Due To COVID-19 Surge, Escambia School District Suspends Field Trips, Some Activities And Volunteer Access

August 25, 2021

Hundreds of  Escambia County School District students and employees are missing school because due to COVID-19. Due to the surge, the district has suspended field trips, canceled large student assemblies and events during the school day, and  suspended volunteer access to campuses

As of late Tuesday night, the district reported 125 students and 45 employees that have tested positive for COVID-19. There were 365 students and 52 staff members out of school because they are positive, are awaiting test results or are in quarantine due to close contact with a case.

Tuesday, the Escambia County School District reinstated COVID-19 safety measure effectively immediately.

Those measures include

  • cancelling open house events for all schools.
  • Suspending visitor access for volunteers and mentors.
  • Suspending large student assemblies and events during the school day.
  • Suspending field trips. Exceptions are permitted for trips involving competitions and performances.
  • Encouraging social distancing, where feasible.
  • Encouraging frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.
  • Continuing specialized cleaning techniques and sanitizing classrooms and common areas in schools

“We were set for students to participate in field trips and for volunteers to return, but COVID-19 case numbers have continued to increase since the first day of school. These safety measures are being implemented with the intent of protecting students and employees,” Superintendent Tim Smith said.

The measures will be reevaluated in early October.


40 Responses to “Due To COVID-19 Surge, Escambia School District Suspends Field Trips, Some Activities And Volunteer Access”

  1. ProudArmyParent on August 30th, 2021 3:23 pm

    To all those that feel that the vaccine is and was the way to go, that’s your choice! As my husband says, maybe if you didn’t live such evil wicked lives you wouldn’t live in fear. Don’t tell me you’re a good Christian the evil vile things I just read on this blog tells me you aren’t what you want your neighbors to perceive you to be. Everyone has a choice to make, some the choice is made for them, due to health issues that actually prevent them from taking the vaccine. Those of you that want to condemn your neighbor need to look into your own hearts. Your neighbor did not cause this virus and it is only God that will end it. Maybe instead of condemning your neighbor you should pray, “God Heal Our Land”!

  2. Lynda on August 28th, 2021 12:43 pm

    Reading these comments makes me feel sick. For the one blaming the vaccinated people for spreading this is just plain ridiculous. My entire family is vaccinated and we still wear our mask. We have several infants and young children in the family, and my elderly Mom. We would never take a chance with our family spreading it to each other, and we wouldn’t take a chance of spreading it to YOUR FAMILY … It use to be called The Golden Rule. I mean Seriously??? When I wonder what kind of person wouldn’t take this serious?? What kind would put their rights above those of mankind?? It’s certainly not a Christian. But then reading some of these comments, I can see that education plays a big part in this divide. Education on what it means to be a Citizen of this country. A good citizen. It is sad and disgusting.
    These anti-vaccers, anti-maskers are the same ones that said After the election we won’t hear about COVID. Well here we are… And the count is rising day after day. But these same people deny the deaths. I use to think they were stupid, now I just see they are selfish, rude, hateful people.

  3. Warren on August 27th, 2021 6:10 pm

    @over it….lol. Well judge said today DeSantis isn’t a king! Buckle up…schools are about to mandate masks now that the court ruled DeSantis restricting mask mandates in schools unconstitutional. Thank you judicial system. Signed, Ling Warren lol.

  4. Lee on August 27th, 2021 9:22 am

    @Florida Resident – You are incorrect about HIPPA which simply requires patient consent for healthcare providers to share your info with one another. An example is
    giving the lab that drew your blood permission to share the results with your doctor, or sending a biopsy to be examined. That’s why we are asked to give signed consent at a doctor’s office and prior to medical procedures, surgery, etc. HIPPA has NOTHING to do with you being asked if you’ve been vaccinated. It is NOT unconstitutional to ask if you’ve been vaccinated. Of course, you have the RIGHT to refuse to answer an employer, business, school, etc. However, they have rights, too, including refusing to employ you, allow you into a venue, etc. This is not opinion.

