Tate High School Names Students Of The Month

February 22, 2021

Tate High School recently named Students of the Month for December. They are Gwen Ward and Adam Lee. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Escambia County Wins State Peanut Butter Challenge

February 20, 2021

Escambia County Extension was the winner of the statewide 2020 Peanut Butter Challenge.

Escambia County collected 2,191 jars weighing in at 2,867.5 pounds. The county’s collection was further boosted by an additional 2,880 jars, generously donated by local farmers Rodney and Mike Helton.

The premise of the event was simple — from Octpber 1 until the day before Thanksgiving, participating counties collected jars of peanut butter, often with plenty of help from the local community and organizations. At the end of the event, the collections are tallied, bragging rights earned, and the jars were distributed to local food pantries to feed neighbors in need during the holiday season.

“The Peanut Butter Challenge continues to raise awareness of the importance of the state peanut industry, and helps provide a healthy product to families who do not have easy access to nutritious food,” said Libbie Johnson, agricultural agent for UF/IFAS Extension Escambia County and co-organizer of the Challenge since its inception. “Our communities come through year after year with tremendous responses to our calls for peanut butter donations, and we thank them.”

Peanut butter is an ever-popular item in food pantries for its nutrient density and shelf stability. The project’s expansion this year was partially inspired by the increased demand for food bank assistance as an economic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s A Boy! Northview Ag Dept. Welcomes Calf, Works To Keep Him Warm In Frigid Weather

February 16, 2021

The Northview High School agriculture department had a little Valentine’s weekend surprise.

A healthy calf was born sometime Saturday afternoon in the pasture in front of the school. On Monday, students named him “Cupid”.

Ag students worked hard Monday to make sure the little guy would be nice and warm Monday night into a very frigid Tuesday morning.

Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click on enlarge.

A Very Special Night To Shine (A Valentine’s Story)

February 14, 2021

It’s been a special friendship and a love for each other since elementary school for Bryant McDonald and Hannah Hardy, and Friday night was their “night to shine”.

A Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation for people with special needs. The program looked a little different this year due to the pandemic as people across the world honored and served those with disabilities.

And it was an perfect night for Bryant, a 19-year old senior at Tate High School, and his girlfriend Hannah as they were named prom king and queen.

For a photo gallery, click here.

“Hannah made sure last night was planned to a ‘T’. She asked Bryant to pick out which dress he liked the best on her,” Bryant’s mother Tracey McDonald said. “They exchanged boutonniere and corsage, had Chick-fil-A, and she even picked out his tie. She chose the tie with X’s and O’s for hugs and kisses.”

Those that attended the Pensacola area event were invited to a drive-thru parade in Gulf Breeze. Despite the weather, there were costumed characters and plenty of people cheering them on and wishing them all a fabulous night.

“I liked when Elsa (from Frozen) blew snow all over us. She tried to freeze us,” Bryant said.

“They were treated like royalty and had the biggest smiles on their faces and giggles and laughter filled the car,” Tracey said.

And what’s a prom without a dance?

Hannah and Bryant had their own at-home prom dance.

Bryant said his favorite part of the date was “when Hannah and I danced the Cha-Cha Slide together at home,” and Hannah said she loved dancing with Bryant, her ‘Sugar Bear”, in his stand-up walker.

It was a Night to Shine for Bryant and Hannah.

For a photo gallery, click here.

Pictured: Bryant McDonald and Hannah Hardy’s Night to Shine prom date. (The first photo below was Hannah’s favorite.) Photos courtesy Beth Lees and Tracey McDonald for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Northview High School Names Students Of The Month

February 11, 2021

Northview High School has named their January Students of the Month. They are Elianna Morales and Dallon Rackard. They are pictured with Northview Principal Michael Sherrill. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Winners Announced In 67th Youth Art Focus (With Photos, Virtual Tour)

February 11, 2021

Winners have been announced from the 67th Youth Art Focus for the Escambia County School District with the Pensacola Museum of Art is now available.

Since 1954, Youth Art Focus has created an opportunity to expose students to the fine art world in a professional museum environment while giving the public a chance to experience and appreciate the accomplishments of Escambia County’s fine art education programs.

For a complete virtual video tour of the museum, a list of winners and photographs of the art, click or tap here.

(Tip: To skip ahead to the student art in the virtual video tour, go to 27:55 in the video on the page linked above.)

