2020 West Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair Results Announced

February 18, 2020

2020 West Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held recently. Results, as provided by the Escambia County School District, were:

Senior Division Teacher – Cherie Stephens – Pensacola High School
Senior Division – Pensacola High School
Senior Division – Bailey Bullion (12th) & Jenna Kruse (12th) – Pensacola High School
ISEF Nominees – Bailey Bullion (12th) & Jenna Kruse (12th) – Pensacola High School
Animal Sciences
1st – Arizona Figueroa & Shaelon Hutchinson BBMS
3rd – William Burger BBMS
1st – Lina Amin PHS
2nd – Kelsey Miller PHS
3rd – Darrius Guerrero & Damien Cruikshank BTWHS
Behavioral Sciences
Honorable Mention – Lydia Basinger BBMS
1st – Ramim Jim PHS
2nd Madison Ardis BTWHS
Honorable Mention – Aalyiah Walmsley, Savannah Creel, Brian Smith BTWHS
Biomedical Sciences
1st – Kate Baumann, Alexa Castro, Isabella Wells BBMS
2nd – Talia Mendiola, Liliana Brown-Cruz, Ashton Bailey BBMS
1st – Amber Vaughan BTWHS
2nd – Nicholas Porter PHS
3rd – Manas Pandey BTWHS
1st – Samantha Gates BTWHS
2nd – Melissa Kruse PHS
3rd – Kaitlyn Roe BTWHS
Honorable Mention – Jasmine Payne, Tyler Sasser BTWHS
Cellular Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
1st – Sarah Brown BTWHS
Earth and Environmental Sciences
1st – Bailey Bullion, Jenna Kruse PHS
2nd – Kaelyn Peeler PHS
3rd – Lillian Myslak, Cortney Sherman BTWHS
Environmental Engineering
1st – Claire Han PHS
Honorable Mention – Rick Washington, Konsianta Reece BTWHS
Engineering and Material Sciences
Honorable Mention – Ameenah Clark BTWHS
Intelligent Machines, Robotics and System Software
2nd – Charles Pratt PHS
Mathematics and Computational Sciences
1st – Roman Bassett, Zachary Osburn PHS
1st – Lana Carter BBMS
1st – Roger Charles, Joshua Jones, Jalon Fleming BTWHS
2nd – Shayla Fulton, Nicholas Crowley BTWHS
3rd – Samantha Thompson, Elizabeth Hoke BTWHS
Honorable Mention – Gregory Simonds III, Diana Le BTWHS
Honorable Mention – Laureleiy Allison-Williams, Kameron Tetting BTWHS
1st – Mallory Sarfert, Katherine Peppers, Jo’leigha Parks – BBMS
2nd – Isabelle Holck BBMS
1st – Ryan Zhang, Danish Edupuganti PHS
2nd – Kathryn Tran, Andy Tran PHS
3rd – Christopher Heggdal, Eric Thomas, Tabian Dale BTWHS
Honorable Mention – Dakota Bell, Nicholas Wihtol BTWHS
Plant Sciences
Honorable Mention – Madison Tennant, Maribella Golson BBMS
Honorable Mention – Aiyanna Dykes Bellview Middle
1st – Ava Kesler PHS
2nd – Van Nguyen, Sydney Abad PHS
American Chemical Society–$100 to Sr 1st place, $ 50 to 2nd place, $50 to Jr 1st place, $ 25 to 2nd place
for outstanding achievement in chemistry.
Junior Division
- $50.00 check to Savannah Burke (Holley Navarre MS)
- $25.00 check to Max Valovic (Holley Navarre MS)
Senior Division
- $100.00 check to Samantha Gates (Washington HS)
- $50.00 check to Melissa Kruse (Pensacola HS)
American Meteorological Society–Certificates of outstanding achievement with projects in the
atmosphere and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences are awarded to the team of Toby Johnson,
Katherine Grissett, Reagan Harrison (Washington HS), and Kelsey Miller (Pensacola HS).
The American Psychological Association, the world’s largest association of psychologists, works to
advance the creation, communication, and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and
improve people’s lives.
A certificate for outstanding research in psychology is awarded to the team of Bailey Bullion & Jenna
Kruse (Pensacola HS).
ASM Materials Education Foundation—provides an award for the most outstanding exhibit in materials
science. A certificate for the best materials engineering project is awarded to the team of Alex Johnson &
Jonathan Walker (Panama City Rutherford HS).
The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Emerald Coast Chapter awards projects for
excellence in the categories of EAEV, ENMS, ENEV, IMRS, MACO and PHYS. Each of the top two
projects will receive $25 Gift Cards. Additionally, four more projects will receive certificates of merit. The
top projects from the East and West Panhandle will compete for a $500 top overall Emerald Coast award.
The top projects: The team of Alex Johnson & Jonathan Walker (Panama City Rutherford HS) & Charles
Pratt (Pensacola HS).
Also receiving a certificate are: Isabelle Holck (Brown Barge MS), the team of Ryan Zhang & Danish
Edupuganti (Pensacola HS), Adrian Salazar (Holley Navarre MS) and Burke Sayer (Holley Navarre MS).
The Association for Women Geoscientists—awards a certificate of achievement recognizing a female
student whose project exemplifies high standards of innovativeness & scientific excellence in the
geosciences. This award is presented to Mahtea Gulley (Pace Center).