  5. lisa broxson-dinette on August 26th, 2021 4:13 pm

    Yet the children are not made to wear a mask and walk crowded halls everyday. what is the difference in going to an open house or an school function. NOTHING! mask up our kids.

  6. jerry on August 26th, 2021 10:48 am


  7. Kat on August 26th, 2021 10:12 am

    God bless all you that don’t get the shot. You put a seat belt on. You had your childhood vaccines. Wake up PEOPLE.

  8. Ralph on August 26th, 2021 10:11 am

    @molino resident

    Do you believe we should legalize driving under the influence?

    After all, it’s your body, your choice. You should be able to decide what you do or don’t put into it. If other drivers are sober and wearing their seatbelts, why should they care what I do with my vehicle? Besides, drunk driving accidents have a 97.9% survival rate!

    We live in a society where we are expected to make minor sacrifices to help protect the people in our community. That’s why I can’t drink and drive. That’s why I can’t fire a handgun into the air. That’s why we’re being asked to wash our hands, socially distance, wear masks when social distancing isn’t an option, and get vaccinated if you are able to.

    Please do the American thing and help protect your neighbors. We’ve lost enough members of our community to COVID-19.

  9. PatriotFirst on August 26th, 2021 9:19 am

    While entertaining, the arguments presented by both sides are forgetting who will actually decide the outcome. Big money. When corporations were granted the status of being ‘People’, they were given a huge advantage as to what happens in society. The driving force in America over everything is money. It’s why you often hear politicians say we will not close down this state. If Big Money wants you to get vaccinated, you will. If Big Money wants you to wear a mask, you will. Whichever side you’re on, you will bend to the will of Big Money!

  10. molino resident on August 26th, 2021 7:55 am

    As a believer in the Constitution, it is freedom of choice for me. I don’t care if you wear a mask, but don’t try to force me to. I don’t care if you get the shot, but don’t try to force me to.

  11. Alexj on August 25th, 2021 9:59 pm

    How about, if you do not get the covid shot and you get covid you don’t get any medical treatment. That should only be fair. I do not really mean this but you nonvaxers are filling up the hospitals and the morgue. Maybe that should be a message to you.

  12. Constance Marse on August 25th, 2021 5:40 pm

    Obviously, this is a very controversial topic. My take is this. Covid is an extremely serious pandemic that has claimed many lives worldwide. A vaccine that has proven very effective has been developed. While not preventing the disease, it will protect those who receive it from contracting a serious and perhaps fatal form of the virus.
    I don’t want to lose my family members, friends or colleagues, therefore I have chosen to protect myself. If everyone who is able would choose to do the same, we can wipe Covid out. I stiil wear a mask in crowded public places. It’s the least I can do.

  13. Gio on August 25th, 2021 2:55 pm

    Covid ruined prom, that’s all i gotta say

  14. Over it on August 25th, 2021 2:33 pm


    Who made you king?

  15. Florida resident on August 25th, 2021 2:29 pm

    Well there is a hippa law and it is against the law to ask if someone had vaccine or not.With that said its PHI… for people that don’t know what that means , its your personal health information. And for some.people, cant get get the shot as it might kill them so why take a chance. As people that have got the vaccine still gets it as they call covid.

  16. ??? on August 25th, 2021 12:50 pm

    Just a shot in the dark here, but after reading all of the comments, I have a question/statement/something to ponder. Someone stated that it has been said that the vaccine protects YOU, not others. It was also stated that the “vaccinated” can still carry and spread the virus. So wouldn’t it be fair to say that the vaccinated could be the ones that are spreading the virus. They have it, but don’t realize they have it and they are going around to places spreading it. Which in turn, causes the unvaccinated to become ill and at times die from it. The unvaccinated however, know when they have it and take the proper precautions not to spread it. And yes i understand that there are some out there that do not care one way or the other, they are still going to go and do, sick or not. But I would say that the majority of the ones that are sick, stay home and stay away from others. I am not saying that I am NOT Vaccinated. I also am not saying that I AM. I just wish people would STOP blaming others for everything. Do YOUR part, whatever YOU feel is right for YOUR family and self. If everyone would do this in not only this situation, but in every situation, the world would be a better place. I personally am not worried about it in any way. I know what the Bible says about this world and I also know that it is all in God’s plan and His timing. Whether you are vaccinated or not, when it is your time to go, its your time to go. There is NO stopping it.

