Crawfish Festival Held In Molino

May 8, 2016

The Molino Crawfish Festival was held Saturday at Jimmy’s Grill. In addition to crawfish with potatoes and corn, the festival included gumbo and crawfish chowder. There was also Cajun music during the afternoon. Photos by Michael Pevahouse for, click to enlarge.

Northview Presents ‘Into the Woods’

May 7, 2016

Northview High School presented two performance of their spring play “Into the Woods”.

In the play, a childless baker and his wife endeavored to lift their family curse by journeying into the woods, where they encountered Rapunzel (and her witchly “mother”), Cinderella, Jack (of Beanstalk fame), Little Red Riding Hood and other classic fairy tale characters, and they all learned the responsibility that comes with getting what you want.

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“Into the Woods” cast members are:

Cinderella – Harmoni Till
Baker – Kyle Smith
Jack – DeJaunte Lowery
Little Red Riding Hood – Jordan Taylor
Baker’s Wife – Brianna Smith
Witch – Maddi Weber
Jack’s Mother – Abbie Johnson
Narrator – Sarah Perritt
Cinderella’s Prince – Josh Poston
Rapunzel’s Prince – Tristan Long
Mysterious Man – Josh Bailey
Wolf – Evan Till
Rapunzel – Amber Freeman
Stewardess – Sarah Dutton
Milky White – Moriah McGahan
Granny – Emily Heard/ Amber Freeman
Florinda – Jessica Stacey
Lucinda – Jerni Crabtree
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Hadley Woodfin
Cinderella’s Father – Zach Holland
Cinderella’s Mother – Emily Heard/ Amber Freeman
Giant – Leah Fischer
Sleeping Beauty – Hannah Mascaro
Snow White – Gracee Johnson

Set Design: Linda Till, Dana Dutton, David Smith
Costumes: David and Tami Smith
Lights: Katie Born
Sound/Sound Effects: Jessica Amerson, Leah Fischer

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Photos by Ellie Amerson for, click to enlarge.

Weekend Gardening: Tips For The Month Of May

May 7, 2016

The Escambia County Master Gardeners offer the following May lawn and garden tips:

  • Continue planting summer annuals. Try one or two that you’ve never grown and/or one that is not available in stores as transplants.
  • Plant heat-resistant summer flowering annuals such as begonias, impatiens, coleus, salvia, marigolds, torenia, verbena, ornamental peppers and gaillardia.
  • Bulbs: Caladium, gladiolus.
  • Vegetables: Continue planting warm weather seeds and transplants (Shade those transplants!). Use transplants for cherry tomatoes, eggplant and sweet potatoes. Plant seeds of lima beans, okra, southern peas: purple hull, crowder, etc.
  • Prune and shape spring flowering shrubs and trees now. Later pruning may destroy next year’s blooms.
  • Good cultural practices help maintain a healthy lawn and discourage insects and disease. Mow with a sharp blade. Centipedegrass should be cut to a height of 1½ to 2 inches. St. Augustinegrass normal growth habit cultivars should be cut to a height of 3 to 4 inches.
  • Climbing roses are pruned after they finish blooming. Blooms form on one-year-old canes, so any older ones may be removed to make them more tidy. Cut each flowering stem back to the first five leaflet stem to encourage them to bloom again.Spray with horticultural oil or malathion for mites, scale and white flies, if insects are present, before it gets too hot (85 degrees).
  • Yellow leaves on azaleas may mean they need iron. Apply iron sulphate or chelated iron.
  • Feed citrus plants using special citrus fertilizer. Broadcast under the tree canopy and water in.
  • Begin planting palms while the weather is warm and rainy.
  • Make cuttings of azaleas, hollies, camellias, and other choice shrubs as new growth becomes half hardened.
  • Take soft wood cuttings to root: alyssum, begonia, chrysanthemum, shrimp plant, dianthus, geranium, hibiscus, hydrangea, etc.
  • Dig bulbs after foliage turns brown if they need to be divided or the space is needed for other plants. If the space isn’t needed, braid the foliage.
  • Cut back the vines of Irish potatoes when they begin to die but leave the tubers in the ground for about two weeks longer to toughen the skin. Handle the potatoes carefully during digging, as skinned or bruised potatoes decay quickly when stored.
  • Divide crowded and vigorously growing perennials.
  • Promote continued flowering of bedding plants by removing faded blooms.
  • Encourage coleus to branch and produce more colorful leaves by pinching off the flower stalks as they form.
  • Prune poinsettias when new growth is 10-12 inches high (back to the last four leaves). Prune new growth at the base throughout the summer.
  • Stop pruning after Labor Day.
  • Keep roses watered, cut out weak spots, feed every six to eight weeks or at every new flush of growth, dust.
  • For insect or disease problems in your garden, use the least toxic control possible.

