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May 31, 2009

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Northview High School Class Of 2009 Graduates; With Photo Gallery

May 31, 2009


Over 100 members of the Class of 2009 graduated Saturday afternoon from Northview High School.

“God cannot be ignored,” Valedictorian Luke Fletcher Killam said in his address, referring to the ACLU lawsuit against Santa Rosa County concerning religion in schools.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

“It seems in this day that we’ve ignored that,” he added, saying that our nation was founded on God. “Separation of church and state will never mean separation from God.”

“Let the hand of God guide all that you do,” Killam told his fellow graduates.

Escambia County School Superintendent  Malcolm Thomas’ address to the graduating seniors centered around their class motto.

“God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change; the courage to change the things we can; and the wisdom to know the difference,” the Northview Class of 2009 Motto says.

“The way they got here is that attitude, that motto, they set at the first of the year,” Thomas said. “I challenge you to dream the dream; then go and have the courage to go and make it true.”

“By conquering our fears, I believe we can accomplish,” Salutatorian Lanie  Jeannine Eubanks said.

For a complete photo gallery from the Northview High School Class of 2009 graduation program, plus behind the scenes photos following graduation,click here.

Comments are welcome below, including comments with well wishes for your favorite graduate.

Pictured top: Graduate Jessica Mothershed shares a tearful moment with teacher Tommy Weaver following Saturday’s graduation exercise at Northview High School. Pictured below: The caps fly following graduation for the Northview High School Class of 2009 Saturday afternoon at the school.  Pictured bottom: Hundreds packed the school gym while others watched a video feed in the school theater. photos, click to enlarge.



List Of Graduates: Northview High School Class of 2009

May 31, 2009


The following students graduated Saturday from Northview High School:

  • Alexander Martin Abbott
  • Kolby Mathew Amerson
  • James Oliver Ard
  • Michelle Denise Bellamy
  • Joshua Cameron Black
  • Stephen Cody Black
  • Gretchen Danea Boughner
  • Andrew James Bowlan
  • Ricahrd Kyle Braun
  • Kayla Sue Brewer
  • Britney Dawn Brown
  • Clarence Alfred Brown, III
  • Danielle Althea Brown
  • Olivia Kylen Bryan
  • Patrick Jacob Carlson
  • Latiffia Laquise Carter
  • Coty James Chance
  • Tiffany Lynne Chance
  • Daphne Elizabeth Clark
  • Brandon James Coburn
  • Matthew James Coffey
  • Amy Nichole Conner
  • William Andrew Conway
  • Courtney Brooke Cooper
  • Kevin Lateef Cottrell
  • Ryan Olen Creamer
  • Dalton Kaleb Cummings
  • Joshua Mark Dorriety
  • Stephanie Leigh Doucette
  • Aremando Dupree Elliott
  • Lanie Jeannine Eubanks
  • Jeremy Edward Flota
  • Whitney Michelle Flurnoy
  • Bradley Scott Foster
  • Shaun Christopher Freeman
  • Michael Lee Frye
  • Jamison Blayne Garrett
  • Melissa Nicole Garrett
  • Jesse Marc Grimes
  • Briana Renea Halteman
  • James Michael Hamilton
  • John Louis Handrop
  • Brett Andrew Hanks
  • Daniel Wayne Hart
  • Denise Michelle Hart
  • Stormy Brooke Hayes
  • Gabrielle Ranae Hicks
  • Joshua Lee Holder
  • Amber Renae Holland
  • Dixie Loretta Jackson
  • Kenneth James Jackson, Jr.
  • Chason Robin Jay
  • Justin Blaine Jeter
  • Daniel Edward Jordan
  • Hannah Deniece Jordan
  • Dalton Tyler Justice
  • Luke Fletcher Killam
  • Kanisha Michelle Knight
  • Lisa Ann Marie Kuiper
  • Zachary Farrell Lamb
  • Ryan David Lambert
  • Alan Daniel Lee
  • Jocqus Dumas Lett
  • Jody Wade Levins
  • Shaquaina Janae Lewis
  • Jacqueline Marie Loewen
  • Brian Jamaal Long
  • Samantha Ann Macks
  • Timeka Janay Marshall
  • Wayne Morris Marshall, II
  • Adam Douglas Martin
  • Jennifer Ursula Martin
  • Latorria Yvette McGee
  • Ashley Nicole McGhee
  • Patrick Wayne McPherson
  • Steven Kyle Meadows
  • Samantha Parry Merritt
  • William Thomas Morris
  • Sarah Caylan Mosley
  • Jessica Maria Mothershed
  • Krisrina Renea Nellums
  • Dustin Blaine O’Brien
  • Dustin Ryan Odom
  • Cordell Laedward Paige
  • Haley Nicole Peeterse
  • Philip Gage Riley
  • Summer Denise Sanders
  • Amanda-Ann Morgan Sellars
  • Aaron Richard Sharpless
  • James Anthony Sharpless
  • Chelsea Ellen Sims
  • Erin Michelle Smith
  • Frederick Lamario Smith
  • Ashley Arlene Snow
  • Jace Evans Stone
  • Amie Jolynn Sutton
  • Jessica Ann Taylor
  • Brittany Sharda’E Thompson
  • Michael Patrick Trentman
  • Garbell Sharda Wesley
  • Kayla Dlaine Wheeler
  • Ashley Faye White
  • Shakeria Lattice White
  • Jacob Harrison Whitehead
  • Kashun Monshell Williams
  • Ashely Denise Williamson
  • Lauren Ashely Wilson
  • Joseph Franklin Wood

