Tragedy In Walnut Hill: A Memorial Message Board

January 31, 2008

Danny Marlow, 40, his 2-year old son Drew Marlow and Joyce McGahan, 70, died as a result of a tragic accident on Highway 97 south of Walnut Hill on January 28. Mrs. McGahan has a lot of family in the area. Danny and his wife operated a daycare in Davisville; she’s a third grade teacher at Bratt Elementary. Click here to read the accident story.

Our community is saddened by this horrible accident. It has touched the lives of many.

We at express our deepest sympathy to the families of the Marlows and of Mrs. McGahan. We also would like to express our gratitude to the rescue workers and volunteers that were at the scene Monday afternoon.

Early that Monday evening, our readers began to send us emails with comments about the victims. We established this Memorial Message Board for Danny, Drew and Joyce. We have now closed this message board, but the messages received are below.


  • We are praying for you, and your loss is more than we can comprehend. However, our Heavenly Father feels and knows your pain. Only He can heal your broken hearts. You are in our thoughts and prayers. –Linda & Charles, Atmore, AL
  • I do not know any of the families involved I just want them to know my thoughts and Prayers are with them at this horrible time.I hope they can oneday find peace.I know it can’t bring them back but my compassion and support is there. –Gina, Pensacola, FL
  • Words cannot express our deepest sympathies for the losses you have all suffered. We had the great privilege to know and work for and with Danny, Richard and Carolyn. We could not have asked for a finer family to introduce us to the area. Danny was a great friend and we know how much he and Drew will be missed by all whose lives they touched. Cindy, we keep you close to our hearts. We moved away a couple of years ago, but we will always remember the great kindness and compassion the Marlow family showed to us. They are a truly humble, Christian family who set the example we could only hope to follow. We want all who read this to know how sadly we send this message and we will always keep Danny and Drew, and the Marlow family in our hearts and our prayers. Again, we are so truly sorry for your loss, and keep you all in our hearts and prayers. Our Love, –Larry, Tracie (and the Girls), Buchanan, GA
  • I am so sorry for your loss.. –Christy, Pensacola, FL
  • Cameron and the entire Marlow family, just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and if we can do anything at all please let us know. –Donna, Mike, Danielle and Randy, Cantonment, FL
  • We are going to miss Danny and Drew so much … I really can’t find the words right now . If ya’ll need anything please let us know. We are praying for all of you. –Abbie, Molino, FL
  • To the families of these dear ones: The love of God is the most powerful force in the world… our prayer is that you feel His Powerful Presence constantly… we are praying daily for all of you … our hearts are broken with yours. –Johnny and Ruth, Flomaton, AL
  • To both families…I am truly sorry for your loss.I pray that God will heal you all. To Mrs. Marlow, my son is in your class at Bratt, Chris, and he is really sad to hear that this has happened. He loves you and thinks the world of you. He is praying for you also. May God be with you and your family during this difficult time. –Annie & Chris, Century, FL
  • To Richard, Carolyn, Hunter, Cindy, Angie and all of the family: Just wanted you guys to know that I am praying for you. Danny was such a great person and fun to be around. My thoughts and prayers and with each of you.–Jodi, Pace, FL
  • I had the privilege of getting to know the Marlow’s through NWE Learning Center. They are some of the sweetest Christians you’ll ever meet. Drew, I sure will miss you little buddy! I remember you trying to walk on the tile floor in the center. It sure was so funny! You made my heart smile so. Cindy, I love you; Chad and I are praying for you and your family. –Barbara, McDavid, FL
  • I was only one of the people that stopped that afternoon at the scene of this tragic accident..If only I could have done something… Such a feeling of total helplessness.As one other viewer stated.. We should be most grateful to those first responders..What they must go through…My thoughts are with all those loved ones left behind. –Pat, Bratt, FL
  • I learned of the accident from a friend of mine in Atmore, Al. I am very sorry for both families loss. May God give them strength to get through this very painful time. –Royce, Milton, FL
  • Cindy, I am so very sorry for your loss, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you are going thru right now. I have 3 boys & my 2 little ones told me that he taught them in Sunday school. You are in my thoughts & prayers. –Jennifer, Bratt, FL
