Tate Softball Beats Washington; Northview Baseball Tops Pine Forest

March 17, 2017


Tate 12, Washington 2

The Tate Lady Aggies defeated the Washington Wildcats Thursday night 12-2.

Hannah Brown took the win on the mound for Tate, pitching six, allows two its , two runs, two errors and striking out nine.

For Tate – Hannah Brown R; Hayden Lindsay 2-2, 2 R; Deazia Nickerson 1-1, R; Belle Wolfenden 1-4, 2 R; 2 RBI; Shelby Ulrich 2-3, R, 3 RBI; Sydni Solliday 1-4, 2 R; RBI; Ashley Lundquist 1-2, R; Gabby Locke 1-4, 2 RBI; Taylor Hedgepath 3-3, R, 2 RBI; Katie Snyder 1-1, R.

Up next for Tate: Strike Out Cancer game against West Florida, 7 p.m. Friday, Tate High School.

Tate 17, Washington 0 (JV)


Northview 5, Pine Forest 4

The Northview Chiefs defeated the Pine Forest Eagles 5-4 Thursday night in Bratt.

Zach Payne and Quinton Sampson had doubles for the Chiefs; John Chivington and Blake Reid had RBIs for Northview, while Seth Killam had two RBIs.

Northview is on the road Friday night at South Walton at 5:00.

Two In A Row: Tate Claims Aggie Classic Championship

March 17, 2017

For the second consecutive year, the Tate High School Aggies claimed the Aggie Classic championship Thursday night with a 13-1 win over Niceville.

Logan Blackmon and Trey LaFleur had two-run homers for the Aggies.  Mason Land and Reid Halfacre added doubles for Tate.

Gabe Castro took the win for Tate, pitching five innings while allowing two hits and just on error.

For Tate – Tate – Tate – Logan Blackmon 2-3 2 HR, 5 RBI, 2 BB; Trey Lafleur 2-3 HR, 2 RBI, BB; Mason Land 2-4 2 2B, BB; Reid Halfacre 1-5, 2 RBI; Logan McGuffey 1-5, R; Jeff Gibbs R; Hunter Nesmith 1-4, R; Kyler Hultgren 1-1, RBI; Ryan Greene 1-3; Jesse Sherill 1-1, R, RBI.

Here are final scores from Thursday’s bracket play in the Aggie Classic:

  • Edmond North 8, Houston, TN  6
  • Tate 13, Niceville 1
  • Jenks, OK 5, Magnolia Heights, MS 0
  • Union, OK  9, Gulf Breeze 5
  • Choctaw, OK  6, Second Baptist, TX 4
  • Mustang, OK 5, Milton  5 – 1
  • Leon, FL 7, Coweta, OK  0
  • Pace 11,  Southmoore, OK  10
  • Presbyterian Christian, MS 12, TBA 0
  • Berryhill, OK 3, Knoxville Catholic, TN  2
  • Durant,OK 8, Bartlett, TN 7
  • Pryor, OK 6, West Florida  3
  • Booker T. Washington, OK  4, Fort Gibson, OK 3
  • Washington 6, vs Piedmont 3

Aggie Classic: Complete Day Three Results, Championship Schedule

March 16, 2017

Host team Tate and Niceville will battle it out tonight for the Aggie Classic championship.

Here are scores from Wednesday and the Aggie Classic Championship Day schedule:

Wednesday Scores:

  • Presbyterian Christian, MS 6, Southmoore 2
  • Pryor, OK 7, Knoxville Catholic, TN 6
  • Edmond North, OK 17, Leon, FL 7
  • Second Baptist, TX 10, Fort Gibson, OK 8
  • Houston, TN 12, Piedmont, OK 2
  • Magnolia Heights, MS 7, Mustang, OK 4
  • Bartlett, TN 4, Choctaw, OK 3
  • Milton FL 5, Coweta, OK 1
  • Pace FL 13, Union, OK 2
  • Booker T Washington 3, Durant, OK 2
  • West Florida 3, Booker T Washington, OK 2
  • Tate 9, Knoxville Catholic, TN 2
  • Gulf Breeze 1, Berryhill, OK 0
  • Niceville 9, Jenks, OK 0

Aggie Classic Championship Day Schedule:

  • At Tate High – 3rd place: Houston vs. Edmond North, 4 p.m.; Championship game: Niceville vs. Tate, 7 p.m.
  • At Gulf Breeze- 4 p.m. Magnolia Heights vs. Jenks; Gulf Breeze vs. Union, 7 p.m.
  • At Milton- Second Baptist vs. Choctaw, Okla, 4 p.m.; Mustang vs. Milton, 7 p.m.
  • At Pace- Leon vs. Coweta, 4 p.m.; Pace vs. Southmoore, 7 p.m.
  • At Escambia- Presbyterian Christian vs. TBA, 4 p.m.; Berryhill vs. Knoxville, 7 p.m.
  • At West Florida- Bartlett vs. Durant, 4 p.m.; Pryor vs. West Florida, 7 p.m.
  • At Washington- Fort Gibson vs. Booker T. Washington, Okla., 4 p.m.; Booker T. Washington vs. Piedmont, 7 p.m.