Making Progress: Industrial Blvd. Repaving Project

May 31, 2009


A paving project on Industrial Boulevard in Century is nearing completion.  The $88,520 project by Roads, Inc. is to be paid for by a contracting company that the town says damaged the road during Hurricane Ivan cleanup back in 2004. Work on the two-tenths of mile project is expected to be completed this week. Roads, Inc. recently completed a repaving project on State Line Road from Highway 29 to Shady Lane for $128,437.30 funded by Local Option Sales Tax money.

The resurfacing project has made travel difficult for those that work in the Century Industrial Park and use the Camp Fire USA daycare.

Pictured above: Industrial Boulevard Friday afternoon. Pictured below: Industrial Boulevard Wednesday. photos, click to enlarge.


Blueberry Bake-Off to be Held at Blueberry Jamboree

May 31, 2009

Escambia County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee invites bakers to bring their homemade blueberry goodies to The Great Blueberry Bake-Off, a competition held in conjunction with the Blueberry Jamboree.

The first annual Blueberry Jamboree is hosted by Escambia County Neighborhoods/Community Services Bureau and Escambia County Extension Services and will be held Saturday, June 13, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Barrineau Park Community Center, 6055 Barrineau Park School Road in Molino.

Contestants may enter in any of three categories: pies/cobblers, cakes and other assorted blueberry dishes. Entries should be brought to the Barrineau Park Community Center cafeteria on a disposable plate, covered with plastic between 8:30 and 10 a.m. A copy of the recipe must be included with the free registration.

Judging begins at 10:30 a.m., and winners will be announced at 1:00 p.m. Youth and adult entries will be judged together. Judges’ decisions are final. Winners will receive monetary prizes as follows: 1st place, $50; 2nd place, $30; and 3rd place, $20. For more information, please visit

The Blueberry Jamboree is sponsored in part by

Check Out The Power Force

May 30, 2009

Everyone is invited to witness the amazing acts of strength of John Jacobs’ New Generation Power Force Team Sunday.

The Power Force team will be at the Pine Forest Assembly of God Church on Sunday, May 31st at 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Pine Forest Assembly of God Church is located at  3125 Pine Forest Road in Cantonment.  For more information call (850) 476-1378 or visit


NWE Wraps Up Season; Awards Special Trophy To Drew Marlow

May 30, 2009


Trophies and awards were handed out during closing ceremonies for Northwest Escambia Little League Friday, including a trophy for a little boy that was never able to play ball on the field that bears his name.

nwe-closing-016.jpgTwo year old Drew Marlow and his dad Danny Marlow died in a January 2008 accident on Highway 97. Drew’s Field was named is his honor, bringing wee ball to the Northwest Escambia Little League for the first time ever.

The first trophy of the season was presented to Drew’s mom Cyndi Marlow Wendt. It was a tiny trophy depicting a wee ball player about to knock the ball off a tee was inscribed with “Drew Marlow #3″.

The first three attempt at in vitro conception were unsuccessful for Danny and his wife Cyndi. But on the third try, they were successful. The embryo was rated as on a “3″, when typically only those rated as a four or five survive. Drew beat the odds and was born a happy healthy child. For that reason, Danny wanted his little boy to wear jersey number “3″ during his first game.

All of the NWE wee ball players wore the number “3″ on their hats during the season as a constant reminder of Drew’s memory.

nwe-closing-042.jpgNWE also presented other trophies and awards Friday afternoon, including their coach and volunteer of the year awards.

Greg Green was named Volunteer of the Year, and Josh Long was name Coach of the Year. Steve Hanks was also recognized for 13 years of service to NWE.

Each player on every team was also individually recognized.

For a complete gallery with over 150 photos from the event, click here. photos, click to enlarge.

