Nearly $1 Million FEMA-Funded Drainage Project Nearing Completion In Century

September 30, 2023

A nearly $1 million major drainage project funded by FEMA through Escambia County is nearing completion in Century.

The Front Street Drainage Repairs FEMA Project is designed to replace and improve a failing stormwater drainage outfall system located on private property by routing around it. Improvements consist of a new stormwater system, roadway improvements, concrete curbs, valley gutters, and ditch-bottom inlets.

According to Escambia County, the project is 90% complete.

During Hurricane Sally in 2020, flooding “supercharged” the existing drainage system in Century, overtopping Front Street at flooding yards on Front Street and Jefferson Avenue, according to the county. An existing 18-inch concrete pipe cracked, and an existing six-inch cast iron pipe became plugged with debris.

The lowest and responsible bid received for the project was $993,312.98, to Chavers Construction.

According to Escambia County, it is anticipated that $943,647.33 (95%) of the entire cost, will be reimbursed by FEMA and the State of Florida, and Escambia County would be responsible for the remaining 5% of the entire cost, or $49,665.65.

Portions of Front Street, Jefferson Avenue and Church Street are closed and detoured during the construction.

Pictured: A Front Street drainage project in Century as seen in August. photos, click to enlarge.


One Response to “Nearly $1 Million FEMA-Funded Drainage Project Nearing Completion In Century”

  1. Citizen on September 30th, 2023 4:08 pm

    Awesome. Great for the historical district in the lovely town of Century.