Bristol Park Remembers Night Of Flood

April 30, 2015

One year ago, the Bristol Park community was hard-hit by flooding. Homes were filled with several feet of water; numerous residents were rescued from floodwaters from their homes, even their roofs, by first responders. Wednesday night, the community remembered, with luminaries lining the streets. Reader submitted photo for, click to enlarge.


2 Responses to “Bristol Park Remembers Night Of Flood”

  1. Dave Rappa on April 30th, 2015 11:10 pm

    A few feet of water underscores that night. I had 5 ft of water in my house . Many people were rescued by rescuers cutting through roofs to get them out of attics?The water at 11 pm was 8 ft deep in the road and flowing like the Colorado River. It was a night we will all never forget.Why no one died was truly a miracle. There were many heroes that night but one in particular, Mark Ard, left the safety of his 2 story home,waded in5ft water to his garage,retrieved his boat, and rescued neighborhood families throughout the night. My wife and I were rescued and will be forever indebted to him. After the storm the response of community and church groups was very humbling and showed many of us the unselfish acts of help and kindness. It started us all back on a road to recovery.

  2. Cantonment Mom on April 30th, 2015 7:54 am

    What an awesome neighborhood!