  • I am praying for Cindi and her family at this times as they have prayed for me and my family MANY times. –Tracey, Cantonment, FL
  • Hunter, Our hearts are breaking with you. Cole thinks of you as one of his very best friends and it meant the world to him to be able to spend time with you Tuesday night. We all love you and are praying for YOU and your family. If you ever need us or if you need ANYTHING – we are here for you. Please know that you are never alone. –Roger, Angela, Cole and Chase, Molino, FL
  • Just wanted to say how sorry our family is for these families lost.I didn’t know the families but my son which is a UPS driver(Toby Grice) knew Richard Marlowe and spoke of what a friendly and great guy he was. Just wanted to tell the families we will pray for their strength at their time of loss. –Theresa, Cantonment, FL
  • This accident has touched the hearts of all of us at Ernest Ward Middle School. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hunter because he is a part of us and to the whole family. Know that we are praying for the Lord to wrap His arms around you and comfort you as you go through this and always in the future. –Brenda, Ernest Ward Middle School, Walnut Hill, FL
  • My thoughts and prayers go out to the Marlow and Pope families during this time. We know God does answer prayer and he never deserts us in our time of need. –Heather, Jay, FL
  • God Bless Both Families, Life is so fragile I just lost my son, you all are in my prayers Look to him in this time of loss My Heart is so full of love for all of you. –Virginia, Pensacola, FL
  • My heartfelt prayers for the family and friends of all 3 victims. After 16 years as a firefighter/EMT it is always gut wrenching when a child is involved. Please remember the Emergency Service personnel and Law Enforcement who had to witness this traggic accident, they too need your prayers. –JT, Mississippi
  • This is such a tragic event, my heart goes out to both families. Just try to remember that God will not give us more that we are able to bear. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. –Sarah, Milton, FL
  • Danny was a good friend, this is such a tragic loss. I know that he and Drew are in Heaven and I’ll see them again one day. Cindy, you and in our prayers, may God give you peace to get threw this. Dylan sends his love and wanted you to know he misses you. God bless –Alex, Felicia, Billy, Dylan, Walnut Hill, FL
  • Our hearts go out to the whole family. Hunter we want you to know that we love you and we are here for whatever you need. –Rigby’s, Molino, FL
  • I love ya’ll and am so sorry. I miss Drew so much! I am praying for all of you! –Ashley, Bratt, FL
  • I heard about the wreck from my sister, who worked for Cindy Marlow, as soon as I got off the bus. I was SHOCKED because it seemed like just yesterday I was playing around with Drew, and talking to Danny at the hunting camp. We all have you in our prayers Marlow family, at home, school, church, and even the Hunting camp. –Hunter, Atmore, AL
  • I only knew Danny for a little while when we both went to church together but never got the chance to meet his son, Drew. I pray that God will comfort his family during this tragic time. I did not ever meet Joyce but pray that God will comfort her family as well. God is the great comforter and will bring you through this tragic time if you trust in him. –Mike, Cantonment, FL
  • To the Marlow Family-We are Christine’s Grandparent’s and we just want you to know that you are all in our prayers. --Mike & Gwen, Pace, FL
  • My little boy Logan went to the daycare that the Marlows ran. I’m so sad by this tragic that has happen in our community. Cindy please know that you and your family is in our thoughts and prayers , Logan and Kayla sends their love. We love you all so much. –Skaggs, Century, FL
  • I worked at the daycare Cyndi and Danny owned. I also was very blessed to have watched Drew almost every day. That kid has my heart! He always brought joy to my life. And he could always make me smile! I’m gonna miss you Drew. I will never forget you little buddy. I know your in a better place now and I know we will meet again one day! I love you Drew! My heart goes out to you Mrs. Cyndi. I’m gonna miss working for you. I will definatley be praying for you everyday. I love you –Summer, Atmore, AL
  • Cindy: I am terribly sorry to hear of this. I never met Danny or Drew, but I know you, and I remember when you kept us when we were little. I want you to know that you are in my prayers, and I know God will bring you peace, for now, your two loved ones are with The Lord, waiting to see you again! May God bring you comfort during this time. – Sarah, Cantonment, FL
    Cindy, you have an awesome church family, as you know, that will constantly be lifting you up. I hurt so deeply for you. –Alisa, Atmore, AL
