Local Elementary Schools Place In Science Olympiad; Molino Park Takes First Overall

March 4, 2024

Molino Park Elementary School tok first place overall in the 6th Annual Elementary Science Olympiad recently at Washington High School. A total of 21 elementary schools sent teams of students to compete in nine different events.

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Winners were:


  • 3rd: Bellview
  • 2nd: Hellen Caro
  • 1st: Molino Park

Starry, Starry Night:

  1. 6th: Oakcrest
  2. 5th: Molino Park
  3. 4th: Jim Allen
  4. 3rd: Hellen Caro
  5. 2nd: Brentwood
  6. 1st: Beulah

Tennis Ball Catapult:

  • 6th: Global Learning Academy
  • 5th: Bratt
  • 4th: Oakcrest
  • 3rd: Molino Park
  • 2nd: Hellen Caro
  • 1st: Scenic Heights


  • 6th: McArthur
  • 5th: Bellview
  • 4th: Jim Allen
  • 3rd: Pine Meadow
  • 2nd: Sherwood
  • 1st: Pleasant Grove

Grasp a Graph:

  • 6th: Pleasant Grove
  • 5th: Scenic Heights
  • 4th: Bratt
  • 3rd: AK Suter
  • 2nd: Kingsfield
  • 1st: Hellen Caro

Write It, Do It:
6th: AK Suter
5th: Jim Allen
4th: Beulah
3rd: Blue Angels
2nd: Pine Meadow
1st: Molino Park

Mystery Powders:

  • 6th: Lipscomb
  • 5th: NB Cook
  • Tie: 3rd: Global Learning Academy
  • Tie: 3rd: Kingsfield
  • 2nd: Molino Park
  • 1st: Pleasant Grove

Rock Hound:

  • 6th: Global Learning Academy
  • Tie: 4th: Molino Park
  • Tie: 4th: Bellview
  • 3rd: Hellen Caro
  • 2nd: McArthur
  • 1st: NB Cook

Science Bowl:

  • 6th: Kingsfield
  • 5th: Ferry Pass
  • 4th: Lipscomb
  • 3rd: Bellview
  • 2nd: Scenic Heights
  • 1st: Pine Meadow

Robotics Pathways:

  • 6th: Scenic Heights
  • 5th: Beulah
  • 4th: McArthur
  • 3rd: Hellen Caro
  • 2nd: Jim Allen
  • 1st: Longleaf

Spirit Award: Longleaf

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