Century Man Now One Of Escambia’s Most Wanted

March 10, 2010

Deputies are asking for your help in locating a Century man who has been named one of Escambia County’s most wanted.

simmonsstory.jpgThe Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Shawn Demarcus Simmons, 30, of Ivey Street, Century, in connection with the February 25 robbery of Devante Aaaron Knight, 18,  of Hecker Road, Century. Simmons is wanted for aggravated battery, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and robbery with a firearm. Authorities say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Simmons has scars on his upper and lower lips, scars on both legs and a tattoo on his left arm. In addition to the area of his home on Ivey Street, Simmons has been seen on Zion and Cottage streets in Century and is known to frequent Brewton. He has been known to use the names David Jones, Sean Simpson and Sean Simmons.

Knight was arrested after he allegedly snatched a purse containing $2,000 in cash from an 85-year old woman in Escambia County, Alabama. The day after the purse snatching, Knight was himself the victim of a robbery where the $2,000 was allegedly stolen by Simmons.

knightdavante.jpgKnight (pictured left) told  Escambia County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office deputies that he was in the yard of a home in the 100 block of Zion Street talking to Simmons. That’s when Simmons asked to borrow a dollar from Knight, and Knight agreed. Simmons then reportedly walked into a trailer, returned outside and told Knight “Give it up”.

Knight said that he remembered being hit in the head with the gun and hearing gunfire, but he did not think he had been shot. The victim them walked to the nearby Dollar General store on nearby North Century Boulevard. That’s where Knight located his aunt. The aunt transported Knight to his home in the 200 block of East Hecker Road and called 911. Knight was transported by ambulance to Sacred Heart Hospital for treatment of a head injury. He was not shot, according to deputies.

Knight was arrested last week in Escambia County, Florida, and subsequently extradited back to Alabama.

Deputies say Simmons was able to steal the entire $2,000 allegedly taken from the 85-year old woman by Knight.

Anyone with information on Simmons’ whereabouts should call Gulf Coast Crime Stoppers at (850) 433-STOP. Callers can receive a reward of up to $1,000 for information. Callers can remain anonymous.

Pictured top: Shawn Demarcus Simmons. Pictured lower: Devante Aaaron Knight. Courtesy photos for NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.

Search For Flomaton Bank Robbery Suspect Leads To North Escambia Drug Arrest

March 10, 2010

The search for a Flomaton bank robbery suspect led to the arrest of North Escambia man on drug charges late Monday afternoon.

grimesjaviscain.jpgJavis Cain Grimes, 25, of Gilmore Road, Century, was charged with unlawful possession of a listed chemical used to manufacture a controlled substance. He was also issued a citation for driving while his license was knowingly suspended. Grimes was released from the Escambia County Jail on $12,000 bond.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steve Kay was patrolling Highway 168 near Byrneville looking for an older model silver Chevrolet S10 pickup truck that was reported in the area traveling at a high rate of speed shortly after a bank robbery in Flomaton. Kay met a similar Chevrolet S10 pickup. When he turned around on the truck, he reported that it sped up as it turned off Highway 168 and into a yard at 7710 Jack Smith Road.

The deputy observed the driver go behind a mobile home. Grimes told Kay that he ran because his license was suspended, but he had paid the fines. The deputy asked to search the pickup truck, but Grimes said he would need to call his mother because the pickup belonged to her.

At that point, Escambia County Deputy Todd Day requested the assistance of a K-9 from the Flomaton Police Department. Flomaton K-9 officer Jason Bondurant’s dog indicated on the passenger side of the truck, according to the sheriff’s office incident report.

A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a long list of items commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, including drain opener, Liquid Fire, valves and tubing, sponges, digital scales, plastic baggies, ammonium nitrate,  batteries and a reddish powdery substance that was possibly ephedrine, the report states. The search also revealed glass smoking tubes, plastic straws and a Vicks inhaler tube inside the vehicle. In the back of the truck, deputies found Coleman fuel. Grimes had a metal torch on his person.