  • I drove past the accident yesterday, on my way to pick up my daughter who plays softball with Magen…It broke my heart, before I even found who was involved in the accident. I hope the family knows how many people are thinking of them and praying for them. I could not even imagine how difficult it would be to loose your spouse and child at the same time. You’re in my prayers! –Renea and family, Molino, FL
  • I am sorry this happened, Uncle Jimmy. Married nearly 50 years and still so in love. Danny was always kind and pleasant. I will be praying for his family as well. –G.M., Cantonment, FL
  • Storms will come in our lives…some are greater than others, yet when the storm of death impales us with it’s cruel pain, we can ONLY turn our eyes toward our Heavenly Father for peace and comfort that He gives and helps friends and family share your sorrow. One of our own is hurting and we hurt with and for you. You are in our prayers. –Susan, Atmore, AL
  • Words cannot express the sorrow that so many of us feel today for your loss. We truly love you and we just want you to know that we are staying in prayer for you. –Patty, Atmore, AL
  • My sweet Drew, I will miss you like crazy. I am so happy to have had the day to spend with you last week. I will forever treasure it. You will always be in my heart. If I could only hear you say “Go home truck?” again. I’d never say “Not today. I have something I have to do”. I am so grateful for every moment I shared with you. This world is a sadder place without your big, sweet, sweet smile. I loved to say I love you, Drew; just so I could hear you say it back. Dale, Dawson, and “KitKat” will miss you, too. Take care, little buddy. You gave us more happiness than you know. I love you, Drew. –Sandy, Walnut Hill, FL
  • My heartfelt sympathies to Cindy and her family. I cannot begin to imagine what she is feeling, but please know that God is with you. We are all praying for you ! –Susan, Atmore, AL
  • To the Marlow family. I am sorry to hear about Danny, and Drew. You are in my prayers and I wish you the best in these hard times. — Chris, Pensacola, FL
  • Cindy, Just know that our whole community is praying for you. We love you and we will help you through this. –Kelly, Molino, FL
  • Though I did not know you may you all rest in peace. I will keep these families in my thoughts and prayers as you all deal with these difficult losses. --Felicia, Arab, Alabama
  • Marlow family, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Our prayers are with you! God bless & keep you! –Lanatta & family, Pace, FL
  • Uncle Jimmy, Sandy ,Sharon and Glenda, I’m so sorry. Aunt Joyce was a wonderful person. I’m praying for God to help you all through this very difficult time. To the Marlow family, Cindy I’ve prayed for you ever since I heard about the accident. Only the Lord can comfort you and I pray that he will hold you in his loving arms. –Tammy, Tallahassee, FL
  • My Prayers are with the Families of all Three. I to have lost a child in a car accident February 16, 2007. She was 21. I am sorry for your loss. –Nellie, Pace, FL
  • So tragic…words seem so shallow and empty at a time like this. My heart and my prayers are with the family. Only God can bring you the peace, comfort and hope that I struggle to give you. May God be your comfort. Alan, Atmore, AL
  • Cindy & family, I am so very sorry for your loss. May God comfort you during this difficult time. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. –Krystal and family, Bratt, FL
  • Words can’t express how sad I am for you. But I rejoice knowing that Drew is the arms of Jesus this morning. –Hank, Molino, FL
  • Danny was a Christian man, and a great friend. I am praying for both families. –Ashley, Walnut Hill, FL
  • I am heartbroken at your loss. I pray for your comfort and healing. This will be tough time for you, but the Lord will get you through it. –Phil, Walnut Hill, FL
  • I drove past the accident yesterday afternoon. It was horrible. I can’t imagine your sorrow right now. But me and my entire church will be praying for you. God Bless You. –Shelby, Cantonment, FL
  • Joyce was a friend of mine. She was a wonderful lady. I am so sorry for the loss of both families, and life you up in prayer. –Mary, Pensacola, FL
  • I have a little boy that is almost two. It’s taken me a few hours to get the courage and strength to send this email. I just cry when I think about it. I just can’t imagine losing my child and my husband and trying to understand why. Drew was the sweetest little guy. He always seemed so happy. I know he is happy this morning again in heaven. My heart is broken. But God will heal. He will be there for you. Cindy, I love you. –Unknown, Walnut Hill, FL.


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