Missing For 15 Years: Search Continues For Melinda Wall McGhee

March 26, 2018

This weekend marked 15 years since Melinda Wall McGhee went missing from her Atmore home.

Her sister, Lisa Wooten, has said that she’s never held any hope that her sister will be found alive since the moment she learned the details of McGhee’s disappearance .

“I live everyday with no hope that she will be found alive,” Wooten said. “I knew from the first day, I knew and believed at that moment that she was murdered.”

For Wooten, her hope now centers on closure and justice.

“Every time I hear that remains have been found somewhere, I pray that it will be my sister,” she said. “We are still hoping someone with come forward with something. We want to to find out what happened, who did it, and bring them to justice.”

The morning of March 24, 2003, was a sunny start to the first day of spring break. Melinda Wall McGhee, then 31, returned to her home about 8 a.m. after working the night shift as a nurse at a Bay Minette nursing home.

Her husband, Troy McGhee, was at work at Masland Carpets in Atmore. Their two children were at a babysitter, and Troy’s son from a previous relationship was at a dentist’s office. At about 8:30 the morning of March 24, 2003, Melinda McGhee spoke to her mother on the phone. It was the last time anyone known to Melinda would ever hear from her.

At about 4:00 that afternoon, husband Troy came home to find Melinda missing. There was blood and evidence of a violent struggle inside the home. He reported his wife missing.

In 2010, authorities issued a death certificate for McGhee after a required seven year waiting period passed.

When asked what she would like to say directly to the person responsible for the disappearance of her sister, Wooten said, “I don’t want him to know the pain, the hurt, the anger I’ve felt…He is not worthy of any of my words.”


4 Responses to “Missing For 15 Years: Search Continues For Melinda Wall McGhee”

  1. 429SCJ on March 26th, 2018 6:50 pm

    As horrible as it may seem, if Miz McGhee was slain out of hatred and anger, we may one day hopefully know the story. If this was some evil drifter off the interstate we may never know. Hopefully one day something will red flag in the DNA and Criminal Investigation Databases and put that person at the scene.

    My condolences and prayers for Miz McGhee’s loved ones. Prayers for Justice!

  2. TUMom on March 26th, 2018 1:14 pm

    I worked for a while with Melinda at the prison in Atmore. She was such a sweet and lively young lady. I cannot imagine ANYONE wanting to harm her! My prayers for the family are that someone will come forward with information to help them find her so that they can have closure. That’s the least they can do for this family.

  3. Molino Wife on March 26th, 2018 1:05 pm

    Our family has suffered through a similar situation. But the murderer was eventually prosecuted amid threats to two witnesses.
    The body has never been found but the murderer died in prison last year.
    There will always be that hole in our family but I pray that this family will have justice soon.

  4. Michelle on March 26th, 2018 11:52 am

    My heart breaks for her family!!! Someone needs to come forward and give them closure!!! They have suffered way to long not knowing where there loved one is!!! I Pray for them that the will finally get the closure they need!!!