Tate High Drama To Host Dessert Theater Saturday Night

February 26, 2015

The Tate High School Drama department will host an entertaining dessert buffet Saturday night at 7:30 in the school cafetorium.

The performances will include all of the individual events that went to a recent district drama festival, followed by this year’s one-act entry, “High School Reunion”.  While  guests are being entertained, they can enjoy the goodies from  buffet of fine desserts.

The show and all-you-can-eat desserts are just one price – $8.

Pictured: Tate Drama students. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Blue Jacket Jamboree Set For March 7; Vendors Still Needed

February 26, 2015

The annual Blue Jacket Jamboree is returning to Northview High School on Saturday, March 7 with free admission.

There are dozens of confirmed vendors ranging from Scentsy to wooden birdhouses, wooden crafts, wreaths, jewelry and more. A kids area will include lots of carnival games, pony rides, bounce house and an obstacle course.  Entertainment will included Shane Harrell and the Major Moves band, Northview student Colby Flurnoy, and other local talent.

Interested craft vendors should contact Linda Till at (850) 572-1076 or Pam Kleinatland at (850) 712-6267. Food vendors should contact Kleinatland or Angus Brewton at (850) 256-5831.

The Blue Jacket Jamboree will be held on the campus of Northview High School from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on March 7.

NorthEscambia.com file photo, click to enlarge.

Annual Walnut Hill Ruritan Farm Auction Is Saturday

February 26, 2015

The 41st Annual Walnut Hill Ruritan Club Farm Equipment Auction will be held this Saturday, February 28 beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The auction includes not only farm equipment, but also  household items like tools and small equipment, lawn and garden items, antiques and more. Items can be received Thursday or Friday. A $5 lot fee will be charged.  Must be present to “no sale” items.

Settlement must be made the day of the sale; unknown buyers must have cash, cashier’s check, major credit card, or a letter of credit from their bank. Items must within 24 hours.

Concessions will be available all day from the Ruritan Club.

The sale will be located at the Walnut Hill Community Center on Highway 97  just north of Ernest Ward Middle School.

For more information or consignments, call (850) 327-4479 or (850) 327-4318.

Pictured: Hundreds attended a previous Walnut Hill Ruritan Club farm equipment auction in Walnut Hill. NorthEscambia.com file photos, click to enlarge.

McCullough Named Century Chamber’s Student Of The Year

February 25, 2015

Northview High School senior Jessica McCullough has been name the Century Chamber of Commerce’s Student of the Year.The annual selection is based upon a student’s well-rounded involvement in school activities, community service and more. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Northview Celebrates National FFA Week With Breakfast

February 24, 2015

FFA members at Northview High School are celebrating National FFA Week with a variety of events.

Tuesday morning, the FFA officers and members prepared a homestyle breakfast for teachers, staff and invited guests that support the FFA program. Northview’s FFA program has been recognized as one of the top chapters in both the state and the nation.

For more photos, click here.

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Tate, Northview Band Students Earn High Ratings At Districts

February 24, 2015

Over 100 Northview and Tate high school band students were awarded excellent and superior ratings recently at the Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessments at Gulf Breeze High School.

State qualifying soloists and groups are indicated below with an asterisk (*). These students will take part in the state solo and ensemble assessments March 23-24 in Gainesville. To qualify for state, the students were required to perform a Grade 5 or higher and earn a Superior rating at the district level.


Sarah Dutton (Flag solo) – Excellent
Tiffani Cruce (Flag solo) – Excellent
Amber Freeman (Flute solo) – Superior
Kylie Brook  (Flute solo) – Superior
Clayton Findley (Tenor Saxophone solo) – Superior
Adrian King  (Trombone Solo) – Superior
Triston Long (Tuba solo) – Superior
Abbie Johnson (Piano solo) – Superior
David Weber (Snare solo) – Superior*
David Weber and Tristan Williams (Percussion duet) – Superior*
Julie Hester (Baton solo) – Superior*
Brianna Smith (Baton solo) – Superior*



Toye Johnson (Piccolo) – Superior
Angel Chu (Flute) – Superior *
Taylor Ertel (Flute) – Superior
Tiana Hendricks (Flute) – Superior *
Toye Johnson (Flute) – Superior
Madison Rondeau (Flute) – Superior *
Katie Woods (Clarinet) – Superior *
Ashton Nelson (Bassoon) – Superior *
Bryce Coots (Alto Sax) – Superior *
Randi Avery (Trumpet) – Excellent
Jacob Howard (Trumpet) – Superior *
Ethan Millet (Trumpet) – Superior *
Tristan Workman (Trumpet) – Excellent
Ian McCool (Trombone) – Good
Nathan Tubbs (Trombone) – Superior
Cody Swilley (Euphonium) – Superior *
Emily DeRise (Marimba) – Excellent
Erica Earnest (Marimba) – Superior *
Honya Richbourg (Marimba) – Superior *
Danae Smith (Marimba) – Superior *