An Emotional Day: Carver/Century Closes

May 30, 2009


There was a range of emotions Friday as the final bell rang at Carver/Century K-8 School.

There was that last day of school excitement as students headed toward their buses. Goodbye hugs between teachers and students, playful laughter, the attempt to balance crayon boxes and report cards while running after a friend. It was, for most of the kids, an end that marked an exciting beginning to summer vacation.

century-final-bell-13.jpgBut for the teachers and staff  gathered on the sidewalk outside the school, the emotions were much different, more of an ending that a beginning. That final bell marked the end of public schools in the town of less than 2,000. The Escambia School Board voted in March to close Carver/Century, the last school in Century, at the end of this school year. When that moment arrived Friday, reality set in.

Some of the teachers and staff members stood alone, quietly sobbing. Others hugged and consoled coworkers. Some lingered, watching the buses full of waving children until long after they were out of sight.

They gathered in the school cafeteria for a meal. A plaque was presented to Principal Jeff Garthwaite by Mayor Freddie McCall, honoring him for his service to the school and the community.

Words about the school closure were few. The pain was evident on faces around the room. Someone passed around a box of Kleenex. The staff shared the meal, shared a lot of laughter over a school “Biggest Loser” weight loss contest that had been ongoing.

They talked about who would be heading to Ernest Ward, who would be heading to Bratt Elementary. Once staff member fought back tears, saying that she would likely be headed to the Hall Center. It would be the first time in over 30 years in the school system that she will not work close to home.

Schools and lumber were the backbone of the communities that would later become Century. Now the lumber company sits empty and overgrown. Townspeople hope that their school building does not face a similar weed-covered future. They hope they one day the laughter of school children will return to their town.

Some said they felt defeated with the loss of Century’s last public school. Others just could not talk about it.

But they all knew that while Century’s schools were now officially gone, they would always live on forever in the hearts and minds of those that had walked their hallways. That’s what they call Blackcat Pride.

For a photo gallery from the final bell at Carver/Century K-8 School, click here. photos, click to enlarge.


Good Times: First Evening At Old Mill Pond Held

May 30, 2009


Cntury Care Center kicked off a planned concert series “An Evening at Century’s Ole Mill Pond” Friday afternoon, hoping to make it a regular community event.

ole-mill-pond-42.jpgThe concert series was fashioned after Pensacola’s Evening in Old Seville Square, CCC Director Don Ripley said. The Century event featured free live entertainment with the sounds of soul, rhythm and blues  from The Sensational Tones of Joy.

“We felt that since Century has lost so much recently in the closing of our last school, Century Elementary, and our Escambia County court annex, that we needed to do something to bring the community together,” Ripley said. “What better way than to have a free concert, an open house, with food and art vendors to bring the community together with our most cherished assets, our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers that have given us so much to be thankful for, all from the Century, Jay, Flomaton and Atmore areas.”

The event took place behind Century Care Center at the Ole Mill Pond, a new pond fully stocked with fish for the enjoyment of the nursing home residents. The pond was built to allow Century care residents to get outside, build their immune systems and stimulate their minds and bodies. The pond was built with a grant from the Agency For Health Care Administration.

For a complete photo gallery from the event, click here.

Pictured above and below: Scenes from An Evening at Century’s Ole Mill Pond Friday at Century Care Center. photos, click to enlarge.ole-mill-pond-47.jpg

Sheriff’s K-9 Unit Returns To Active Duty

May 30, 2009


The Escambia County Sheriff’s Department K-9 units are officially back on the street after a month-long absence.

Sheriff David Morgan announced Friday morning that the unit was reinstated following actions taken to correct problems identified In Department of Justice probe into the use of the dogs.

In late April, Morgan pulled his department’s K-9 units off the streets following findings released in a that DOJ investigation.

“The problem was not so much with the K-9 officers,” Morgan told “It was as much or more with the administration at the time not following up on bites and other paperwork.”

Sometimes, Morgan said the DOJ investigation found, the previous administration would treat it “like it was just a dog bite, a part of the apprehension. The documentation was not done as it should be.”

The  K-9 stand down included the use of dogs for both suspect apprehension and drug searches. But that did not mean Escambia County has been totally without the assistance of  K-9 officers. The City of Pensacola offered the assistance of their  K-9 officers when needed. In North Escambia, deputies could still request the assistance of the K-9 unit from Century Correctional Institute.

The DOJ investigation into the sheriff’s department, which the DOJ announced three days after Morgan was sworn into office, stemmed from allegations of excessive force during the administration of former Sheriff Ron McNesby.

Pictured above: The Escambia County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit poses Friday morning after Sheriff David Morgan announced that the unit had be reinstated. Submitted photo by Rebecca Evans for, click to enlarge.

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