Florida Voter Purge Legal Battle Could Last For Months

August 13, 2012

A legal battle over Florida’s controversial attempt to purge ineligible voters might not be resolved until next year — after this fall’s elections, according to a document filed last week.

The federal government filed a lawsuit in June, arguing that Florida was violating election laws in the way it was conducting the purge. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle signed an order Wednesday that indicated a scheduling conference could be held in January to set a trial date.

Hinkle also ordered the state to meet an Aug. 17 deadline to turn over a variety of records to the federal government, including a 180,000-name list that has been at the center of the controversy.

In a document filed last week, the federal government said a settlement of the case is possible, though it would hinge on “prompt disclosure” by the state of the list, the name of voters removed from the election rolls and the reasons. The document also said that the federal government issued subpoenas July 30 to nine elections supervisors, seeking information about the lists and voters removed from the rolls. It does not name the nine supervisors.

The state countered in the document that there is no need for a lengthy “discovery” period in the case. It said the state is receiving access to a federal Department of Homeland Security database that will allow it to better verify voter eligibility.

“Since the state of Florida wants to verify that properly registered voters were not removed from the rolls, the secretary (of state) will promptly use the … database to check whether any of the voters removed from the rolls pursuant to the process challenged in this case were, in fact, citizens,” the state said in the document.

“In the event that any eligible voters were wrongfully removed, the secretary will ensure that they are immediately restored to the rolls and notified that any prior notice of ineligibility was in error.”

By The News Service of Florida


8 Responses to “Florida Voter Purge Legal Battle Could Last For Months”

  1. David Huie Green on August 14th, 2012 10:56 am

    “Can anyone point to the last big case of voter ID fraud? Anyone? No? That’s because there aren’t any.”

    From a biased source: http://www.rottenacorn.com/activityMap.html
    Seven ACORN workers in the Pittsburgh area were indicted for submitting falsified voter registration forms. Six of the seven were also indicted for registering voters under an illegal quota system. ”

    State election officials have thrown out 57,435 voter registrations, the majority of which were submitted by ACORN. The registrations were thrown out after officials found “clearly fraudulent” signatures, vacant lots listed as addresses, and other signs of fraud. ”

    dhg: But you asked for cases of voter fraud and they didn’t vote since they were caught first. Maybe they would never have voted fraudulently, They WERE involved in fraud related to voting, though. Or maybe the number 57,435 is too small for reasonable people to worry about.

    Or maybe they have to be from Florida to matter

    In September, 11 ACORN workers were accused of forging voter registration applications in Miami-Dade County during the last election. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the state attorney’s office scoured hundreds of suspicious applications provided by ACORN and found 197 of 260 contained personal ID information that did not match any living person.”

    A Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokesman said ACORN was “singled out” among suspected voter registration groups for a 2004 wage initiative because it was “the common thread” in the agency’s fraud investigations.”

    dhg: 197 is an even smaller number and any votes up to the known 197 would kill an equal number of votes from real voters by cancelling them out.

    Of course, most people keep talking about ACORN because President Obama was so strongly tied to it as a way to smear him. This is wrong, unless he knew and I doubt he did.

    David partially answering question
    doubting answer was really wanted

  2. smokey on August 14th, 2012 10:08 am

    If I remember,There was dead people and animals that helped Oduma win. And the real propaganda comes from the liberal media repeating his lies.Can’t wait to get rid of this guy.

  3. 429SCJ on August 14th, 2012 6:50 am

    Amen Abe.

  4. Rufus Lowgun on August 13th, 2012 5:48 pm

    Can anyone point to the last big case of voter ID fraud? Anyone? No? That’s because there aren’t any. Even the Bush DoJ couldn’t find any. This isn’t about voter fraud, it never was.

  5. chris1 on August 13th, 2012 8:27 am

    If they are illegal, remove them.
    Stop playing Repubs vs. Dems. They are 2 heads of the same snake,
    They love you to THINK they are different.

  6. Abe on August 13th, 2012 7:41 am

    Yes Kathy, what would the GOP do without a bogey man? It feeds off the fear of a willing populace: welfare queens, WMD, a black president, etc., etc. through propaganda outlets such as FOX news.

    President Obama has shown us how a war can be fought and won without a mass of American soldiers on the ground. The GOP wants to make money off the fear by never cutting defense spending and thereby feeding the industrial military complex.

    Remember how we got in this mess? Two unfunded wars and tax breaks for the rich at the same time.

  7. Bob on August 13th, 2012 7:26 am

    Illegal voters are not a political problem. Illegal voters can and do change the outcome of an election thereby negating my legal vote. It seems to me the “courts” again decide to delay so that still another close election in Florida will be tainted. We need responsible people elected to all levels of government who are actually interested in moving forward to help our economy by letting private industry create jobs. We as voters must vote for the candidate willing to solve the problem rather than work constantly for reelection. Get out and vote responsibly in tomorrow’s primary, and the November election.

  8. Kathy on August 13th, 2012 6:13 am

    Fla Republicans and their paranoid tendencies are stranger than ever. Glad they got caught.