  17. Dewayne on August 25th, 2021 11:54 am

    One thing I see this virus had done is made us ever more less tolerant of each other.

  18. Kane on August 25th, 2021 11:41 am


  19. A. B. on August 25th, 2021 9:37 am

    Amy H.,
    While I agree that people need to go to work, you can stop trying to be the defender of all kids. Kids do wrong, adults do wrong, we all should be held responsible and everyone should do their part to try and curb covid.

    You should quit harassing adults who expect more of their kids and the kids in the community.

  20. DB on August 25th, 2021 9:07 am

    @ SEMINOLE DAD We are not keeping silent. You couldn’t come up with your own words? You had to use ours?

  21. John Doe on August 25th, 2021 8:25 am

    “lots of faith in god” ain’t gonna cut it. get vaccinated.

  22. Warren on August 25th, 2021 7:59 am

    @susie I am not the authority but only stating the consensus of the foremost healthcare experts, and pointing out the error of getting your healthcare information from politicians. It’s past the point of absurdity. It’s simple stupidity.

  23. If it works… on August 25th, 2021 7:48 am

    If the vaccine works so well then why are people being so nasty towards those that don’t have it… if you have your vaccine you’re protected right? So someone not wanting to get it isn’t necessarily selfish.. Fauci himself said in an interview that people with he vaccine can carry just as much virus as the unvaccinated so the vaccine really is just for yourself and no one else..

  24. Rufus Lowgun on August 25th, 2021 7:40 am

    Remember when we spoke on the phone and I told you this was going to happen, Superintendent Smith? You were pretty condescending when it came to the science behind wearing masks, but you made clear you were going to follow orders and not mandate them. How is that decision aging?

  25. Robert Bruner on August 25th, 2021 3:06 am

    @Bob, I basically just typed what you said and that’s the long and the short of it. It really needs to be explained like that in simple terms to these people who refuse to care about others. me. me, me.. Ignorance is not something to be proud of but a lot of people wear it like a badge of honor lately.

  26. Bob on August 24th, 2021 10:58 pm


    You’re right, it’s your body, your choice. Unless your choice is endangering others.

    If you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s fine. Just know that you won’t be welcome in businesses or schools that require a face mask.

    If you don’t want the vaccine, that’s fine. Just know that you won’t be welcome in places that require proof of vaccination.

  27. Warren on August 24th, 2021 10:32 pm

    @Trish your lack of knowledge of basic facts about this virus, the vaccines, etc. is amazing. Fact (1) Parents give their kids with various chronic illnesses medication on a daily basis that could be described almost as experimental, that has not had nearly the development history as these vaccines, and they aren’t exercising caution in that regard! Fact (2) While not mandated “yet” in schools many companies are now mandating the phizer vaccine since it just got full approval. They have to because they can’t function with employees continually having to miss work either quarantining, sick or dead! And more will be doing the same if they want to remain in business. Schools can’t operate successfully either for the same reason and parents won’t be able to go to their jobs if they have to stay home with quarantined or sick children. So there are clearly practical reasons for mandating vaccines. It’s the “law” of economics and organization operational requirements. Fact (3) No vaccine is 100% effective against an illness or disease. However, the vaccines for covid are very effective even against this latest variant. This IS as has been described as of recently primarily a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Just look at the figures in this area…for example the Baptist Hospital stats that were made public recently. And those kind of numbers are duplicated nationwide. Most people hospitalized and dying of covid are unvaccinated. Most of the breakthrough infections of vaccinated people are comparatively very uncommon, and either non symptomatic or mild to moderate…not putting most in the hospital and not killing people. Please Trish comment on something you have some knowledge about. You do a great disservice to this paper and the community when you make totally false statements, as well as appear completely foolish.

