Jim Allen Elementary Shines At Math Competition

May 4, 2016

Teams from Jim Allen Elementary School took part in the his past weekend’s Sunshine Math Competition at Washington High School.

One of Jim Allen’s third grade teams took second place with team members -Leslee Brooks, Harlie Davidson, Kyleigh Soto and Desmond Tucker. And a Jim Allen fourth grade team took third place with team members Abigail Arnette, Damian Cullen, Grayson Jackson and Audrey Rudd.

For an earlier story with complete Sunshine Math Competition results and additional photos, click here.

Pictured: Jim Allen Elementary School’s Sunshine Math Teams. Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Sunshine Math Results; Bratt’s Van Pelt Takes First

May 3, 2016

The Escambia County Elementary Sunshine Math Competition was held Saturday at Booker T. Washington High School. Teams of third, fourth and fifth grade students competed as individuals and as teams.

The individual round challenged students to answer 38 math problems in 40 minutes, while the team competitions involved 10 rounds of questions. This year’s event involved 29 elementary schools and over 630 students. Coordinating all of this involved the use of the high school’s auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria.

The results were:

Individual Competition Winners:

3rd Grade:

1st Place–Beatrice Bunnell   McArthur

2nd Place–Alex Young          Pine Meadow

3rd Place–Brody Hills           Pensacola Beach

4th Grade:

1st Place–Bentley Van Pelt    Bratt

2nd Place–Davis Sherman     Cordova Park

3rd Place–Logan Weeks        Helen Caro

5th Grade:

1st Place–Soloman Burt        Brentwood

2nd Place–Roman Bassett     A.K. Suter

3rd Place–Drake Salter          N.B. Cook

Team Competition Winners:

3rd Grade:

1st Place–Helen Caro Team 1——–Eli Meyer, Hadley Chardon, Connor Mathews, Colin Rhodes

2nd Place–Jim Allen   Team 1——–Leslee Brooks, Harlie Davidson, Kyleigh Soto, Desmond Tucker

3rd Place–A.K. Suter  Team 1——–Reid Bassett, Olivia Rabby, Carey Vinson, Annabelle Apel

4th Grade:

1st Place–Bellview Team 2———Kara Gilmore, Kailey Vogt, Carlos Herrington, Marissa Balkum

2nd Place–Helen Caro Team 2——Luke Nichols, Rachel Hall, D.J. Gerhardt, Kaiden Foree

3rd Place–Jim Allen Team 1——–Abigail Arnette, Damian Cullen, Grayson Jackson, Audrey Rudd

5th Grade:

1st Place–A.K. Suter Team 2—–Jade Alonzo, Sarah Noeth, Julianna Landers, Madison Brown

2nd Place–A.K. Suter Team 1—-Roman Bassett, Tori Vinson, Alyx Zapatka, Ameila Crawford

3rd Place–Pine Meadow Team 1—-Ian Delay, Max Fina, Audra Davis, Jessica Stabler

Pictured top: The Bratt Elementary School Sunshine Math Team. Pictured below (top to bottom): The third, fourth and fifth grade Bratt Elementary Sunshine Math teams. Pictured inset: Superintendent Malcolm Thomas with first place fourth grade student Bentley Van Pelt of Bratt Elementary School. Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Olivia Britt, Bethany Reynolds Named EREC Scholarship Winners

May 1, 2016

Saturday, Escambia River Electric Cooperative awarded two $4,000 scholarships to local high school seniors. The Escambia County winner was Bethany Reynolds from Northview High School, and the Santa Rosa County winner was Olivia Britt from Jay High School.

This was EREC’s 19th year to offer the Herman D. Johnson Scholarship Awards to a graduating senior with a parent or guardian that is a member of the cooperative..

In the past,  capital credits issued by EREC that were unclaimed had to be turned over to the state. But state legislation now allows such funds to be deposited into a qualified, educational charity fund. The EREC membership voted to use these funds in the form of scholarships.

Both students will receive $1,000 for each of four years providing they continue to meet the scholarship criteria.

Pictured top: EREC scholarship winner Olivia Britt from Jay High School. Pictured below: EREC scholarship winner Bethany Reynolds from Northview High School. NorthEscambai.com photos, click to enlarge.

Escambia County Spring Livestock Show Results

May 1, 2016

The Gulf Coast Agriculture and Natural Resources Youth Organization’s annual Spring Livestock Show was held last weekend at the 4-H facility in Molino.

The show featured animal exhibits of swine, cattle, poultry, sheep, goats and more. Saturday’s show was the culmination of livestock projects by 4-H youth and FFA members, some  lasting 100 days or longer, during which they raise their animals, monitor their health and nutrition, kept records and  (in some classes) worked to obtain a buyer.

