Possible Routes For Beulah Beltway Reduced To Three

October 31, 2017

A Beulah Beltway Alternative Corridor Evaluation Public Meeting was held Monday night at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

The public had an opportunity to review the latest plans for the project, including the reduction of the number of possible northern routes. The 11 mile, four-lane Beulah Beltway will serve to connect Nine Mile Road in Beulah to Highway 29 somewhere in the area from south of West Quintette Road to Barrineau Park Road. The highway will also have a new exit on I-10.

There’s no funding available yet for the northern potion of the project, which has seen the number of possible routes drop to three. At their next meeting on Thursday, the Escambia County Commission is set to consider cutting the number of possible northern routes to just one or two.

The interchange and southern segment are expected to begin construction in 2023.  Without a funding source, there is no estimated time frame for the northern segment.

Click here for a full-page pdf map of route options.

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One Response to “Possible Routes For Beulah Beltway Reduced To Three”

  1. A Alex on October 31st, 2017 8:46 am

    As normal this county keeps thinking on yesterday and today only. Seems they cant see into tomorrow. Much like 9 mile road widening (15 plus years in deciding) by the time this project starts most of us will be dead thats over 50. Think ahead county and put this no closer to the south of Barrineau Park Rd. By the time project starts, 29 and 97 might be the ticket.