In Depth: New Century City Manager Job Description Has Conflicts With Town Charter

September 22, 2019

The Town of Century is now advertising to find a city manager. But an in-depth comparison by between the duties of the Century mayor and the advertised duties of the new city manager revealed several potential conflicts, and perhaps even the wrongful removal of power from the mayor.

The job ad.

The town describes the ideal candidate as “qualified and highly motivated”, and requires a bachelor’s degree in public administration or a related field, plus five years of experience in local government administration of a senior management position. The salary is listed as negotiable based upon experience.

The city manager will serve as the chief executive officer of the town, be responsible for the management of day-to-day operations, attend all town council meetings and supervise all departments, according to the job description.

Earlier this month, the town council approved the creation of the ad by town staff, but did not require their approval before the ad disseminated for publication. The town council never approved the wording of the city manager’s job duties.

Psst. It’s a town. Not a city.

Before diving into the conflicts, it’s worth noting semantics on city manager versus town manager. There is no legal distinction between the terms city, town or village under Florida law. The job description refers only to a city manager. Century is a town, according to its charter, and the word “city” does not appear in the charter while the word town appears some 75 times. “The Town of Century, Florida, is hereby created…” is the first line of the charter.

Job may conflict with town charter.

Some of the duties of the city manager, according to the job descriptions, seem to directly conflict with the duties of the mayor as specified by the town charter. The town charter is the legal document that established the town.

For instance, both the mayor and city manager are set to be the chief executive officer of the town. Arguably, there can only be one chief executive officer. Webster’s defines a chief executive officer as “the person has the most authority in an organization or business”.

The charter directs the mayor to submit the annual budget to the town council, while the job description gives that duty to the city manager. There is only one annual budget.

There are other potential conflicts between the charter and city manager’s job, but presumably the city manager would perform those duties as directed by the mayor.

Comparisons are below between the mayor’s job per the charter and the city manager job per the job description.

The application period for the city manager job ends November 1.

Fire Damages Nine Mile Road Paint And Body Shop; Dog Rescued From ‘Allie Kats’

September 22, 2019

Fire heavily damaged a pant and body shop and several vehicles inside of it late Saturday night.

The fire at Alley Kats Paint and Body in the 1800 block of West Nine Mile Road, just west of Stefani Road, was reported just before midnight.

There were no injuries reported, and firefighters were able to rescue a dog inside the business.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the blaze. photos by Kristi Barbour, click to enlarge.