Small Ensembles:

Flute Duet: Jordan Rynders & Brittany Gipson – Excellent
Flute Duet: Toye Johnson & Madison Tourney – Excellent
Flute Trio:  Ana Lowe, Steffany Brown, & Tiana Hendricks – Superior
Clarinet Duet: Alyssa Spencer & Kaelyn Houghton – Excellent
Clarinet Trio: Ashlyn Adams, Kyndal Bray, & Ashia McMillon – Superior
Clarinet Quartet: Eric Milligan, Katie Snyder, Alyssa Spencer, & Mallory Parker – Superior
Trumpet Duet: Nick Touchstone & Tristan Workman – Superior
Trumpet Quartet: Jacob Howard, Zach Vranich, Ethan Millet, & Tristan Workman – Superior
Trombone Trio: Nathan Tubbs, Haley Groff, & Amber Brock – Superior

Woodwind Quintet (Superior)

Angel Chu, Flute
Madison Philley, Oboe
Eric Milligan, Clarinet
Ashton Nelson, Bassoon
Jacob Caddell, French Horn

Brass Quintet (Excellent)

Zach Vranich, Trumpet
Kayley Groff, Trumpet
Jacob Caddell, French Horn
Zach Humphries, Trombone
Nick Krostag, Tuba

Saxophone Sextet (Superior)

Bryce Coots, Alto
Brennan Infinger, Alto
Michael Lett, Alto
Eric Esselburn, Tenor
Kayla Dixon, Tenor
Ashton Nelson, Baritone

Woodwind Choir (Superior)

Kelsea Jacobson, Flute
Lillian Jensen, Flute
Toye Johnson, Flute
Ana Lowe, Flute
Micaela Palma, Flute
Levi Shaffer, Flute
Jamie Simon, Flute
Tori VanScyoc, Flute
Madison Philley, Oboe
Lexi Dixon, Clarinet
Jillian Flowers, Clarinet
Eric Milligan, Clarinet
Jordan Myers, Clarinet
Olivia Brown, Bass Clarinet
Keionna Odom, Bass Clarinet
Ashton Nelson, Bassoon
Logan Royer, Bassoon
Cameron Caulder, Alto Sax
Bryce Coots, Alto Sax
Brennan Infinger, Alto Sax
Anthony Mikhail, Alto Sax
Jacob Norre, Tenor Sax
Kayla Dixon, Bari Sax

Brass Choir (Superior)

Sasha Babkin – Trumpet
Ryan Cawby – Trumpet
J. D. Franklin – Trumpet
Kayley Groff – Trumpet
Jacob Hall – Trumpet
Jacob Howard – Trumpet
Blake Norre – Trumpet
Abbey Opalenik – Trumpet
Zach Vranich – Trumpet
Jessica Gainey – French Horn
Chad Ratliff – French Horn
Nick Simmons – French Horn
Chandler Cotton – Trombone
Hayley Groff – Trombone
Zach Humphries – Trombone
Cody Swilley – Trombone
Nathan Tubbs – Trombone
Aaron Gavin – Tuba
Nick Krostag – Tuba
Ryan Tanton – Timpani

Percussion Choir – Concert Band (Superior)

Stephen Cleary
Morgan Ghiorso
Alexandra Hatley
Mason Humphries
Bryan LeDuc
Patrick McHaney
Crosby Mowry
Colin Smith
Will Talley

Percussion Choir – Symphonic Band (Superior)

Landon Benson
Tristan Hacker
Ethan Jensen
Kathryn Skipper
Ben Wagner
Hunter Welch

Percussion Choir – Wind Ensemble (Superior) *

Peyton Benson
Erica Earnest
Aaron Gavin
Maurice Hendricks
Kyle Irps
Paxton Metcalf
Kaitlin Sainata
Danae Smith
Honya Richbourg

Pictured: Northview High School band members earning Superior and Excellent ratings. Photos for Northescambia.com, click to enlarge.

Blue Jackets: It’s National FFA Week

February 23, 2015

This week, though Saturday, is National FFA week.

With students from the Northview and Tate FFA organizations in attendance, the Escambia County School Board recently approved a resolution recognizing National FFA Week.

“The Escambia County FFA and the agriscience education programs in the Escambia County School District are tremendously successful and extremely valuable in improving the quality of life for Escambia County citizens,” the school board resolution states.

Nothview, Tate and other schools in the county with FFA programs will celebrate the week with a variety of activities.

To read the complete school board resolution, click here.

Pictured: Tate and Northview FFA members were in attendance for a recent Escambia County School Board meeting during which the board recognized National FFA Week. Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge


Pardue Art On Display The Molino Branch Library

February 22, 2015

There’s a special art display at the Molino Branch Library through the end of February.