Weightlifting: Northview Tops Jay

March 16, 2017

The Northview Boy’s Weightlifting team defeated Jay on Wednesday by a score of 48-33.

Placing for the Chiefs in their respective weight class, with totals, were:

119-lb class: 2nd Place – Caze Bradley (9th) – 225-lb. total
129-lb. class: 1st Place – Dalton Hadley (11th) – 300-lb. total; 2nd Place – Gracen Brook (9th) – 225-lb. total
139-lb. class: 1st Place – Jarius Moorer (10th) – 370-lb. total; 2nd Place – M.J. Jones (11th) – 365-lb. total
154-lb. class: 1st Place – Ohijie Elliott (12th) – 465-lb. total
169-lb. class: 1st Place – Chase Olsen (12th) – 520-lb. total; 3rd Place – Colton Dockens (9th) – 445-lb. total
183-lb. class: 2nd Place – Keaton Solmonson (9th) – 375-lb. total; 3rd Place – Rayvon Bush (10th) – 360-lb. total
199-lb. class: 1st Place – Tim Bush (11th) – 405-lb. total
219-lb. class: 2nd Place – Jacob Hawkins (9th) – 360-lb. total
239-lb. class: 2nd Place – Tyler Kite (9th) – 340-lb. total
Unlimited class: 2nd Place – Justin Helton (11th) – 465-lb. total

Six of the Chiefs return to action on Saturday, March 25 in the Regional Weightlifting meet at Baker.

File photo.

Three Solo Homers Lead Tate Over Pace; Jay Tops Northview In Eight

March 15, 2017

Tate 6, Pace 2

Leslee Scruggs, Sydni Solliday and Hayden Lindsay each had a solo home run Tuesday night as Tate defeated Pace 6-2.

Belle Wolfenden tripled for the Lady Aggies.

Hannah Brown pitched seven for the Aggies, allowing six hits, two runs, two errors and striking out seven.

Tate – Hanna Brown 3-4; Hayden Lindsay 2-3, 2R, RBI, HR; Belle Wolfenden 1-3; 3B; Leslee Scruggs 1-3, R, RBI, HR; Shelby Ulrich 1-3; Sydni Solliday 1-3, R; RBI, HR; Tristen Cook, R.

The Tate Aggies (9-3, 5-0) will face Washington on Thursday before holding their annual Strikeout for Cancer game against West Florida Friday night at 7.

Tate 15, Pace 0 (JV)

Jay 5, Northview 4 (8 innings)

The Jay Royals defeated the Northview Chiefs 5-4 in eight innings Tuesday night in Jay.

Destiny Herring pitched the win for the Royals with seven innings, three runs, one error and 12 strikeouts. Tori Herrington pitched all eight innings for Northview, allowing seven hits, six runs, three errors and striking out five.

Jay – Maddie Holt 1-4 2 RBI, R; Harley Taggart 2-4, R; Alaina Lowery 2-4, R; Miranda Roberts 2-3,R.

Northview – Jamia Newton 1-3, 3B, RBI; Kyndall Enfinger 0+-4, R; Tori Herrington 1-3, 2R; Aubree Love 1-3, R, 2RBI; Peighton Dortch 2-4, 2RBI; Lydia Smith 1-3, R.
Payton Jackson

Pictured top: Leslee Scruggs, Sydni Solliday and Hayden Lindsay each had a solo home run Tuesday night for the Tate Aggies. Photo for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Track: Northview Outruns Blacksher (With Gallery)

March 15, 2017

Northview defeated JU Blacksher in a track meet Tuesday at Bratt.

For a photo gallery, click here.


