Elementary School FCAT Scores Released

May 28, 2009

Fourth and fifth grade FCAT score were released Thursday by the Florida Department of Education. The following details how each North Escambia school performed.

Numeric scores are based upon the percentage of students to score at grade level or above.

At Bratt Elementary School, fourth grade scores fell slightly from 84 to 83 percent in fourth grade reading, fell in fourth grade math from 93 to 84 and rose slightly in fourth grade writing from 85 to 87. Fifth grade reading improved slightly from 78 to 79, math improved from 73 to 77 and science scores improved from 60 to 63 percent.

At Byrneville Elementary, fourth grade scores in reading fell from 86 to 71 percent, fell in math from 75 to 74 and held steady in writing at 71 percent. Fifth grade reading improved from 73 to 76, fifth grade made improved from 60 to 83, and fifth grade science delined from 53 to 52 percent.

At Carver/Century, fourth grade reading scores fell from 35 to 24 percent, math increased from 17 to 38 and writing scores skyrocketed from 20 to 65.  Fifth grade reading fell from 41 to 38, math fell from 19 to 12 percent, and science fell from 22 to just 6 percent at grade level.

At Molino Park, fourth grade reading scores fell from 79 to 75 percent, math improved from 73 to 75 and writing jumped from 75 to 86 percent. Fifth grade reading jumped from 64 to 70 percent, math went from 51 to 81, and science increased from 35 to 56 percent.


2 Responses to “Elementary School FCAT Scores Released”

  1. Nan Johnson on July 8th, 2012 9:06 am

    As usual our teachers and staff at Molino Park Elim. have given “their All” to the academic advancement of our precious children, Thank you each and every one….and may God Bless you all now and throught the coming year……..

  2. ABC on April 25th, 2011 5:17 am

    WELL DONE MOLINO PARK , We appreciate our teachers and our school environment……….