FHP Says Driver Pulled From Stop Sign Causing Highway 29, Highway 196 Crash

June 24, 2024

Multiple people were injured in a two-vehicle crash Monday afternoon in Molino.

A pickup truck attempting to cross Highway 29 and SUV collided at Highway 29 and Highway 196 about 2:35 p.m.

The Florida Highway Patrol said a pickup driven by a 52-year-old Cantonment man stopped at the stop sign westbound on Highway 196 before pulling directly into the path of a SUV driven by a 67-year-old Illinois man that was southbound on Highway 29. Both vehicles came to a final rest on the southwest corner of Highway 29 and Highway 196.

Both drivers and two passengers in the SUV, ages 66 and 38 and both from Illinois, were transported by Escambia County EMS to area hospitals. None of the injuries were considered life threatening.

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My Life Depends On It: Retired Sheriff’s Deputy Needs Kidney Donor To Save His Life

June 24, 2024

Rudy Brown always knew he wanted to help people, and he decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. And now he is humbly asking for help.

The retired Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputy is pleading for a kidney — and there’s even a way for someone that isn’t a match to save his life.

Rudy joined the ECSO in December 1989 and spent 24 years on patrol in Escambia County. He retired due to his medical condition in 2013 and underwent a liver transplant in 2018.

“I pretty much bled out two times on the table,” he said. “It nearly killed me.”

The required anti-rejection medications caused his kidneys to fail just over year later. He’s in final stages of kidney failure and has been on the transplant list since October 2020, but so far, his number has not come up as he stays on dialysis.

A donor is the only option to keep him alive.

Rudy is hoping and praying for a kidney donation to save him. He is blood type 0, and anyone with the blood type can take a quick blood test locally to determine if they are a match.

A directed donation is when the donor names a specific person who will receive the kidney. It is the most common type of living donation. Directed donations are often between blood relatives, like parents, siblings, or children. They can also happen between people with close personal relationships, such as a spouse, friend, or coworker.

A non-directed donation is when a person donates anonymously to someone in need. They usually do not have any kind of relationship with the person who gets their donated kidney. It’s called a “good Samaritan” donation.

If someone turns out not to be a good match, another option is a “paired exchange.” A paired exchange involves two pairs of living donors and their recipients. The two recipients “swap” donors so that each receives a kidney from the other person’s donor.

“They can donate a kidney in my name, and it would me to the top of the list for a compatible donation,” he said. “They get to save two lives — the person that received their kidney and mind because I would receive one that works for me.”

Rudy is on the donor list through the Tampa General Hospital program, one of the top two programs in the nation. Call (813) 844-7137 or (800) 505-7769 and ask for the kidney donation program.

The entire process is at no cost to the donor or potential donor…it’s covered by Rudy’s insurance.

“I really, really need someone to help me. My life depends on it,” Rudy said.

Lawsuit Filed Over Escambia County Supervisor Of Elections Candidate Disqualification

June 24, 2024

Vowing “that this is not over”, attorney Bruce Childers has filed a lawsuit against Escambia County Supervisor of Elections Robert Bender.

Last Thursday, the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections Office disqualified GOP candidate Bruce Childers, who was running for Supervisor of Elections, according to a statement from that office.

“Mr. Bruce Childers did not qualify as a candidate for the position of supervisor of elections.,” a statement from the Supervisor of Elections Office aid. “Mr. Childers’ full and public financial disclosure was not provided by close of qualifying, and Florida Statute §99.061(7)(a), requires a candidate qualifying for Constitutional office to provide a copy of the full and public financial disclosure Form 6 by the close of qualifying.  The requirement is pursuant to the Florida Constitution and Florida’s election and ethics laws.”

“On Thursday, June 20, I received an email from the qualifying officer, not even from Robert Bender himself, that I was disqualified because I “failed to provide a copy of the full and complete financial disclosure Form 6,’” Childers wrote.in a social media post.

He has now filed a lawsuit seeking an emergency declaration from a judge to put him back on the ballot as a qualified candidate for supervisor of elections.

Childers said he wasn’t notified until Thursday that he was disqualified because he “failed to provide a copy of the full and complete financial disclosure form 6″.

Childers said he never received a call about any issues, which is something he claims should have been done, according to the Florida statute that states a qualifying officer shall make every reasonable effort to notify the candidate of missing or incomplete items.

“For those who know the history between Robert Bender and my wife over his 58% pension, you have probably read between the lines. I will leave it at that,” he said in his post.

Childer’s is the husband of Escambia County Comptroller and Clerk of the Court Pam Childers. After she filed suit, a judge ruled that a local retirement plan used by three Escambia County commissioners, including Bender, was unlawful.

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