For a NorthEscambia.com photo gallery from the event, click here.

The results of the 2016 livestock show, by category, are:

Lightweight Swine:

  • 1st place Amber Neal
  • 2nd place Brady Rising
  • 3rd place Nathan O’Neal

Middleweight Swine:

  • 1st place Beulah Academy FFA Chapter
  • 2nd place Jonathon Stier
  • 3rd place Hannah Thorne

Heavyweight Swine:

  • 1st place Bricen Iannone
  • 2nd place Wesley Hardin
  • 3rd place Kaley Lashley

Super Heavyweight Swine:

  • 1st place Savannah Bradshaw
  • 2nd place Wyatt Allen
  • 3rd place Andrew Bosinger

Grand Champion Swine: Savannah Bradshaw

Reserve Champion Swine: Wyatt Allen

Showmanship (swine):


  • 1st place Erica Water
  • 2nd place Allison Woodfin
  • 3rd place Danielle Tinker


  • 1st place Jessica Conti
  • 2nd place Chelsi Lashley
  • 3rd place Kaley Lashley


  • 1st place Wyatt Allen
  • 2nd place Savannah Bradshaw
  • 3rd place Shelby Lashley

Lightweight Steers: 1st place Lane Booker

Middleweight Steers:

  • 1st place Blake Worley
  • 2nd place Ethan Cunningham

Heavyweight Steers:

  • 1st place Haylee Weaver
  • 2nd place Willow Foxworth

Grand Champion Market Steer: Lane Booker

Reserve Champion Market Steer: Willow Foxworth

Showmanship (steer):


  • 1st place Willow Foxworth
  • 2nd place Haylee Weaver
  • 3rd place Blake Worley


  • 1st place Lane Booker
  • 2nd place Ethan Cunningham

Market Preview Steer 1st place, Grand Champion Preview Steer and Preview Steer Showmanship 1st place: Zachary Rutherford

Market Wether Goats, 9-12 months: 1st place Benjamin Roach

Grand Champion Market Wether Goats: Benjamin Roach

Meat Goat (Breeding), 0-6 months: 1st place Izzy Kent

Meat Goat (Breeding) over 6 months:

  • 1st place Izzy Kent
  • 2nd place Leah Rutherford
  • 3rd place Reagan Roach

Grand Champion Meat Goat Breeding and Reserve Champion Meat Goat Breeding: Izzy Kent

Dairy Goat (Breeding), 0-6 months:

  • 1st place Madison Fendley
  • 2nd place Andrew Fendley

Dairy Goat (Breeding), over 6 months:

  • 1st place Madison Fendley
  • 2nd place Andrew Fendley
  • 3rd place Dillon Conti

Grand Champion Dairy Goat Breeding: Madison Fendley

Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Breeding: Andrew Fendley

Showmanship (goats):

Senior: 1st place Dillon ContiIntermediate:

  • 1st place Izzy Kent
  • 2nd place Madison Fendley
  • 3rd place Stewart Woodfin


  • 1st place Leah Rutherford
  • 2nd place Andrew Fendley
  • 3rd place Reagan Roach

Beef Breeding

Class I: Registered Angus: 1st place Tyler Simmons

Class II: Registered Angus:

  • 1st place Tyler Simmons
  • 2nd place Willow Foxworth

Grand Champion Registered Angus and Reserve Champion Registered Angus: Tyler Simmons

Registered Balancer: 1st place Izzy Kent

Grand Champion Registered Balancer: Izzy Kent

Registered Charolais:

  • 1st place Izzy Kent
  • 2nd place Zachary Rutherford

Registered Red Mott: 1st place Zachary Rutherford

Grand Champion Registered Red Mott: Zachary Rutherford

Registered Short Horn: 1st place Lane Booker

Grand Champion Registered Short Horn: Lane Booker

Grand Champion Registered: Izzy Kent

Reserve Champion Registered: Lane Booker

Commercial Class IX: 1st place Ethan Cunningham

Commercial Class X:

  • 1st place Leah Rutherford
  • 2nd place Zachary Stokes
  • 3rd place Christian Feliberty

Commercial Class XI:

  • 1st place Savana McGowin
  • 2nd place Emily Dozier
  • 3rd place Emma Stokes

Commercial Class XII:

  • 1st place Colbie English
  • 2nd place Travis Booker
  • 3rd place Haylee Weaver

Grand Champion Commercial: Colbie English

Reserve Champion Commercial: Travis Booker

Grand Supreme Champion: Colbie English

Reserve Supreme Champion: Izzy Kent

Showmanship (beef breeding):


  • 1st place Zachary Rutherford
  • 2nd place Savana McGowin
  • 3rd place Zachary Stokes


  • 1st place Izzy Kent
  • 2nd place Lane Booker
  • 3rd place Jessica Conti


  • 1st place Leah Rutherford
  • 2nd place Colbie English

Rabbits (Commercial California Class):

  • 1st place Audrey Goetter
  • 2nd place Stewart Woodfin

NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.

