Escambia (AL) Healthcare CEO Resigns, Later Arrested Twice At Local Hospital

August 30, 2022

A man that recently resigned as CEO of the Escambia County (AL) Health Care Authority (ECHCA) was later arrested twice on the campus of one of the Authority’s hospitals.

About 9:40 p.m. Friday, the Brewton Police Department responded to an “unwanted person on the campus” of D.W. McMillan Hospital.

Jeffrey Quentin Booth, 59, was arrested for public intoxication, booked into the Escambia County (AL) Detention Center and released on his own recognizance. He was also officially trespass warned from the hospital, according to Brewton Police Sgt. Tyler Aaron.

According to jail records, he was released at 10:16 a.m. on Saturday and was booked back into the jail just over an hour and a half later.

Brewton Police responded about 11 a.m. Saturday to D.W. McMillan Hospital where Booth was back on the property, according to Aaron. He was charged with criminal trespassing and was released again from jail Saturday night.

Booth was named CEO of the ECHCA in 2019 and had reportedly resigned from his position last week.

ECHCA governs D.W. McMillan and Atmore Community hospitals, D.W. McMillan EMS, and other clinics and healthcare systems in Escambia County, Alabama.


4 Responses to “Escambia (AL) Healthcare CEO Resigns, Later Arrested Twice At Local Hospital”

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