Barrineau Park Historical Society Awards Scholarships

May 7, 2016

The Barrineau Park Historical Society presented three scholarships to area seniors Friday night.

  • Haylee Wearver, Northview High School, was presented the Stephen S. Jogan Memorial Scholarship.
  • Susanna Rogers, homeschooled, was presented the Barrineau Park Annual Scholarship.
  • Bethany Reynolds, Northview High School, was presented the Lynda Minchew Memorial Scholarship.

Pictured above: (L-R) Susanna Rogers, Haylee Weaver, Bethany Reynolds and Craig Exner of the Barrineau Park Historical Society. photos, click to enlarge.

Let Us Pray: Services Held For National Day Of Prayer

May 6, 2016

Atmore marked the National Day of Prayer Thursday with several events, drawing the faithful and pastors from Alabama and Florida. A prayer walk was held at Atmore City Hall, followed by prayer at the Veterans Memorial. A community prayer service and Bible reading was held Thursday afternoon in the Cornell Torrence Gym at Escambia County High School.

For a photo gallery from the event, click here. photos, click to enlarge.

New Century Correctional Institution Officer Recruits Graduate

May 6, 2016

Several new Century Correctional Institution recruits recently graduated from Basic Recruit Class. The new correctional officers are (front, L-R)  Amanda Day, Justin Simpson, Harmony Thomas, Claudero Riley and John Patrick. Also pictured are (back, L-R) Warden Bryant, Major Marshall, Major DeLapp and Officer deGraaf. Photo for, click to enlarge.

Along The North Escambia Trail With A Wagon Train

May 5, 2016

The scene Wednesday very well could have been a postcard snapshot of Molino in the 1800’s. Blue skies with a few puffy white clouds floating along in a gentle breeze, piney woods along the road with the melody of birds singing.

There was the sound of horseshoes — clump, clump, clump — and of chains rattling used to connect horses, mules and tack to handcrafted wagons. This was a real wagon train, over a half dozen strong with outriders for protection.

But this was May 2016. And in our modern zip-zip fast paced world, wagon trains tend to draw a bit of attention. And that is the point on the annual wagon train ride to the Tate High School FFA Rodeo. The ride started Saturday in Monroe County, AL. It ends Friday night at the Escambia County Equestrian Center in Pensacola for Tate FFA Rodeo’s Grand Parade.

It’s a nearly 25 year old tradition started by the late Selmer Thompson with a ride from Barrineau Park to Pensacola. This year is the fifth week long event.

At just two horsepower, or mule-power each, it’s slow ride with a top speed of about three or four mph that provides the opportunity to take in the surroundings. And to be neighborly, speaking and waving to the bystanders that gather along the highways or in their yards to watch the unique picture of Americana pass by.

“This is a great way to travel,” trail boss Darryl Wilson said. “There’s just nothing like it.”

Catching up with the ride Wednesday afternoon on Crabtree Church Road, our photographer was greeting by the smell of grilled ribs as the group finished up a lunch break before hitting the trail again. There were no escort vehicles, no trucks full of supplies. This was a real deal, old-timey wagon train through the countryside.

For more photos, click here.

But it’s not a total step back into time — some of the wagons have battery powered lights and radios — with country music, of course. One wagon was equipped with a BBQ grill mounted at the rear. No need for a drive-thru when the ride is a self-contained, on the move BBQ house. And, along with big comfortable captain’s chairs, a couple of the wagons even had on-board bathrooms.

“This has been a good ride,” Wilson said. “The weather today has been perfect.”

The group spent Wednesday night camped out near the ballpark on Crabtree Church Road. On Thursday, they will travel south on Highway 99 to Barrineau Park Road and cross over Barrineau Park Road into Baldwin County where they will make camp Thursday night. Then Friday it’s on to the rodeo.

The Tate Rodeo beings at 7:30 p.m. both Friday and Saturday at the Escambia County Equestrian Center.  Advance tickets are available at Farm and Nursery Mart, Hill Kelly Dodge, Farm Bureau Insurance (Nine Mile and Molino), Jimmy’s Grill, and Barnes Ace Hardware. Tickets are $8 for adults and $3 for children in advance and $10 and $5 at the gate.

For more information about the Rodeo, call (850) 937-2308.

For more photos, click here.