Sharon Hill Aydelott supported the science fair for her entire tenure as a teacher in Santa Rosa County,
and her enthusiasm and guidance encouraged many students to go on to pursue careers in the science
fields. The Sharon Hill Aydelott Memorial Award honors her love for science and for her students. We are
recognizing two outstanding female scientists in the junior division this year, in the categories of
Chemistry & Physics. Fifty dollars ($50.00) cash in Chemistry is awarded to Julia Irmen (Holley Navarre
MS), and fifty dollars ($50.00) cash in Physics is awarded to Melanie Borrell (Holley Navarre MS).
BRACE: Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies recognizes projects aiding disaster/emergency
preparedness, mitigation, response, and relief or recovery efforts. The top projects in the senior and junior
divisions will be recognized with a cash award. BRACE would like to congratulate Madison Ardis
(Washington HS) & O’moj Reeves (Holley Navarre MS).
Reginald D. Butler Memorial Chemistry Award—A $50 cash award is presented to the most outstanding
Sr. chemistry project, and a $50 cash awards is presented to the student’s sponsoring science teacher.
The student winner is Samantha Gates and teacher is Mrs Pam Hicks from Washington HS.
Dr. B. H. Daughdrill Chemistry Award—We call him Mr. Science Fair. Dr. Billy Daughdrill, retired
chemistry professor at PJC, worked with the fair for the 40 years that PJC hosted it and he remains a
loyal supporter. Here to present the awards is one of the fair’s original directors, his daughter, Kim
Daughdrill Walden. $100.00 is presented to the winning Jr. and Sr. projects in the categories of chemistry
and biochemistry. The most outstanding Jr. and Sr. projects in chemistry and biochemistry were
Samantha Gates (Washington HS) Sr Chem
Savannah Burke (Holley Navarre MS) Jr Chem
Sarah Brown (Washington HS) Sr Biochem
Faye Schlott ((Holley Navarre MS) Jr Biochem
Joan R Daughdrill Chemistry Award: Outstanding female lab practices, $50.00 cash award.
- The team of Bailey Bullion & Jenna Kruse (Pensacola HS) Sr EAEV
- Ava DeJong (St Paul) Jr EAEV
Escambia County Medical Society – 2 outstanding projects in the category of medicine and health are
awarded $100 each. Exhibitors demonstrating excellence in the Sr Division is Amber Brown (Washington
HS) the Jr Division team of Kate Baumann, Alexa Castro & Isabella Wells (Brown Barge).
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals presents $75 (to the first place Junior and Senior
Division projects in the environmental field based on projects that demonstrated originality,
comprehension, organization, effort and motivation in this arena.
Tonight’s winners are the Sr team of Bailey Bullion & Jenna Kruse (Pensacola HS), and Erin
Kirby (Holley Navarre MS) for the Junior Division.
Florida Association of Science Teachers—Each year FAST recognizes outstanding projects from the fair
with a cash voucher of $25 and a certificate. This year’s winning exhibitors are
Sr: Ramim Jim (Pensacola HS)
Jr: The team of Jo’leigha Parks, Mallory Sarfert& Katherine Peppers (Brown Barge MS).
Florida Engineering Society Northwest Florida Chapter – FES is providing $30.00 Gift Cards to the top
projects in the Senior Division in Environmental Engineering & Engineering. FES would like to
congratulate Claire Han (Pensacola HS) & Ameenah Clark (Washington HS).
Florida Sea Grant Marine Extension Service—A book and framed certificate are awarded to the best Jr. &
Sr. projects explaining, demonstrating, protecting, &/or exploring a marine science topic. Those projects
are the team of Arizona Figueroa & Shaelon Hutchinson (Brown Barge MS) in the Jr. Division and Claire
Han (Pensacola HS) in the Senior Division.
Francis M. Weston Audubon Society—An award certificate, book, 1 x year membership in the National
Audubon Society is awarded to the best project(s) demonstrating environmental sensitivity & contributing
to an environmental issue. Tonight’s recipients of this award are all from Pensacola HS. They are Claire
Han, Kaelyn Peeler, and the team of Jenna Kruse & Bailey Bullion.
Friends of Perdido Bay seeks to improve our lives by reducing pollution. Tonight, they are awarding 4
