Thanksgiving Weekend Gas Prices Lowest In Five Years

November 30, 2014

That Thanksgiving road  trip to grandma’s house this weekend was cheaper, with  the lowest Thanksgiving gas prices in five years. Locally gas prices were down about 65 cents when compared to last year.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in the Pensacola metro was $2.67 this Thanksgiving weekend, down from from $3.34 last year. The national average price of gas is $2.85 per gallon, which is 43 cents lower than the average price for Thanksgiving a year ago ($3.28 per gallon).

Pictured: A gallon of regular unleaded gas was $2.69 this Thanksgiving weekend in Century. photo, click to enlarge.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend Gas Prices Lowest In Five Years”

  1. brenda on December 2nd, 2014 6:41 am

    It was 2:51 in brewton last week. by walmart jetpet

  2. Edward on November 30th, 2014 1:52 pm

    With gasoline prices falling, it is interesting to note which states tax the heck out of fuel more then others. I guess the higher costs in this state finance transportation projects.