‘Hurry Back To The Free State Of Florida’ Signs Installed At State Lines

July 8, 2024

New signs have been installed at state lines across Florida encouraging drivers to “hurry back” as they cross into Alabama or Georgia.

“Hurry Back to the Free State of Florida The Sunshine State” signs were installed as of July 1 by the Florida Department of Transportation.

“FDOT has installed ‘Hurry Back’ signage at state lines,” FDOT Deputy Communications Director Michael Williams told NorthEscambia.com. “These were placed in a similar fashion to the ‘Welcome to’ signs but are placed as visitors leave the state as opposed to coming into the state. Many states offer a friendly message to visitors as they leave their state like this, and Florida is happy to share a similar message to travelers.”

Pictured: A new “Hurry Back to the Free State of Florida The Sunshine State” sign on Highway 97 in Davisville as motorists hear north into Atmore, Alabama. NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.


43 Responses to “‘Hurry Back To The Free State Of Florida’ Signs Installed At State Lines”

  1. do the right thing on July 10th, 2024 5:54 pm

    Free —– What’s free, what does this mean? I think it’s so, so, so, silly. Child – like name calling, people need to grow up and face real facts and stop the name calling and silliness.
    I’m for real leaders

  2. Emily on July 9th, 2024 10:00 am

    I mean, do we really want them to come back?

  3. Have a Good Day on July 9th, 2024 9:36 am

    Dang… The sign is getting more comments than say a child crime article or granny goes wild article… Still some left-over bitter Hillary lost folks all scabbed up hanging around it seems. Anyway…. “Here’s your sign” Lol

  4. Floridian on July 9th, 2024 8:59 am

    @Lebowski And who would decide this “honest medical necessity?” That opens a whole lot to subjective interpretation that would likely end up with a government official either making or reviewing that call. And in the rape example, it would require presenting proof to a government official prior to the procedure. Just what we need! More government in our private lives! Sounds like real freedom to me.

  5. Cathy on July 9th, 2024 8:37 am

    Free? Florida is becoming more repressive every day. Politicians are bent on controlling every aspect of Floridians’ private life. Whatever happened to “less government”?

  6. Nothing is Free on July 9th, 2024 8:34 am

    The concept of “free” doesn’t apply to car, house, health, and liability insurance. My greatest household expense.

  7. mnon on July 9th, 2024 5:57 am

    I always say, if something is true you don’t have to keep reminding others around you of this perceived truth.

  8. David Huie Green on July 8th, 2024 11:28 pm


  9. James on July 8th, 2024 9:57 pm

    I’ve heard of drinking the Kool-Aid, but you must have soaked ’shrooms in your glass before guzzling!

  10. Pat on July 8th, 2024 7:19 pm

    I”ve lived in FL all my life…… I must have missed something, because I know of NOTHING FREE in FL….

  11. Keith on July 8th, 2024 7:13 pm

    Thanks Ron. What a waste of tax dollars. It would be helpful if little Ron would focus on the real issues facing the state instead of all the political stunts. I be glad when he’s gone we have a govenor that cares about the people instead of himself.

  12. Henry on July 8th, 2024 6:48 pm

    WOw! Chipper, to not be free to say things, you said a lot. The only thing you left out was the freedom of a baby to be born and have a chance to live.

  13. Bob on July 8th, 2024 6:34 pm


    The issue isn’t that there isn’t capacity for all of the books in the library. The issue is when the government begins banning books from public circulation because they contain characters that aren’t cisgender, heteronormative, and white.

  14. George on July 8th, 2024 5:12 pm

    Just because certain books are not in the school library does not keep people from reading them. Just think how big the school library would need to be to contain every book that was ever written.

  15. George on July 8th, 2024 5:09 pm

    Marijuana is a horrible smelling drug. Never have and never will use it for any reason. All you doppers who think maryjane is cool just keep on puffing and ruin your lungs and you lives.