projects that provides “Solutions to Pollution.” $50 & certificates of recognition will be awarded to
- Aiyana Dykes (Bellview MS) & Faye Schlott (Holley Navarre MS)
- Mahtea Gulley (Pace Center) & Melissa Kruse (Pensacola HS)
The Genius Olympiad – is an international high school competition focusing on environmental issues,
which will be held at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The competition is a 4 day-long event to bring
science, art, creative writing, and architectural design projects together. The two student projects that
have been chosen to compete in this summer’s Genius Olympiad are from Pensacola High and belong to
Charles Pratt and Hao Le.
Gulf Power Engineering Society – awards outstanding projects in the field of engineering. 3 x projects in
the Sr Division and 3 x projects in the Jr Division will receive a certificate, backpack, wireless desktop
charger and cash prize. The recipients tonight are
Jr Division
- Max Valovic (Holley Navarre MS)
- Alex Ballard (Holley Navarre MS)
- Julia Irmen (Holley Navarre MS)
Sr Division
- Kaelyn Peeler (Pensacola HS)
- The team of Bailey Bullion & Jenna Kruse (Pensacola HS)
- The team of Prasika Bhattarai & Angel Ardison (Washington HS)
The Lemelson Early Inventor Prize: This is a first year award for the Junior Division. The project selected
demonstrates problem solving by identifying a critical problem, and finding a practical solution. The
project exemplifies environmentally responsible thinking in research and creation of the product.
The recipient will receive a certificate and a voucher for a $100.00 prize. Congratulations to Eleni
Nikolakakos (Holley Navarre MS).
The Roy Hyatt Environmental Center is sponsoring an award this year to the project that best
demonstrates in depth study of specific factors that impact our environment. The winner will receive a
book. The recipient is Mahtea Gulley (Pace Center).
Dr. Roger & Teri Jones Award:
This family has long supported science fair and encourage excellence in all aspects of the STEM fields.
Each of these students or teams will receive a $100.00 check
Junior Division
- JR ANIM Arizona Figueroa, Shaelon Hutchinson, Brown Barge MS
- JR BEHA Kyle Macdonald, Holley Navarre MS
- JR BMED Alexa Castro, Kate Baumann, Isabella Wells, Brown Barge MS
- JR CMBI Faye Schlott, Holley Navarre MS
- JR CHEM Savannah Burke, Holley Navarre MS
- JR EAEV Devyn Stephens, Holley Navarre MS
- JR ENMS Adrian Salazar, Holley Navarre MS
- JR ENEV James Peoples, Holley Navarre MS
- JR MICR Lana Carter, Brown Barge MS
- JR PHYS Jo’leigha Parks, Mallory Sarfert, Katherine Peppers, Brown Barge MS
- JR PLNT Sydney Smith, Holley Navarre MS
Senior Division
- SR ANIM Lina Amin, Pensacola High School
- SR BEHA Ramim Jim, Pensacola High School
- SR BMED Amber Vaughan, Washington HS
- SR CMBI Sarah Brown, Washington HS
- SR CHEM Samantha Gates, Washington HS
- SR EAEV Bailey Bullion, Jenna Kruse, Pensacola High School
- SR ENEV Claire Han, Pensacola High School
- SR IMRS Jonathan Walker, Alex Johnson, Panama City Rutherford HS
- SR MACO Zachary Osburn, Roman Bassett, Pensacola HS
- SR MICR Joshua Jones, Jalon Fleming, Roger Charles, Washington HS
- SR PHYS Ryan Zhang, Danish Edupuganti, Pensacola HS
- SR PLNT Ava Kesler, Pensacola HS
MU Alpha Theta recognizes a Sr. division project that creatively investigates a problem that involves high
school mathematics. The winner receiving a certificate & a letter from Mu Alpha Theta is Hao Le
(Pensacola HS).
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: NASA projects increase awareness regarding the
importance of scientific research in the area of Earth System science. The recipient who will receive a
certificate is Noah Jones (Washington HS).
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration–The project chosen to receive this award emphasizes
NOAA’s mission to understand & predict changes in Earth’s environment and conserve and manage
coastal and marine resources to meet our nation’s economic, social, and environmental needs. The
winning project receives a certificate and is Bryson O’Brien (Washington HS).
Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc.—This award recognizes projects which best represent the
mathematics and science of flight with original and creative thought. The projects will receive an award
certificate and a scholarship for a week at the National Flight Academy. This scholarship is a $399 fund
that takes care of the full tuition, room and board for the 3 days of camp. This year’s recipients are
Jr Division: Adrian Salazar (Holley Navarre MS)
Sr Division: Charles Pratt (Pensacola HS)
Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs: One of our long terms sponsors, they will be providing $25 to four
projects involving the Plant Sciences, Environmental, and/or Cellular/Molecular Biology. Tonight’s
recipients are
Jr Division:
- Faye Schlott (Holley Navarre MS)
- Ava DeJong (St Paul)
Sr Division:
- Ava Kesler (Pensacola HS)
- The team of Bailey Bullion and Jenna Kruse (Pensacola HS)
REMG Aviation will be providing $20.00 cash awards to projects related to Aviation, Space or Physics,
within the Sr & Jr Division. The 2020 recipients are
Jr Division
- Isabelle Hock (Brown Barge MS)
- Devyn Stephens (Holley Navarre MS)
- The team of Talia Mendiola, Liliana Brown-Cruz, Ashton Bailey (Brown Barge MS)
Sr Division
- The team of Ryan Zhang, Danish Edupuganti (Pensacola HS)
- The team of Roman Bassett, Zachary Osburn (Pensacola HS)
- Hao Le (Pensacola HS)
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award—This award is given to a Sr. project for outstanding effort in
addressing issues of environmental responsibility and sustainable development. The winning student will
receive an award certificate. Tonight’s recipient is Claire Han (Pensacola HS).
Dr. John P. Riehm Award—Dr. Riehm chaired the Department of Biology at UWF. Because of his love of
scientific inquiry and support of budding scientists, his family decided to make the John P. Riehm award a
permanent part of the fair. This award of $50 to two outstanding CMBI projects and to two outstanding
Chemistry projects. These are presented to:
Jr Division.
CMBI: Emma Bailey (Holley Navarre MS)
CHEM: Max Valovic (Holley Navarre MS)
Sr Division.
CMBI: Sarah Brown (Washington HS)
CHEM: Melissa Kruse (Pensacola HS)
Society of American Military Engineers –is given to one Jr. and one Sr. exhibitor whose projects
demonstrate excellence in the field of engineering. Tonight’s winners and recipients are
$ 50 Amazon card – Jr, Burke Sayer (Holley Navarre MS),
$ 100 Amazon card – Sr, The team of Alex Johnson & Jonathan Walker (Panama City Rutherford HS)
Society for In Vitro Biology is given to the most outstanding 11th grade project in the areas of plant or
animal in vitro biology or tissue culture. This year’s recipient is the team of Darrius Guerrero & Damien
Cruikshank (Washington HS)
Society for Science and Public Middle School Program—Broadcom Masters Program recognizes the top
10% of Jr. Division exhibitors. The following students will receive a certificate, and a letter inviting them to
complete an online application for the 2020 Broadcom Masters national competition. Each student who
completes the application will receive a t-shirt. From among the entrants, selected finalists will win $500
and an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. from October 16-21, 2020 for the Broadcom Masters
finals. Each of the finalists’ schools will receive $1000 and teachers of semifinalists also receive special
- Team of Arizona Figueroa, Shaelon Hutchinson (Brown Barge MS)
- Kyle Macdonald, (Holley Navarre MS)
- Team of Alexa Castro, Isabella Wells (Brown Barge MS)
- Faye Schlott (Holley Navarre MS)
- Savannah Burke (Holley Navarre MS)
- Devyn Stephens (Holley Navarre MS)
- Adrian Salazaar (Holley Navarre MS)
- James Peoples (Holley Navarre MS)
- Braedon Bautista (Holley Navarre MS)
- Lana Carter (Brown Barge)
- Team of Mallory Sarfert, Jo’leigha Parks, Katherine Peppers, (Brown Barge MS)
- Sydney Smith (Holley Navarre MS)
Thompson Briggs Excellence in Science Awards—This award recognizes excellent scientific research
from many areas of study. Each chosen project receives a cash prize of $50.
Congratulations to the following students:
$50 – Ava DeJong (St Paul)
