Perdido May Join Pensacola And Century As Escambia County’s Municipalities

January 24, 2023

Right now there are just two municipalities in Escambia County — the city of Pensacola and the town of Century.

But that could change in the not so distant future with the addition of the city of Perdido.

Those hoping to officially incorporate Perdido as a city held a public information meeting Monday night.

Proponents say Perdido generates an estimated $60 million a year in revenue for Escambia County, holds 16% of the county’s taxable real estate value and produces 20% of the tourist development tax.

Over the coming months, Perdido’s citizens will work together to propose boundaries and guide the creation of a feasibility study, a five-year projected budget, and a proposed city charter. The results will be submitted to the local legislative delegation to be considered as a local bill by the Florida House and Senate. If it passes the legislature, citizens in the proposed city of Perdido will vote on incorporation in 2024.

The proposed Perdido municipality has about 19,400 residents. As proposed, it would include Perdido Key and the inland area to the north.


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