Girls- 1st 4×800, 4×400, & 4X100- Northview

Boys-1st 4×800, 4×400, & 4X100- Northview

100 Meters-

Girls- 1st -Nene Findley – Northview

2nd- Crystal Douglas – Northview

3rd- Audriene Odom – Northview

Boys-1st –Joseph Wright – Northview

2nd- Brandon Spencer – Northview

3rd- Keaton Solmonson – Northview

100 Hurdles -

Girls- 1st -Nene Findley – Northview

2nd- Crystal Douglas – Northview

3rd- Audriene Odom – Northview

110 High Hurdles -

Boys-1st –Joseph Wright – Northview

2nd- Brandon Spencer – Northview

3rd- Keaton Solmonson – Northview

200 Meters-

Girls- 1st -Nene Findley – Northview

2nd- Crystal Douglas – Northview

3rd- Myisha Syria – Northview

Boys-1st –Brandon Spencer – Northview

2nd- Wooten – Blacksher

3rd- Keaton Solmonson – Northview

300 Hurdles

Girls- 1st –Shelby Bashore – Northview

2nd- Galsby –Blacksher

3rd- Allison Rice – Northview

Boys-1st –Daniel Merritt – Northview

2nd- Tyreese Smith – Northview

3rd- Jay – Blacksher

400 Meters-

Girls- 1st –Myisha Syria – Northview

2nd- Allison Rice – Northview

3rd- Burgess – Blacksher

Boys-1st –Daniel Merritt – Northview

2nd- Kendrell Redmon – Northview

3rd- Ossie Crusau – Northview

800 Meters-

Girls- 1st –Mallory Gibson – Northview

2nd- Shelby Bashore – Northview

3rd- Lilley – Blacksher

Boys-1st –Brandon Korinchak – Northview

2nd- Kendrell Redmon – Northview

3rd- Copeland – Blacksher

1600 Meters-

Girls- 1st – Burgess – Blacksher

2nd- Victoria Grammar – Northview

3rd- Daysha Kite – Northview

Boys-1st –Brandon Korinchak– Northview

2nd- Oscar Rodriguez – Northview

3rd- Cole – Blacksher

3200 Meters-

Girls- 1st – Burgess – Blacksher

2nd- Marissa Rothrock – Northview

3rd- Catie Clayton – Northview

Boys-1st –Josiah Stillwill– Northview

2nd- Cole – Blacksher

3rd- Jacob Hawkins- Northview

Triple Jump-

Girls- 1st – Galsby – Blacksher

2nd- Kirsten White – Northview

Boys-1st –Kendrell Redmon– Northview

2nd- Jarius Moorer – Northview

Long Jump-

Girls- 1st – Mallory Gibson – NeNe

2nd- NeNe Findley – Northview

3rd – Victoria Grammar-Northview

Boys-1st –Wooten – Blacksher

2nd- Keaton Solmonson – Northview

3rd –Rayvon Bush –Northview


Girls- 1st – Daysha Kite – Northview

2nd- Catie Clayton – Northview

3rd – Shelby Bashore -Northview

Boys-1st –Tolbert– Blacksher

2nd- Dustin Bethea – Northview

3rd –Jacob Hawkins -Northview

Shot put-

Girls- 1st – Catie Clayton – Northview

2nd- Phillips – Blacksher

3rd – Daysha Kite -Northview

Boys-1st –Dillian Clary– Northview

2nd- Dustin Bethea – Northview

3rd – Tolbert -Blacksher

NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.

Aggie Classic: Complete Day Two Results, Schedule

March 15, 2017

Tuesday was day two of the 24th annual Aggie Classic. Scores and Wednesday’s schedule are below.


  • Houston, TN 6, Mustang, OK 4
  • Leon, FL 7, Durant, OK 3
  • Second Baptist, TX 9, Coweta, OK 3
  • Union, OK 24, Presbyterian Christian, MS 7
  • Niceville 11, Booker T Washington, OK 1
  • Magnolia Heights, MS 8, Southmoore, OK 6
  • Edmond North, OK 8, Milton, 5
  • Knoxville Catholic, TN 3, Ft. Gibson, OK 1
  • Gulf Breeze, 6, Piedmont, OK 0
  • Tate 16, Coweta, OK 2
  • Berryhill, OK 3, West Florida 0
  • Choctaw, OK 13, Washington 2
  • Jenks, OK 3, Pace 2
  • Bartlett, TN 6, Pryor, OK 5


  • At Escambia High – Presbyterian Christian vs. Southmoore, 4 p.m.; Jenks vs. Niceville, 7 p.m.
  • At Gulf Breeze High- Gulf Breeze vs. Coweta, 3 p.m.; Berryhill vs. Gulf Breeze 7 p.m.
  • At  Milton High- Magnolia Heights vs. Mustang, 4 p.m.; Coweta vs. Milton, 7 p.m.
  • At Pace  High- Pace vs. Berryhill, 1 p.m.; Piedmont vs. Houston, 4 p.m.; Union vs. Pace, 7 p.m.
  • At Tate High- Durant vs. Tate, 10 a.m.; Barltett vs. Choctaw, 1 p.m.; Knoxville Catholic vs. Pryor, 4 p.m.; Knoxville Catholic vs. Tate, 7 p.m.
  • At Washington High- Second Baptist vs. Gibson, 4 p.m.; Washington vs. Durant, 7 p.m.
  • At West Florida High- Leon vs. Edmond North, 4 p.m.; Washington, Okla. vs. West Florida, 7 p.m.

