Ernest Ward Names Students Of The Month; GPA And Principal Award Winners

June 8, 2009

Today, continues a series of stories with award listings from area schools. Today’s listing contains the names of some of the award winners from Ernest Ward Middle School that received awards during the year for Student of the Month, plus year end awards for Highest GPA and the Principal’s Award.

Students of the Month 2008-2009

August 2008: Shalmali Bhadkamkar, Tamara Green, Ashton Gibbs and Jasmine Maher
September 2008: Charmayne Fountain, Courtney Weaver, Ashley Mooney and Ancel Pleasant
October 2008: Logan Lee, Jenny Spears, Kaitlyn Gunn and Brannen Bateman
November 2008: Austin Cunningham, Lily Townson, Harold Harrison and Ashlynn Clemmons
December 2008: Hannah Gibson, Jessica Lowery, Marisa Penland and Jacob Hendrix.
January 2009: Danielle Suggs, Victoria Wright, Justin Halteman and Derick Edmonson
February 2009: Tamara Wise, Anna Fischer, Hannah Ziglar and Jodi Ard
March 2009: Kyndall Hall, Danielle Scott, Jonathan Moretz and Radeja’nique Lewis
April 2009: Penny Banda, Danielle Steadham, Georgia Goetter and John McGary
May 2009: Morgan Ward, Austin Kelly, Zach Johnson and Isaiah Williams

Highest GPA Awards:

6th grade: Amy Elizabeth Murph
7th grade: Kasie Lee Braun
8th grade: Haley Dezarae Turner
Highest GPA Overall: Amy Elizabeth Murph

Mrs. Perry’s Principal Award
6th grade: Joshawa Burton
7th grade: Quanisha Green
8th grade: Chris Leonard


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