Alan Pardue was born into a family of artists. From the time he could hold a pencil, his grandfather “Papaw” and father were teaching him the basics of art. He paints surrealistic mixed media paintings, as well as sculptures.

Pardue has had art shows from Florida to Canada was recently featured in Po10tial Magazine.  His art currently can be seen once a month at Pensacola’s Gallery Night.  Alan Pardue’s art is also on display at the Molino Branch Library, located at the  6450-A Highway 95A, through February 28.

Courtesy photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Weekend Gardening: February Tips

February 21, 2015

Here are gardening tips for the month of February from your local Extension Service:


  • Re-fertilize cool season flowerbeds, using a liquid or granular form of fertilizer. Be careful not to apply excessive amounts and keep granules away from the base of stems.
  • Prepare flowerbeds for spring planting by adding and incorporating soil amendments like mushroom compost, manure or homemade compost. Till or spade the bed to incorporate the amendments with the existing soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Allow the prepared bed to lie undisturbed for 3 to 4 weeks before planting. This provides time for some important biological activity to take place, and new plants are less likely to suffer from stem and root rots as a result. Have a soil test done. Sometimes lime is needed. However, a lime application should be made only if the need is revealed by the test.
  • Replenish mulch in flowerbeds.
  • Prune rose bushes.

Trees and Shrubs

  • February is possible the best month for rejuvenation of old, overgrown shrubs. When pruned now, plants have an entire growing season to recover.
  • Prune summer flowering deciduous shrubs such as Althea and Hibiscus. Since they flower on current season’s growth, flowering can actually be enhanced by proper pruning
  • Do NOT prune the spring flowering shrubs yet. Azaleas, Spiraeas and Forsythia flower during early spring because buds were formed last summer and fall. Pruning in February would therefore remove most of the flower buds.
  • Cold damaged trees and shrubs should NOT be pruned until new growth appears. You want to preserve as much healthy plant material as possible.
  • Replenish mulch in shrub beds
  • Finish planting ornamental and fruit trees.

Fruits and Nuts

  • Fertilize established pecan trees. Use a “special pecan fertilizer” that contains zinc. Use 2 lbs. for every year of age of the tree up to a maximum of 55 lbs. Broadcast the fertilizer evenly beneath the tree.
  • Fertilize established peach, plum, pear, persimmon, apple and fig. Apply about 1 ½ lbs of a 10-10-10 (or similar) fertilizer for each year of age of the tree until a maximum of 10 to 15 lbs. per tree is reached.
  • Blueberries are very sensitive to nitrogen and can be killed easily, particularly when they are young. Fertilize only if your goal is to increase yield or berry size. An annual application of 2 ounces of a special “azalea/camellia” or “special blueberry” type fertilizer per plant in February is ample fertilizer on 2-year-old plants.
  • Prune muscadine grapes between mid-February to mid-March. A standard method is to allow 2 to 4 node spurs spaced every 6 inches of cordon. You may notice that pruning cuts bleed, but there is no evidence that this is injurious to the vine.
  • Grapes (bunch and muscadine) should be fertilized at the rate of 1 ½ lbs of 10-10-10 for each year of age with a maximum of 5 lbs per plant applied in late February.
  • Last call for planting fruit trees! Most fruit trees such as pecans, plums, persimmons, figs, peaches and nectarines are shipped bare roots and should be planted during the dormant season.
  • Apply a spray containing horticultural oils emulsion to dormant fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. Follow label directions carefully.

Vegetable Garden

  • Several winter vegetables can still be successfully grown by starting them this month. Plant beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, Chinese cabbage, collards, endive/escarole, kale, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, mustard, parsley, English peas, radish and turnips.
  • Plant Irish potatoes. Purchase certified seed potatoes rather than using the grocery store kinds. Use 2-ounce seed pieces with eyes and plant them 3 to 4 inches deep.
  • Prepare spring vegetable and herb beds for planting by adding and incorporating soil amendments like mushroom compost, manure or homemade compost. Wait 3 to 4 weeks before planting.


  • Hold off on fertilizing the lawn. It is still too early for an application of nitrogen containing product. Cold temperatures and lack of plant response would likely result in wasted fertilizer. However, your winter weeds would benefit greatly.

Molino Park Names Volunteers, Partner Of The Year

February 20, 2015

Volunteers were honored during a luncheon Thursday at Molino Park Elementary School.

Volunteers of the year were announced, including Rachel Bradley, adult volunteer; Carolyn Cropper, senior adult volunteer; and Alianna Davis, youth volunteer. Jimmy’s Grill was named Molino Park’s Partner of the Year.

“There is no possible way that we can accomplish all that needs to be accomplished to grow God’s most precious gift, our children, without the helping hands and loving hearts of our volunteers,” Molino Park Principal Alice Woodward said. “We are very thankful for all of our volunteers.”

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