Pictured top and bottom: A wagon train travels through Molino Wednesday afternoon. Pictured top inset: The view of the driver’s seat. Pictured bottom inset: Pulling out after lunch. photos, click to enlarge.

Victoria Kelson Named Tate FFA Rodeo Queen

May 5, 2016

Victoria Kelson of Cantonment has been crowned queen of the  25th Annual Tate FFA Alumni Foundation Rodeo.

She is the daughter of Billy and Vanessa Kelson of Cantonment and Darrell and Kelly Wilson of Molino. Kelson is a sophomore at  Tate High School where she is a  member of FFA, BETA club and the National Honor society with a 4.08 GPA.

Kelson is in the veterinary  program at Tate High and hopes to attend Auburn University to study veterinary medicine. She is also a member of Escambia county 4-H Horse Club and has participated in many community project and fundraising events, dedicating time to Special Olympics and St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.

She has loved horses since her grandmother Carolyn McKissack bought her a pony when she was just five-years old. She credits her grandmother for introducing her to horses and other animals.

She will be riding the horse Penny Grace at the rodeo, which she purchased for just $400 and trained her to be the beautiful horse that she is today. Kelson plans to keep training her horse to be well rounded, able to jump pull and rodeo.

Kelson, an honors students, was a Tate High School cheerleader this school year and a member of the FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team.

The Tate Rodeo beings at 7:30 p.m. both Friday and Saturday at the Escambia County Equestrian Center.  Advance tickets are available at Farm and Nursery Mart, Hill Kelly Dodge, Farm Bureau Insurance (Nine Mile and Molino), Jimmy’s Grill, and Barnes Ace Hardware. Tickets are $8 for adults and $3 for children in advance and $10 and $5 at the gate.

Photo by Janice Courson for, click to enlarge.

Ransom Middle Academic Teams Heading To Nationals

May 5, 2016

Ransom Middle School’s Academic Team will compete in the National Academic Quiz Tournaments(NAQT) Middle School National Championship Tournament this weekend in Atlanta.

Ransom team members headed to nationals are Braden Boutwell, Maggie Brown, Ravyn Brown, Chris Espy, Natalie Holt, and Elizabeth McConnell. Alternates: Katie-Rose Haley, Emmalei Miller, and Lili Rollin, along with coaches Clarissa Brown and Lucinda Bateman.

To qualify for the trip to nationals, Ransom teams competed twice in April. In the first tournament  in Valparaiso, Team A — Maggie Brown , Braden Boutwell, Chris Espy and Elizabeth McConnell — won five matches, while Team B — Natalie Holt, Lili Rollins, Victoria Long — won two. Brown, Boutwell and Hold were the top three players out of 72 total.

At their second tournament last month, held at Pensacola High School, Ransom participants were:

  • Team A:  Maggie Brown, Braden Boutwell, Chris Espy and Kendal Russell
  • Team B:  Ravyn Brown, Lili Rollins and Emmalei Miller
  • Team C:  Katie-Rose Haley, Carter Pitts, Tristan Espy and Abby Gryskiewicz
  • Team D:  Taji Williams , Victoria Long and Owen Painter

Team members winning individual awards were Brown in fine arts, Espy in language arts and Haley in both math and fine arts.

Pictured top: (L-R) Victoria Long, Chris Espy, Natalie Holt, Lili Rollins, Elizabeth McConnell, Braden Boutwell, Maggie Brown. Pictured inset: Individual first place medals were earned by Maggie Brown in fine arts and Chris Epsy in language arts. Pictured below: (L-R) Lili Rollins, Kendal Russell, Abby Gryskiewicz, Emmalei Miller, Katie-Rose Haley, Taji Williams, Maggie Brown, Chris Espy, Ravyn Brown, Victoria Long, Braden Boutwell, Tristan Espy, Carter Pitts and Owen Painter. Photos for, click to enlarge.

Jim Allen Elementary Shines At Math Competition

May 4, 2016

Teams from Jim Allen Elementary School took part in the his past weekend’s Sunshine Math Competition at Washington High School.

One of Jim Allen’s third grade teams took second place with team members -Leslee Brooks, Harlie Davidson, Kyleigh Soto and Desmond Tucker. And a Jim Allen fourth grade team took third place with team members Abigail Arnette, Damian Cullen, Grayson Jackson and Audrey Rudd.

For an earlier story with complete Sunshine Math Competition results and additional photos, click here.

Pictured: Jim Allen Elementary School’s Sunshine Math Teams. Photos for, click to enlarge.

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