Hundreds Of Elementary Students Shine At Sunshine Math Competition

May 1, 2016

Hundreds of third, fourth and fifth graders from across Escambia County took part in the Sunshine Math competition Saturday morning at Washington High School. There were 57 teams in the Escambia County Council of Teachers of Mathematics competition. Complete results were not immediately available.

Pictured top: A Molino Park Elementary School fourth grade Sunshine Math team hard at work Saturday morning. Pictured below: Top award winners and hundreds of students took part in the annual event. Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Byrneville Elementary Celebrates Principal Beating Cancer

April 28, 2016

Byrneville Elementary School Principal Dee Wolfe-Sullivan had a really good day Wednesday. Less than 24 hours before arriving for work, she successfully completed breast cancer treatment.

Despite the daily radiation treatments, she never missed a day of school; she would come to work before leaving for her treatments.

Wednesday morning, she arrived to find her staff and students wearing pink in her honor.

And, like the family Byrneville Elementary School is, they celebrated victory against cancer together.

Submitted photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Escambia District Academic Teams Takes Second In Challenge Event

April 26, 2016

The Escambia County All-Star Academic Team fought their way into the finals of the 31st Commissioner’s Academic Challenge in Orlando before falling in the finals to Manatee County.

The All-Star Academic Team is composed of the top six high-school “quiz bowl” players in the Escambia School District. The students compete in rigorous academic competitions that focus on such subject areas as math, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, and foreign language.

This year’s All-Star Academic Team consisted of the following players: Bryce Coots (senior – Tate), Meghan Kapur (junior – PHS), Lia Davis (junior – PHS), Samantha Brown (junior – Tate), Abby Lyons (sophomore- PHS), Lucas Liseth (sophomore – PHS), Ally Shah (sophomore – PHS), and Connor Zameska (freshman – PHS).

scambia County has earned six state titles, more than any other district in Division 1, which includes the 20 largest school districts in Florida.

Ransom Middle’s Grant Gill Named Escambia Student Volunteer Of The Year

April 25, 2016

The Escambia County School District Outstanding  Student Volunteer of the Year is Grant Gill from Ransom Middle School. Gill volunteers at McArthur Elementary School.

For the past three years,  Grant has started each school day two hours early before catching his bus to Ransom for the day.  At McArthur, he volunteers with a very special group -  Amanda Jansen’s Pre-K class for students with autism.

Grant begins each day by greeting the students at their bus and assisting them to their classroom to unpack and prepare for the day.  He helps in the cafeteria with their breakfast and returns with them to their class.

“Grant has one special boy who has become very attached to him.  Dorian and his mom are here today to celebrate Grant’s award,”Marty Stanovich, executive director of The First Tee of NW Florida,  said. Stanovich led a recent program to honor Grant and other volunteers in the Escambia County School District. “The two are inseparable and his mother is so very grateful for the work he has done for her special little boy. Grant says he may pursue a career in teaching special education.”

Pictured top: (L-R) Escambia County School Board members Jeff Bergosh and Bill Slayton, Grant Gill and his friend Dorian, and Escambia School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas. Pictured inset:  Escambia County School District Outstanding  Student Volunteer of the Year  Grant Gill from Ransom Middle School and his special friend Dorian. Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Northview’s Weaver Receives National FFA Collegiate Scholarship

April 25, 2016

Northview High School senior Haylee Weaver has been selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship from through the 2016 National FFA Collegiate Scholarship Program. Weaver is the daughter of Archie and Cheryl Weaver of Molino. She is the current president of the the Northview High School FFA chapter. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Barrineau Park Cleans Up

April 25, 2016

A community clean up event was held over the weekend in Barrineau Park in honor of Earth day.

The annual event is co-sponsored by the Honeysuckle Garden Club and the Barrineau Park Historical Society with the assistance of Clean and Green of Escambia County.

Each of 26 volunteers selected an area to clean, was given gloves, a vest to wear, trash bags and  bottled water, and then sent out to pick up the litter.  All the trash was piled up under an oak tree at the community center, to be picked up by Clean and Green.  The volunteers were then served a free lunch, funded by Kenneth Gibbs and prepared by Honeysuckle Garden Club.

“Because of the efforts of these volunteers, Barrineau Park is a cleaner place to be enjoyed by all,” organizers said.

Submitted photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

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