Don’t Burn That Christmas Tree In The Fireplace; It Can Explode

December 28, 2008

Escambia County Fire-Rescue has some post-Christmas fire safety tips to keep you safe during the holidays. One of those tips includes not burning your Christmas tree in the fireplace — because the sap can explode.

Escambia County Fire-Rescue has some post-Christmas fire safety tips to help keep another red bulb from being lit.

Some tips include:

  • The end to the holiday season means letting go of that holiday spirit and all those decorations. The longer the decorations stay up, the greater the fire hazard. Never burn trees (branches or needles) in a fireplace. Firs and pines have a lot of sap, which can explode. Flames can flare up out of control and send sparks flying across the room. Creosote deposits can also ignite in the chimney, and cause a chimney fire. The best way to dispose of your tree is to take it to a recycling center.
  • Do not burn wrapping paper in the fireplace because of the paper being highly flammable. Dangerous sparks and the possibility of flash fires are possible. Gather all the gift boxes and discard them with the garbage and recyclable materials.
  • Remove outdoor lights as soon as the season is over. Many light sets are not designed for prolonged exposure to the elements. Use care handling lights when taking them down and repacking them will reduce the chance of damaging a serviceable pair of lights.
  • Have extra money from those gift cards? Purchase a carbon monoxide detector for your home. Carbon monoxide can be produced by any natural gas powered appliance if it malfunctions. Carbon monoxide is the silent killer.

There are 11 red bulbs now lit in Escambia County’s “Keep the Wreath Green” fire safety campaign. A red bulb is lit each time a residential fire in the county displaces a family from their home.


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