Aggie Classic Gets Underway (Scores, Schedule)

March 14, 2017

Here are Monday’s scores and Tuesday’s schedule in the 24th annual Aggie Classic. Many of Monday’s games were rained out and rescheduled for later in the week, including Tate’s game against Durant, OK, which was moved to 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Monday scores:

Presbyterian Christian, MS vs. Washington, OK    12 – 7
Milton, FL vs. Southmoore, OK    5 – 3
Ft. Gibson, OK vs. Niceville, FL    1 – 7
Houston, TN vs. Jenks, OK    7 – 5
Edmond North, OK vs. Bartlett, TN    13 – 0
Mustang, OK vs. Knoxville Catholic, TN    13 – 3
Mustang, OK vs Washington, FL    10 – 2

Tuesday Schedule:

At Escambia High: Mustang, Oklahoma vs. Houston, Tennessee at 4 p.m.; Gibson, Oklahoma vs. Knoxville Catholic, Tennessee at 7 p.m.

At Gulf Breeze High: Pryor, Oklahoma vs. Leon at 1 p.m.; Leon vs. Durant, Oklahoma at 4 p.m.; Piedmont, Oklahoma vs. Gulf Breeze at 7 p.m.

At Milton High: Milton vs. Edmond North, Oklahoma at 4 p.m.; Bartlett, Tennessee vs. Pryor, Oklahoma 7 p.m.

At Pace High: Choctaw, Oklahoma vs. Magnolia Heights, Mississippi at 1 p.m.; Magnolia Heights vs. Southmoore, Oklahoma at 4 p.m.; Jenks, Oklahoma vs. Pace at 7 p.m.

At Tate High: Second Baptist, Texas vs. Union, Oklahoma at 1 p.m.; Second Baptist vs. Coweta, Oklahoma at 4 p.m.; Tate vs. Coweta, Oklahoma at 7 p.m.

At Washington High: Niceville vs. Washington, Oklahoma at 4 p.m.; Choctaw, Oklahoma vs. Pensacola Washington at 7 p.m.

At West Florida: West Florida vs. Piedmont, Oklahoma at 1 p.m.; Presbyterian Christian, Mississippi vs. Union, Oklahoma at 4:30 p .m.; Berryhill, Oklahoma vs. West Florida at 7 p.m.

Northview, Pine Forest Baseball Game Reschedule For Thursday

March 14, 2017

Northview High School’s home game against Pine Forest High School that was rained out on February 27 has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 16.

Tate’s Aggie Classic Grows To 27 Teams

March 12, 2017

A field of 27 teams will take part in the 24th Annual Aggie Classic this week in the Pensacola area.

This year’s tournament has captivated the interest of teams from Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Florida. Last year’s Aggie Classic tournament Champions, the Tate High School Aggies, will return as the tournament host and to defend their title.

The Tate Baseball Boosters will serve as the host of this year’s four day tournament. The tournament will be hosted at Tate High, Escambia High, Gulf Breeze High, Milton High, West Florida Highl, Pace High and Washington High schools. Teams from five states will be spread across the seven sites.

The field features 20 teams that made the playoffs in 2016, including four that were regional finalists, two state runner-ups, and two state championship winning teams.

Within a 24 year history, the Aggie Classic has experienced 16 champions from Florida,  five from Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Aggie Classic’s rich history has even included a large handful of future Major League baseball players including the likes of Alex Rodriguez (Yankees), Brad Salmon (Reds), Dejuan Brazelton (Rays), and Luis Exposito (Red Sox). In 2012, future Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston, played with Hueytown High School in the annual event.

ln addition, over 25 major league draftees who played their high school baseball careers at J.M. Tate High school all showcased their skills and talents on the fields of the Aggie Classic.

“The Aggie Classic continues to be one of the best high school tournaments in the country. This year we have drawn 27 teams from Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Florida, not including our seven host site teams”, said Greg Blackmon, head coach for Tate High School.  “This year’s field is as large as it has ever been.  The commitment by our community and our boosters to put on an event of this magnitude is huge. I am truly thankful for everyone’s assistance. The venues for the games have expanded and are the best diamonds in our area. We are looking forward to a great week of competition.”

Tournament passes are available for $25. Daily admission is $7.00, children 5 and under free.  There will be no passes accepted or granted.

Pictured top: The Tate Aggies won the 2016 Aggie Classic. NorthEscambia.com file photo, click to enlarge.

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