  16. Chipper on July 8th, 2024 5:01 pm

    Free state? Hmmm. Not free to control who can use the port in your own city. Not free to elect school boards that disagree with the governor. Not free for a woman and doctor to decide what is in her best interest. Not free for university professors to speak freely. Not free for a corporation to express their opinion without the state attacking. Not free to speak of climate change or as it is known throughout the free word, global warming. Not free to swim in water that has been determined to be safe. Not free to for teachers to say they are gay or lesbian. Not free to challenge the ethics of elected officials. Not free to take advantage of federal programs that benefit homeowners or poor children. Not free to change jobs and know that you will have health care going forward. Not free to protest. And I could go on.

  17. Lebowski on July 8th, 2024 4:28 pm

    @ Floridian

    I also want a life free of consequence. I fear that we will soon be living in a world where we are expected to anticipate the results of our actions. Where are we as a society if our government takes such stances based off shaky notions like “morality”? I want solutions to my unwanted pregnancy, not politics!

    The only thing I should be thinking about when I make MY reproductive decisions is “Should I give this person my number?”.

    The next thing you know they’ll be telling us we’re responsible for our own finances. How can we be held responsible for planning for circumstances beyond the present?

    Also, take a second to think about your statement.
    “If you don’t like it, then don’t do it – nobody is forcing you.”
    Barring rape or honest medical necessity, these terms are agreeable.

  18. Libs triggered on July 8th, 2024 4:13 pm

    lol the triggered comments. Im just saying that this sign is responsible for cutting our fiber and being down for 2 days.

  19. Jack H on July 8th, 2024 4:05 pm

    I like the idea of these signs as you exit florida, and Pensacola is far enough from Orlando that perhaps our visitors have forgotten that our toll roads are anything BUT free.

  20. Well on July 8th, 2024 2:24 pm

    @Not You
    Why are you talking about Bidens america.

    The story is about signs entering Florida.

    Not millions of illegals entering and taking billions in resources away from people that were already in need here

  21. Floridian on July 8th, 2024 2:20 pm

    @Molino Resident, the cool thing about “freedom” is that it’s neither the government’s nor your business as to what, when or how a woman makes her own reproductive decisions. If you don’t like it, then don’t do it – nobody is forcing you. Freedom is not forcing your own beliefs on other people. And I assure you, nobody is using abortion as “birth control” as you described. And on top of all that, our wonderful government also has access to REAL birth control in the crosshairs. Your whole response tells me you’re rather uninformed on the issue as a whole.

  22. Molino resident on July 8th, 2024 1:23 pm

    @Floridian and Not You, seems like abortion rights are what you are most worried about. You do know that they make a little thing called birth control if you don’t want to have a baby plus they have a morning after pill just in case. Abortion is not birth control which is what people who b*tch about it try to use it as. Everyone can agree that there are medical reasons for an abortion to be the right step. But to use it as a means to go screw around because you can just kill it is just wrong. If you don’t want your daughter or yourselves to become pregnant then take the proper steps to prevent it or see your knees together.

  23. James on July 8th, 2024 12:36 pm

    @Just an Opinion,
    Everything isn’t race, and if the word free simply triggers you to reference slavery then you should enlighten yourself on the entire history of this country. Free is so much more!

  24. Not You on July 8th, 2024 12:18 pm

    Florida is a free state if:
    You are parents who want the state to decide what health care you can provide for your children.
    If you want the state to decide what books your children can read.
    If you want the state to dictate how Cities and Counties will govern their citizens.
    If you want a state government that can take over private industries.
    If you are an adult woman who wants the state to make reproductive rights to you.
    If you believe the state can whitewash history.
    “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time, we’ve been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable, with no one group singled out to pay a higher price.” Ronald Reagan

  25. Mike J. on July 8th, 2024 12:12 pm

    @Roger, I am NOT for recreational marijuana because of driving safety. Lawyers want it legal because they know more traffic accidents will occur and more lawsuits will be involved and the victims will need more lawyers. Yes, we already have laws that make it illegal to drive while impaired due to alcohol or drugs. But why give people another legal substance to abuse and drive illegally? Why give people easy ability to get high and drive a 4000 pound vehicle at 60mph, then crash into a person or another vehicle with children. People who can’t control themselves with alcohol cause these painful accidents. Don’t give them another reason and people get killed.

