promotes Volunteer Officers

May 19, 2015

The Ferry Pass Station of Escambia Fire Rescue recently met to discuss upcoming changes within the department and several promotions with the volunteer ranks.

Promotions were as follows:

  • Lt. Ronnie McLellan promoted to assistant chief.
  • Firefighter Mark Clark promoted to captain.
  • Lt. Feliciano Santana promoted to captain.
  • Firefighter Jared Sigler promoted to lieutenant.

The new office state at the Fire Pass Station of Escambia Fire Rescue has over 75 years combined experience. The volunteers are continuing to work alongside a 24/7 career crew recently placed at the station by the Escambia County Commission.

The Ferry Pass Station of Escambia Fire Rescue and the other fire stations in the county are continuing to accept volunteer firefighter applications. Applications are currently available at any fire stations and will soon be available online.

Pictured are: (top, L-R) Ferry Pass District Chief Kevin Winingar, Assistant Chief Ronnie McLellan, Captain Mark Clark, (below, L-R) Captain Feliciano Santana and Lt. Jared Sigler. Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Greater First Baptist Cantonment Celebrates 65 Years

May 18, 2015

The Greater First Baptist Church of Cantonment celebrated their 65th anniversary this weekend with special services on Friday and Sunday. Friday’s special message was from Pastor F. Henderson of Trinity Baptist Church in Pensacola, and Sunday’s message from from Pastor Michael Thompson of the Greater Union Baptist Church in Pensacola. Submitted photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Hester, Russell Named EREC Scholarship Winners

May 18, 2015

Escambia River Electric Cooperative has announced two local seniors as winners of  the 2015 Herman D. Johnson Scholarship Awards.

The Escambia County winner was Julie Hester, and the Santa Rosa County winner was Emily Russell.

Julie Hester is the daughter of Jeff and Mechelle Hester and she is a senior at Northview High School.  Julie has been a majorette at Northview for four years and majorette captain for two years.  She is a member of the concert band, Northview Theatre, Battle of the Books, Beta Club and FCA.  Julie has also been on the Atmore Academic All-Stars for three years.  She teaches baton lessons and is an active volunteer in her community with basketball, bible school and elementary schools.  She is an active member of First Baptist Church of Bratt.  Julie plans to major in clinical psychology in college.

Emily Russell is the daughter of Toby and Julie Russell and is a senior at Jay High School.  Emily is president of her senior class and is a member, holding officer positions, of the Student Government Association, Senior Beta and the National Honor Society.  She is a member of the National Art Honor Society, Spanish Club, Christian World Order, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Art Club.  She has lettered in volleyball and basketball since 8th grade and in tennis since the 9th grade.  She enjoys volunteering in the community and is an active member of Berrydale Baptist Church.  Emily plans to major in occupational therapy in college.

Each of these students will receive $1,000 for each of four years providing they continue to meet the scholarship criteria.  The scholarships will be presented at the respective schools’ awards programs.

Pictured top: Julie Hester (left) and Emily Russell (right). Courtesy photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Danceworks Photo Gallery

May 18, 2015

Heather Leonard’s Danceworks 20th annual recital was held Saturday night at Northview High School.

For a NorthEscambia.com photo gallery, click here.

NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.

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