NHS Holds Senior Honors Night

May 29, 2009


The Northview Class of 2009 held Senior Honors Night at the school Thursday night.

For a complete photo gallery from the event, click here.

The following awards, honors and scholarships were presented:

Summa Cum Laude (4.0 or higher GPA):  Luke Fletcher Killam, valedictorian; Lanie Jeannine Eubanks, salutatorian; Olivia Kaylen Bryan; Briana Renea Halteman; Amanda-Ann Morgan Sellars; Ashley Arlene Snow and Brittney Dawn Brown.

Magna Cum Laude (3.85 or higher GPA): Gabrielle Renae Hicks, Brett Andrew Hanks, Chelsea Ellen Sims, Gretchen Danea Boughner, Stormy Brooke Hayes and Danielle Althea Brown.

Cum Laude (3.5 or higher GPA): Alexander Martin Abbott, Melissa Nicole Garrett, Jody Wade Levins, Jessica Maria Mothershed, Richard Kyle Braun, Jamison Blayne Garrett, Amy Nicole Conner and Samantha Ann Macks.

Atmore Chamber Ambassador: Patrick McPherson

Atmore Rotary Club Academic All Stars: $400 recipients: Gretchen Boughner, Lanie Eubanks,Briana Halteman, Luke Killam; $300 recipients: Kayla Brewer, Amy Conner, Stormy Hayes, Melissa Garrett, Jessica Mothershed, Chelsea Sims and Ashley Snow.

Charles and Mayson Scholarship: Luke Killam

Escambia River Electric Cooperative: Olivia Bryan

First National Bank of Atmore Award: Luke Killam

McDonald Award: Shaquania Lewis

Pensacola Civitan Club: Amanda Sellars

Pensacola Junior College: Chelsea Sims and Garbell Wesley

Principal’s Leadership Award: Luke Killam

Spirit of the Chief Award: Luke Killam

Qunit and Rishy Studer Group Scholarship: Briana Halteman

Tri-City Rotary Club: Luke Killam

United Bank of Atmore Award: Lanie Eubanks

University of West Florida: Luke Killam, Olivia Bryan, Lanie Eubanks, Briana Halteman and Gabrielle Hicks

US Army Scholar Athlete: Luke Killam and Briana Halteman

USNA/NROTC: Amanda Sellars and Shaquaina Lewis

Jim/Jumi Ross Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Brewer and Amanda Sellars

Walnut Hill Ruritan: Patrick McPherson

Beta Club Stoles: Brittney Brown, Samantha Macks, Olivia Bryan, Jessica Mothershed, Lanie Eubanks, Amanda Sellars,Briana Halteman,  Chelsea Sims, Luke Killam and Ashley Snow.

Beta Club Medals: Jessica Mothershed, president; Lanie Eubanks, vice president; Olivia Bryan, secretary; Luke Killam, treasurer

Rho Kappa: Ashley Snow, Lanie Eubanks, Luke Killam, Amanda Sellars, Briana Halteman, Olivia Bryan and Brett Hanks.

Delata Kappa Gamma-Eta Chapter: Chelsea Sims

Dr. Alec Kessler Memorial Student-Athlete Scholarship: Luke Killam

EHS Class of ’62 Scholarship: Gretchen Boughner — $1000

Faulkner State College: Jamison Garrett

Huntingdon College: Patrick McPherson

Florida Bright Futures Recognition

Florida Medallion Scholars — 4 years: Alexander Abbott, Stormy Hayes, Gretchen Boughner, Gabrielle Hicks, Richard Braun, Luke Killam, Kayla Brewer, Samantha Macks, Brittney Brown, Samantha Merritt, Danielle Brown, Kristina Nellums, Amy Conner, Amanda Sellars, Lanie Eubanks, Chelsea Sims, Jamison Garrett and Ashley Snow.

Florida Academic Scholars — 4 years: Olivia Bryan, Briana Halteman and Brett Hanks.

Gold Seal Vocational — 2 years: Jody Levins and Patrick McPherson

John E. Frenkel, Sr. Educational Grants: Samantha Merritt

Pensacola Civitan Club Scholarship: Luke Killam — $1000

The King’s College:  Olivia Bryan – $ 48,000 (4 years)

Subject Area Awards

Jody Levins

Jessica Taylor, Visual Arts HAA
Jacqueline Loewen, Visual Arts Exemplary

Briana Halteman – Drum Major & John Philip Sousa
Jake Carlson – Outstanding Marching Award
Lanie Eubanks – Outstanding Marching Award

Business Technology
Web Design 1 – HAA
Samantha Merritt
Web Design 2 – HAA
Garbell Wesley
Web Design 3 HAA
Brandon Coburn

Diversified Education
Jessica Mothershed — HAA
Ashley Snow –Exemplary
Amie Sutton — Exemplary

Family & Consumer Science:
Chelsea Sims

NTV Television Production:
Olivia Bryan and Brandon Coburn

Language Arts
Hon Eng Lanie Eubanks – HAA
Hon Eng Luke Killam — Exemplary
Reg. Eng Ashley Snow — HAA
Reg. Eng Chelsea Sims — Exemplary

Lanie Eubanks – HAA

Briana Halteman – HAA Chem Honors
Lanie Eubanks – Exemplary Chem Honors
Luke Killam – Exemplary Chem Honors

Shakeria White

Social Studies
Chelsea Sims — HAA Eco. H
Jody Levins — HAA Eco.
Gretchen Boughner — Exemplary

Technology Education
Kenneth Jackson – HAA–Construction Tech
Cordell Paige- Exemplary – Construction Tec
Brandon Coburn – HAA — Drafting
Luke Killam – Exemplary — Drafting
Ashley McGhee – HAA — CCC

Pictured above (L-R):  Luke Killam, Lanie Eubanks, Olivia Bryan, Briana Halteman, Amanda Sellars, Ashley Snow and Brittney Brown were among the award winners at Northview High School’s Senior Honors Night.


4 Responses to “NHS Holds Senior Honors Night”

  1. Aunt Jan and Ben on June 1st, 2009 5:58 pm


    We are so proud of you! The graduation program was great and your speech was awesome.

    We know you and the rest of your class will go on to bigger things and it makes us proud to know how prepared all of you are.

    Good luck in all that you do….we will be waiting for the next great things you accomplish.


    Aunt Jan and Ben

  2. Joe and Arieta Walker on May 30th, 2009 1:47 pm

    Congrats to all the seniors of Northview; and especialy to our Granddaughter Brittney Brown. We are so bery proud of you girl. Now go forth and make YOUR mark in the world. “To thine ownself be true”.

    “Philippians 1:3″

    Granny & Papa

  3. abrown on May 29th, 2009 3:50 pm

    Way to go Seniors 2009!!!!! Brittney, we are sooo very proud of you! You are the best daughter and sister in the world! Stay true to yourself and make YOUR dreams come true!!! Love, Mom and Colton

  4. the wright's on May 29th, 2009 7:07 am

    Congratulations to all of the seniors!!!!!!!! Way to go Briana, Lanie & Jake. We are very proud of all of you and can’t wait to see what great things you do in the future!!!!