One Dead, One Injured In Bellview Ballpark Double Shooting

October 2, 2022

One person is dead and another was injured after a shooting late Saturday afternoon at the Bellview Ballpark off Longleaf Drive in Escambia County.

A 20-year old male was pronounced deceased at the ballpark, and another adult male was transported to a local hospital.

“There were two males wearing masks that engaged with the individual that right now is deceased. Shots were exchanged,” Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said. “I would say that there were dozens of shots being fired.”

The ECSO is currently searching for two suspects in a white Nissan Altima. No further details on the suspects were available.

Simmons said this took place between a football field and baseball field.

“There were games going on; there were a number of people present,” Simmons said. “It a very senseless, careless, just a ridiculous act.”There were dozens of gunshots being fired with children nearby, he added.

The sheriff said it is believed that the deceased individual was targeted, but a motive is not known at this time. Simmons said Saturday’s shooting could be linked to shootings as far back as the murder of Ladarius Clardy in July 2021.

The Bellview Athletic Park is located just west of Longleaf Elementary School and Pine Forest High School.

Pictured: Escambia County EMS at the scene of a shooting Saturday at the Bellview Ballpark. exclusive photo, click to enlarge.

Fire Breaks Out At ECUA Recycling Facility Less Than A Week After Reopening

October 2, 2022

Less than a week after reopening, a fire broke out Friday night at ECUA’s recycling facility, but officials are hoping it will be running on Monday.

The fire was reported about 6:15 Friday in the ECUA Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in what is known as the “plastics bunker”, according to ECUA Public Information Officer Nathalie Bowers. She said smoke and flames were able to reach the presort room above the bunkers through discharge chutes.

The heat triggered just four sprinkler heads, two in the presort room and two above the plastics bunker. Bowers said this helped limit the fire, and Escambia County Fire was able to quickly contain the fire shortly after arrival.

“The machinery had been off since 1:30 pm Friday and there is no machinery or electrical equipment in this bunker area, so the source of the fire is not likely anything related to equipment,” Bowers said. “Due to the mass of melted plastics in the bunker, we were unable to confirm what materials in the plastics bunker caused the fire. This serves as a reminder to our customers that only accepted materials should be placed in their recycling container.”

A preliminary review of the area revealed limited damage to one wall in the presort room, lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles. The sprinkler heads were set to be replaced on Saturday.

“ECUA staff will replace the fixtures, check wiring in this area, and inspect the belt to confirm that there was no damage,” Bowers added. “At this point, we are cautiously optimistic that normal operations will be able to resume Monday and will confirm that after the inspections are completed.”

The recycling facility was closed in June after an equipment failure and just returned to service last Monday, September 26.

In July 2021, a fire damaged the ECUA MRF at the Perdido Landfill in July 2021, shutting down the recycling program until October 2021. file photo, click to enlarge.