$50 – Charles Pratt (Pensacola HS)
$50 – Isabelle Holck (Brown Barge MS)
$50 – Team of Van Nguyen, Sydney Abad (Pensacola HS)
$50 – Kelsey Miller (Pensacola HS)
$50 – Emma Bailey (Holley Navarre MS)
$50 – Max Valovic (Holley Navarre MS)
$50 – Ivana Diaz-Santiago (Holley Navarre MS)
$50 – Burke Sayer (Holley Navarre MS)
$50 – Team of Kathryn Tran, Andy Tran (Pensacola HS)
University of Florida (Milton) / Departure of Agriculture & Life Science — Certificates will be awarded to 1
x Junior and 1 x Senior in the Plant Sciences. The recipients are
Junior Division
- Sydney Smith (Holley Navarre MS)
Senior Division
- The team of Van Nguyen, Sydney Abad (Washington HS)
US Aid — Most outstanding project with relevance to solving an important global development challenge.
Certificates are awarded to
-The team of Alex Johnson and Jonathan Walker (Panama City, Rutherford HS)
The US Air Force USAF—In order to encourage the study of mathematics, physics, and engineering, the
United States Air Force selects outstanding projects which address these disciplines. The following
students have distinguished themselves in these areas and will receive an award package consisting of a
certificate, sling pack, USB, & dual USB car charger. The recipients are:
– Burke Sayer (Holley Navarre MS)
– Talia Mendiola (Brown Barge MS)
– Liliana Brown-Cruz (Brown Barge MS)
– Ashton Bailey (Brown Barge MS)
US Metric Association—A certificate is awarded to recipient(s)’ project involves a significant amount of
quantitative measurement and which best uses the SI metric system for those
Measurements in the Senior Division.
The team of Katherine Grissett, Reagan Harrison & Toby Johnson (Washington HS).
US Navy— Judges selected three outstanding Sr projects to receive certificates, medallions and award
letters in the amount of $50 and three outstanding Jr projects to receive certificates and medallions.
Tonight’s recipients are:
Junior Division
- Isabelle Holck (Brown Barge MS)
- O’moj Reeves (Holley Navarre MS)
- Lana Carter (Brown Barge MS)
Senior Division
- Sarah Brown (Washington HS)
- Marcella Chaffin (Washington HS)
- Charles Pratt (Pensacola HS)
Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc.—The most outstanding 11th grade project in the areas of
computer science, engineering, physics, or chemistry will receive an award certificate and medallion when
the student completes the online application form.
Winner: Samantha Gates (Washington HS)
Water Environment Federation sponsors the Stockholm Jr. Water Prize. The most outstanding projects in
water science research receive certificates and eligibility to compete at the state and national level for up
to $3,000 and a trip to Stockholm, Sweden.
Winners: Claire Han (Pensacola HS), Savannah Burke (Holley Navarre MS) & Harrison Graham
(Holley Navarre MS)


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  1. Kim Stefansson on March 5th, 2020 6:53 pm

    Thank you for running this – and for running ALL of the winners! This is a long list (longer than a print newspaper could use) and an example of when/why online news outlets like yours are wonderful sources of support for good news!

  2. Lynn Orcutt on February 20th, 2020 12:40 pm

    Way to go Bailey!

  3. Stephanie on February 19th, 2020 10:55 pm

    Congratulations to all of the participants! Alexa, we are so proud of you! Good luck at state.

  4. Bailey on February 18th, 2020 11:06 pm

    Congrats everyone!

  5. Congrats to all winners on February 18th, 2020 8:15 pm

    Congratulations to all of the students participating and placing in the regional competition. Alexa Castro, we are so proud of you and look forward to seeing you rock at state.

  6. Amy Croley on February 18th, 2020 11:43 am

    We are so proud of you, Alexa Castro. You, Kate, and Izzy worked very hard and it paid off. What great teamwork and dedication. Can’t wait to see how you all do at the state science fair. Congratulations to all the participants. Love, Mom

  7. Karen on February 18th, 2020 8:55 am

    WOW! Congratulations to all of the award recipients. Thanks William for publishing these results!

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