  28. SEMINOLE DAD on August 24th, 2021 10:22 pm

    Hey Fillingam,, Its called my body my choice,, and yes I’m pro life. Funny that all the so called pro choice people on the abortion issue are keeping silent

  29. Susie on August 24th, 2021 9:48 pm

    I’m just wondering who made @Warren an authority on what people decide here, including DeSantis and Trump? Other than that I think the School District is making an attempt to protect our kids under the present circumstances. Lots of faith in God is always a huge plus first and foremost too.

  30. Heather on August 24th, 2021 8:56 pm

    But I bet football games will not be canceled… money maker for the school

  31. Amy on August 24th, 2021 8:02 pm

    Stop pointing fingers at kids, go to work.

  32. Trish on August 24th, 2021 7:59 pm

    Mr. Fillingim some parents are airing on the side of caution were the vaccine is concerned. It’s not mandated and no one is breaking the law by not getting it. There is no need to “go after them”. Even though someone has been vaccinated, they can still get and spread covid. So, being vaccinated is irrelevant.

  33. Warren on August 24th, 2021 7:56 pm

    And here’s a message for all the anti vaccine, anti mask, DeSantis loving parents. Get ready to either stay home with your younger kids or hire someone to watch them, or depend on grandparents and the like. As days pass you will quickly see how the virus runs rampant even more in schools bringing mass quarantining of students. And that is if you’re lucky and your child just has to quarantine and doesn’t become seriously ill. The virus is primarily transmitted through the air so all the sanitizing in the world is not going to make much of an impact. Masks and vaccinations are our only weapons and quite effective, especially vaccines. Of course the less than 12 yo can’t yet get a vaccine. But for you with teens they’re going to be home alone very soon. The two weapons we have are not being used by a large portion of families here and it’s out of sheer ignorance. But ignorance has a way of bringing negative results and all of you parents who don’t believe in science or medicine, but now at the alter of DeSantis and Trump are about to reap the results of your ignorance. That’s just the plain truth.

  34. Trish on August 24th, 2021 7:52 pm

    Mr. Fillingim
    Some parents are airing on the side of caution were the vaccine is concerned. It’s not mandated and no one is breaking a law by not getting it. Beside the fact, even though you are vaccinated you can still get covid. So in essence being unvaccinated has nothing to do with the cases of covid.

  35. mnon on August 24th, 2021 7:48 pm

    Trust me, I would be the last person to surrender my will to the Government and I can not stand Mumbling Joe, he only cares about ice cream.

    That said, I got my covid vaccine. Everyone should get use to the fact that every season we will be getting flu shots and now covid shots. They will vaccinate against the most prominent strains every year. The next move will be a combination flu-covid vaccine, so you just get it one and done.

  36. Chris on August 24th, 2021 7:40 pm

    Hey Charles… “go after”?!). And just what do you think should be done? People like you are the problem.

  37. Amanda Lawson on August 24th, 2021 7:33 pm

    My daughter tested positive for covid, the hospital and CDC said to quarantine her at home, and the whole family is to quarantine as if they were positive for 10 days. I called all my kids schools, high school, middle school and elementary. The principal of my elementary child says if he is not positive then he has to return to school in 7 days or it will be counted unexcused absences. Wait what, why wouldn’t I listen to the doctors and the CDC? I am so over it, it’s like they want our children to get covid.

  38. Citizen on August 24th, 2021 7:26 pm

    The Vaccine shouldn’t be forced @Charles so calm down there buddy.

  39. Charles Fillingim on August 24th, 2021 6:45 pm

    Well, instead of being so hard on the students, why don’t we go after the adults that have some reason(?) for not getting vaccinated. They are the real problem.

  40. Jan Enfinger on August 24th, 2021 6:12 pm

    Well, as much as I hate it, with my age and underlying health issues, that does it for me subbing right now. My health and family has to come first!

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