Ransom Middle School Names Students Of The Month

February 8, 2021

Ransom Middle School has named their January Students of the Month. They are seventh grader Alinson Crawford and eighth grader Ellen Rigby. Photos for NorthEscambia.com. click to enlarge.

Century Church Donates Supplies To Help Victims Of Tornado Near Birmingham

February 6, 2021

A Century church is working to help the victims of a tornado near Birmingham last month.

The pastor and deacons of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Century headed north to Birmingham on Friday with supply donations for the tornado victims with the help of church members.

The EF3 tornado struck Fultondale, Alabama on January 25. A 14-year old boy was killed and 30 people were injured along the 9.5 mile path of the tornado.

Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

ECSO K-9 Sadie Visits Molino Cub Scout Pack

January 31, 2021

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tommi Lyter, K-9 Sadie and Deputy Matthews recently visited Molino Cub Scout Pack 430 Tuesday evening at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

The visit allowed members of the pack to work towards their Hometown Heroes requirements, Safe and Smart belt loop and Building a Better World pin. K-9 Sadie also helped the pack earn their Critter Care requirements.

Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Florida Forest Service: The Trials And Joys Of Trees

January 31, 2021

|submitted by the Florida Forest Service|

Trees often are low on priority lists – unless you had tree damage as a result of Hurricane Sally. However, you might be surprised to learn that trees played a beneficial, if somewhat behind the scenes, role for good this year and every year. And celebrating the good, while not ignoring potential problems, is important when making decisions involving trees.

Often trees are disparaged, especially after a severe storm. Many trees fell during Sally, causing costly clean up and often significant damage. Some trees were damaged: causing hazardous conditions, opportunities for the tree disease and insect infestation, or simply aesthetically unpleasant disfigurement. Even without storms, trees require care, can interfere with utilities and foundations, and require extra clean up certain times of year. Yet, healthy well-maintained trees might reduce wind speeds and damage for property underneath or on the leeward (downwind) side of trees. Trees also significantly reduce erosion and absorb stormwater.

Trees often give more than they take. Many studies have been done on the effects of green space on a person’s well-being, including lowering blood pressure, speeding up recovery times, and lessening depression and anxiety. Other social benefits include lowering crime rates, increasing property values, creating beauty and space for recreation and relaxation, and lowering cooling bills. They provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. We haven’t even begun to mention the material benefits such as fruit, nuts, wood, and the 5,000 plus commercial products made from trees (wood, roots, leaves, and saps).

So, celebrate trees this year! Winter is a great time to improve existing trees and to plant new ones. Florida Arbor Day is celebrated the on the third Friday in January – January 15, 2021. National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. While you might not be able to attend a public event, you still can get out and celebrate trees. Below are some ideas.

Existing Trees

  • Care for storm damaged trees.
  • Contact an arborist for evaluation of potential hazards
  • Properly prune out broken limbs to create a smooth surface
  • Some trees may not be able to be successfully treated and need removal
  • o Most trees will recover, but might need time and/or multiple treatments
  • Learn about proper pruning techniques to take care of smaller trees yourself
  • When hiring a professional is required, hire a reputable company with a certified arborist on staff. Ensure the company has both Personal and Property Damage Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture can be found at http://www.isa-arbor.com/findanarborist/arboristsearch.aspx.
  • Take care of tree roots. Don’t compact the soil by parking or piling things in the root zone. Use caution when applying any chemicals (fertilizer, herbicide, pesticides) to the soil or lawn. Read the label to ensure it will not harm your tree.

New Plantings

  • • Decide what species of tree is right for you, considering the soil type, size of opening, climate, and eventual size of tree.
  • • Plant the tree at the right depth, not too deep or too shallow.
  • • Keep it simple. Soil amendments, fertilizers, and staking are usually unnecessary, especially for small native trees.
  • • Mulch lightly over the root zone, but not against the trunk.
  • • Water regularly until the tree is established. (Three gallons per inch of tree diameter weekly – applied slowly at the root ball)


  • Take a photo of your favorite tree to post on social media. Tag the Florida Forest Service!
  • Take a hike in the woods or a nearby park.
  • Have a picnic with friends or family by a tree.
  • Be grateful for your tree and its benefits.
  • Teach a child about trees. There are many activities that can be used. Check out Project Learning Tree Activities for Families – Project Learning Tree (plt.org) or the Arbor Day Foundation www.ArborDay.org for a few ideas.
  • Plant a new tree.

For more information on the benefits of trees, visit healthytreeshealthylives.org or www.vibrantcitieslab.com.

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