Jim Allen Third Graders Take On Multiplication Challenge

April 18, 2016

Adult visitors need to be ready if they visit a third grade classroom at Jim Allen Elementary School. They will find themselves in a battle as they try to complete the “Multiplication Challenge”, as did recent visitor Malcolm Thomas, Escambia superintendent of schools. Submitted photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Escambia Mira Awards Honor Most Creative Seniors

April 15, 2016

The Escambia County Public Schools Foundation honored 68 of Escambia County’s outstanding creative high school seniors at the 2016 Mira Creative Arts Awards Ceremony Thursday night in Pensacola.

Mira Creative Arts Awards recipients were nominated by their high school teachers for their achievements in the creative arts.  At the ceremony, the students received commemorative engraved medallions and Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition from Congressman Jeff Miller.

Recipients of the 2016 Mira Creative Arts Award were:

Honorees are listed below under a photo from each school, scroll down, click to enlarge.

Escambia High School

Megan R. Berrian, Theatre/Chorus
Brody Cecil, Instrumental Music
Tyler Crowe, Instrumental Music
Rebecca Lin Edwards, Visual Arts
Carly Gill, Digital Multimedia
Veronica Guersney, Culinary Arts
Trevor King, Instrumental Music
Avery Lockett, Instrumental Music
Brianna Renee Miller, Yearbook
Kayla Jean Wood, Visual Arts

Northview High School

Jessica Amerson, Yearbook
Tamara Barrows, Visual Arts
Cheyenne Gray, Visual Arts
Abbie Johnson, Instrumental Music
Bethany Reynolds, Yearbook
Elizabeth Sanders, Visual Arts
Jordan Taylor, Yearbook
Harmoni Till, Theatre
Bradley Van Pelt, Writing
Haylee Weaver, Public Speaking

Pensacola High School

Allison Cramer, Theatre
Katherine Englemeyer, Instrumental Music
Lauren Heidenreich, Photography
Kierstan Johnson, Journalism
Darriell Jones, Visual Arts
Christian Kyles-Smith, Theatre
Ariel Noethlich, Visual Arts
Jonathan Voyles, Instrumental Music

Pine Forest High School

Benjamin Blevins, Robotics
Jasmine Brown, Visual Arts
Amanda Faller, Television Production
Trey Haynes, Vocal Music
Alyssa Javier, Vocal Music
Kristina McKinnon, Journalism
Tabitha Reno, Cyber Security
Jordan Riddle, Instrumental Music
Christopher Schofield, Instrumental Music
Callastasia Williams, Visual Arts

Tate High School

Sarah Mae Cagle, Mock Trial
Bryce Coots, Instrumental Music
Troy Craig, Theatre
Michele Danley, Visual Arts
Jessica Edge, Vocal Music
Tiffany Griffin, Instrumental Music
McClain Houdashelt, Theatre
Brianna Snyder, Instrumental Music
Cody Swilley, Instrumental Music
Kaela Tibbs, Vocal Music

Booker T. Washington High School

Kristen Bonanno, Visual Arts
Isaiah Gonzalez, Theatre
Kina Kawakami, Instrumental Music
Yuliya Sola Lee, Instrumental Music
Madison G. O’Toole, Visual Arts
Alana Marie Pacheco, Journalism
Cody Alan Paquette, Instrumental Music
Anna Safko, Theatre
Hannah Spears, Theatre
Jackson Van Matre, Instrumental Music

West Florida High School

Lynn Ruth Arthur, Photography
Cheynne Byrd, Instrumental Music
Lane Markham Isbell, Graphic/Digital Design
Melissa Jansen, Graphic/Digital Design
Katie McArthur, Graphic/Digital Design
Mariah McMullen, Instrumental Music
Bianca Mutter, Journalism
Stephen Rodgers, III, Visual Arts
Yana Thompson, Visual Arts
Stephen Woodson, Theatre

In 1987, a group of teachers at J. M. Tate High School created the Mira Awards to recognize talented and creative students in the arts and sciences.  The following year, the committee approached the Foundation to bring the awards under its umbrella and to initiate county-wide student participation each year in the areas of writing, performing and visual arts, and other creative disciplines.  The term “Mira” is Latin for the name of the brightest star in the constellation Cetus.

NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge

Blue Jacket Jamboree Has New Home; Entries Accepted For Beautiful Baby Contest, Craft Vendors

April 14, 2016

The Northview High School FFA’s Blue Jacket Jamboree is returning this year with a new home and an exciting new beautiful baby contest.

The Blue Jacket Jamboree will be Saturday, April 23 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the new Escambia County 4-H Facility at 5701 Highway 99 in Molino. The event will be held in conjunction with the GCA/NYRO Youth Spring Livestock Show.

As in years past, during the fun-filled day for the entire family there will be arts, crafts, food, entertainment and a car show. And this year, there will be a “Blue Jacket Baby Contest” for children birth through two-years old.

For event information, to register for the baby contest, or to learn more, visit www.bluejacketjamboree.org.

To join the over 40 arts and craft vendors registered for the event, call Linda Till at (850) 572-1076 or visit the website.

To register for the car or tractor show, call Angus Brewton at (850) 712-7884.

Pictured: Last year’s Blue Jacket Jamboree, which was held at Northview High School. NorthEscambia.com file photos, click to enlarge.

Tate Lady Aggies Support The Miracle League

April 10, 2016

The Tate High School Lady Aggies showed  their love and support Saturday morning as they served as “buddies” for the players at the Miracle League of Pensacola. The Miracle League is for disabled and special needs persons of all ages.  Some of the players are in wheelchairs and walkers. Courtesy photo for NorthEscambia.com., click to enlarge.

Tate High Drama To Present ‘The Bully Plays’

April 7, 2016

The Tate High School Drama Department will present “The Bully Plays” at 7:00 each night Friday and Saturday in the school cafetorium. Tickets will be sold in advance and at the door for $5..

The Bully Plays was commissioned in response to the growing epidemic of bullying and the all-too-often tragic results. The anthology includes 10-minute plays that are touching, imaginative, powerful, uplifting and funny. A botched chemistry experiment creates a horde of homophobic teenage zombie bullies. Three dinosaurs at a museum surprise three bickering kids on a school outing. A bully is forced to confront his victim “on the other side.” A girl on an anti-bullying crusade must face her own bullying. High-school kids discuss the heartbreak of realizing they contributed to a classmate’s death by remaining bystanders. A mother and brother try to come to terms with the suicide of their “technicolor” son and brother.

The trickle-down effect of bullying is explored in several plays, along with the dangers of cyber-bullying.

Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

OK, So Where Does A Horse Go For A Good Espresso?

April 5, 2016

A passing motorist snapped this photo Monday afternoon of a couple of horses outside the Starbucks on Nine Mile at Pine Forest. There’s no word if they had triple espressos for a little extra horsepower, or if perhaps they ordered the triple soy vanilla latte with a barrel of oats.  Reader submitted photo by Bill Pearson for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

4-H Members Plant First Pines At Molino Outdoor Education Center

April 5, 2016

Escambia County 4-H members recently planted the first pine trees as part of the 4-H Outdoor Education Center in Molino. Eventually, 10 acres of loblolly, long leaf and slash pine will be used for forestry demonstration on the property. Courtesy photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Tate High School Chaparrals Headed To Nationals This Week

April 4, 2016

The Tate High School Chaparrals recently competed in the WGI Southeastern Winter Guard Championships in Orlando.

There were a total of 65 color guards competing; 32 in Tate’s class.

The Chaparrals finished 14th in their class.  The group includes seven juniors and seven underclassmen, but continues to compete alongside units from all over the country.  They will compete in the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH, on Thursday.

Members of the Tate High School Chaparrals are:

Caroline Bruns
Katie Dupre
Elizabeth Durazo
Celina Dyess
Breanna Langley
Carly Lawrence
Megan Leonard
Kendall Lombardo
Katy Luebke – Captain
Kayla Overbey
Madison Philley
Brenn Repine
Kelsey Strength
Makayla Tainter
Savannah VonStein

For Orlando performance photos, courtesy of Salle Dupre , click here.

Photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Ernest Ward Names Students Of The Month

April 2, 2016

Ernest Ward Middle School has named Students of the Month for January. They are (L-R) Makayla Ramsey, sixth grade; Ariel Ward, seventh grade; Trenton Peebles, eighth grade. Submitted photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

The Top Of The Class Of 2016 From Eight Escambia Schools Honored

April 1, 2016

The top of the Class of 2016 from Escambia County’s high schools were recognized Thursday as the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation hosted the 2016 Senior Academic Awards program.

Eighty-eight of Escambia County’s high school seniors were selected as recipients of the 2016 Senior Academic Awards and were honored for their academic achievement during an awards ceremony at Washington High School.

Honorees included the top five students in each graduating class (listed in alphabetical order), as well as a student from each of the following disciplines: Career & Technology, English, Foreign Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Honorees are listed below under a photo from each school, scroll down, click to enlarge.

Escambia High School:  TOP FIVE: Brody Cecil, Avery C. Lockett, Brianna McKinzie, Amirah Yasmeen Allah Muhammad, Kenneth G. Oleson  DISCIPLINES: Lauren Walker, Career & Technology; Robert Naylor Groton, English; Madelynn Chase, Foreign Language; Riley Muscha, Math; Isabel Lynn Guerra, Science; Tate Willson Willger, Social Studies.

Northview High School:  TOP FIVE: Jessica Amerson, Moriah McGahan, Bethany Reynolds, David Thorpe, Madison Weber DISCIPLINES: Haylee Weaver, Career & Technology; Bradley Van Pelt, English; Lawrence Douglas, Foreign Language; Jensyn Warner, Math; Jessica Amerson, Science; Jada Tucker, Social Studies.

Pensacola High School IB Program:  TOP FIVE: Owen Christopher Battel, William Langhorne, Scott A. McGaugh, Philip Tran, Tristan Wu   DISCIPLINES: Keegan McMenamin, Career & Technology; Alyssa Marie Nielsen, English; Matea Molina, Foreign Language; Anish Gupta, Math; Ben Southwick, Science; Trevor Odom, Social Studies.

Pensacola High School:  TOP FIVE: Alissa Addison, Destinee Brundidge, Max Buchanan, Katherine Engelmeyer, Yutong Liang, Poonam Patel DISCIPLINES: Thao Nhan, Career & Technology; Kierstan Johnson, English; Ty’Drick King, Foreign Language; Na Pham, Math; Kayla Davis, Science; Joseph Earlington, Social Studies.

Pine Forest High School: TOP FIVE: Veronica Christgau, Brittany Makayla Hawkins, Danielle Hoyer, Nina Lance, Jordan Riddle  DISCIPLINES: Zachary Goodwin, Career & Technology; Jay Ayer, English; Austin Gunnell, Foreign Language; Alicia Faller, Math, Brittany Makayla Hawkins, Science; Martel Emerson, Social Studies.

Tate High School:  TOP FIVE: Kayla Armstead, Angel Chu, Thomas Cummins, Lauren Kirkland, Justin Shelton DISCIPLINES: Megan Ogle, Career & Technology; Abigail Johnson, English, Ashley Mueth, Foreign Language; Hadley Starratt, Math; Madison Tourney, Science; Madison Nelson, Social Studies.

Washington High School:  TOP FIVE: Michael Berryman, Emily Dawson, Julia Grissett, Madison O’Toole, Emily Parra  DISCIPLINES: Alexis White, Career & Technology; Indica Mattson, English; Jordyn Burt, Foreign Language; Michael Hopko, Math; Sierra Hobbs, Science; Sydney Allen, Social Studies.

West Florida High School:  TOP FIVE: Kathryn Reneé Harvell, Noah Tyler Lott, Andy An Phu, Kayla Jordan Romero, Kevin Sanders  DISCIPLINES: Mary Margaret Byrd, Career & Technology, Elizabeth Shin, English; Lynn Ruth Arthur, Foreign Language; Lane Markham Isbell, Math; John Allan Facer, Science, Madeleine Annette Hutchison, Social Studies.

In addition National Merit finalists Jessica Amerson from Northview High School,  and Scott A. McGaugh and Anish Gupta from Pensacola High School’s IB Program, were recognized.

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