Man Gets 15 Years For Gas Station Shootout With Motorcycle Club

March 17, 2023

An Escambia County man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a gas station shootout on Nine Mile Road.

Jamal Delanie Battle-Donson was convicted of shooting or discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

The shooting occurred at the Circle K gas station at 3255 West Nine Mile Road just after 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 21, 2022. The store surveillance camera video recording showed a vehicle being aggressively driven by Battle-Donson as he pulled into the gas station. He then circled through the parking lot and stopped at the fuel pumps, where he instigated a confrontation with other patrons who appeared to be motorcycle club members. A brief struggle ensued. Battle-Donson returned his car, drove up to another group of customers from the motorcycle club, and conversed briefly before exiting the parking lot.

For a photo gallery from the gas station shootout, click here.

A few moments later, Battle-Donson returned and exchanged gunfire with the same motorcycle club members he had physically struggled with earlier before driving away.

During the trial, Battle-Donson claimed the motorcycle club members brandished guns and fired at him first, and he merely returned fire in self-defense. However, the video recording also showed that he returned to the store a third time approximately a minute and a half after the previous shooting and fired his handgun indiscriminately from his vehicle as he again passed through the parking lot.

More than 40 shell casings and projectile fragments were recovered from the scene. The physical evidence and testimony at trial showed that Battle-Donson had shot his firearm, re-loaded and firearm again at the scene.

“The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office works tirelessly to keep us safe by investigating and arresting persons that illegally and violently use firearms,” said State Attorney Ginger Madden. “We remain committed to supporting their efforts by prosecuting criminals who recklessly endanger our community. The imposed sentences illustrate the significant consequences of placing our citizens in harm.” photos, click to enlarge.


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