  26. Floridian on July 8th, 2024 11:52 am

    @Scot Dixon, yes other states certainly are taking peoples’ rights away at an alarming space. I sure am glad the government has more control over my daughter’s body than they did for her grandmother. Oh wait…

  27. BT on July 8th, 2024 11:34 am

    I hate the “Just leave if you don’t like it” crowd.

    No, this is my home. It has problems, but I will work to improve it.

  28. Roger on July 8th, 2024 11:25 am

    To the nay Sayers… Yes we live in a free country. But some states have more FREEDOMS..
    There are some Nazi states that take away rights for the sake of the criminal. Such as making it near impossible to own a gun in certain areas. That only benefits the criminal as they don’t care about the law, they are already CRIMINALS.

    Free states allow you CONSTITUTIONAL rights to be protected and enjoyed while putting CRIMINALS in the crosshairs of the law. Free states punish the criminals and not good people.

    I am all for recreational Marijuana.. And I am all for gun rights and the right to defend yourself from harm. I hate paying taxes and some states dont take state tax out. FLORIDA being one that manages tax revenue well..
    California taxes you so bad that it dont pay to work. Better to do much of nothing and take from the tax system.. I am hoping cali implodes from that policy of taking from the working to give to the worthless.

  29. Frank on July 8th, 2024 11:16 am

    One of few states that actually balance their budgets, with reserves passed on to the citizens.

    I am personally glad to be living in Free Florida and remember my family and friends who lived in not so free states during the Pandemic.

  30. Bigblock345 on July 8th, 2024 11:10 am

    @James. Yes, yes we do. They applaud the Trillion$ given and wasted in other countries, Enemies of the state. And padding their own bank accounts. While whining about thousand$- million$ spent in country.

  31. CB on July 8th, 2024 10:39 am

    @derek I live and grew up in florida but travel for a living due to extreme low wages in florida and it’s way too hot in florida. Also it’s rapid growth has made things too expensive especially property and homes and taxes on all that as well as insurance being too high

  32. Just an opinion on July 8th, 2024 9:54 am

    The Free State? Makes it sound like we still have slave states.

  33. tg on July 8th, 2024 9:48 am

    Free to not shut down schools during Covid and set children back 2yrs.

  34. Yuk on July 8th, 2024 8:52 am

    Heads up to our exalted leaders: The United States of America and all its territories
    are FREE!!!
    Why not waste tax payers money on something useful???

  35. Susie on July 8th, 2024 8:50 am

    @derek you said it perfectly in a positive message. I totally agree. Nice to hear a happy thought!

  36. anne on July 8th, 2024 8:44 am

    I know the repeat visitors say they come here for vacation because they feel young and free here. Next time they can ad the “young” word to the sign. It’s all about tourism and their returning to FL every year to feel happy again.

  37. RG59 on July 8th, 2024 8:37 am

    Move to another state if you don’t like the cost. Many other states have an income tax in addition to property tax and high insurance premiums.

  38. Scot Dixon on July 8th, 2024 8:31 am

    Love it! With so many states becoming increasingly oppressive and micromanaging the personal lives and business of their citizens, I think it’s appropriate and important to stress that we are one of the free states, at least relatively speaking. Also, we are getting more free every day, while other states are taking their people’s rights at an alarming pace.

  39. James on July 8th, 2024 8:12 am

    Do others hear the whines and cries of liberals as they read this article? lol

  40. Ben Davis on July 8th, 2024 7:46 am

    I don’t understand with all the problems in Florida this is what money is being spent on! The big thing on the sign is the free state of Florida, just political. If Florida is so free, why is auto and home owners insurance and property taxes so out of control

  41. Old Skinny on July 8th, 2024 7:02 am

    I must have missed this … the free state of what?

  42. Wow on July 8th, 2024 6:54 am

    Why don’t they spend that money on something more useful.

  43. derek on July 8th, 2024 3:22 am

    Lived in Florida my entire life and it may not be perfect but Florida is one of the best areas in this country to live, work and raise a family!

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