Women Jailed After Failing To Return From Atmore Test Drive

March 10, 2010

Two women were arrested by Atmore Police Tuesday night for failing to return a car they took for a test drive on February 19.

amandaandrews.jpgAmanda Andrews (pictured), 19, and Tyesha Dillard, 19, both of Mobile, were charged with theft of property first degree. Atmore Police say the two took a 2003 Black Acura TL worth $8,500 for a test drive from Brother’s Auto Sales on North Main Street. They were last seen buying gas at a convenience store on Jack Springs Road a short time later. The vehicle was recovered Tuesday night in Saraland, Alabama.

One of the females made contact with the dealership. Then the car dealer convinced the women to return to Atmore to complete paperwork Tuesday evening. Once in Atmore, they were placed under arrrest.  Glen Carlee, Atmore’s director of public safety, said the vehicle was damaged during the time it was missing, possibly involved in an accident.

Atmore Businessman And Century Native Running For Alabama Senate

March 10, 2010

An Atmore businessman and Century native has announced that he is running for the the Alabama State Senate with a focus on economic development.

peacockjeff.jpgJeff Peacock announced his candidacy as a Republican for Alabama State Senate, District 22.

“Considering the economic challenges we face in Southwest Alabama, we must have a state senator that understands economic development. As a small businessman, I know what it takes to get the economy moving,” Peacock said as explained his plans for economic development that includes tax incentives, promotion of entrepreneurship and education reform. “My campaign will be guided by ideas, not by special interest money and influence.”

Peacock is a native of Century and is married to the former Jodi Nellums, also of Century. Peacock attended Jefferson Davis Community College in Brewton before transferring to Florida State University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in finance. He later attended the University of Chicago, where he received an MBA in finance and economics. Peacock is the owner of The Paper Station in Atmore, a printing and stationery retailer.

Peacock is active in his community. He is a member of the Atmore First Presbyterian Church, chairman of the Escambia County Republican Party, vice president of the Atmore Lions Club, and a former board member of the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce.

Senate District 22 encompasses portions of Baldwin, Clarke, Choctaw, Conecuh, Escambia, Monroe, Mobile and Washington Counties.

Pair Charged With Child Sex Abuse, Throwing Boiling Water On Child

March 10, 2010

calvinrobingreen.jpgTwo Escambia County (Ala.) residents have been arrested for sexually abusing an 11-year old girl over a four year period. They are also accused of d throwing boiling water on the young girl.

Robin Green, 51, and Calvin Green, 48, were charged with willful abuse of a child and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12, according to the Escambia County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Office.  Both were being held in the Escambia County (Ala.) Detention Center on $100,000 bond each.

“The child alleged that she had been fondled by one of the suspects in the investigation since she was seven years old,” according the Sheriff Grover Smith. “The victim also disclosed that she had suffered second and third degree burns as a result of a pot of boiling water being thrown on her by the same suspect.”

The child has been protective custody since the onset of the investigation. She suffered second and third degree burns from the boiling water, deputies said.

The arrests were the result of joint investigation by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Escambia Regional Child Advocacy Center. the Escambia County District Attorney’s Office and the Escambia County Department of Human Resources.

Try These Questions From An Actual Fifth Grade FCAT

March 10, 2010


As the FCAT continues  in schools across North Escambia, we thought we would help you waste a little time by playing a game of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” with actual questions from past fifth grade FCATs.

Grab everybody around you and get ready. To play along and see how you might do on the fifth grade FCAT, you’ll need a piece of paper to record your answers to the following questions:

(1) Samantha baked a dessert for her class using the recipe shown below.
Samantha used the least amount of which ingredient?


  • A. 3/4 cup chopped apples
  • B. 1/2 cup oats
  • C. 2/3 cup cranberry sauce
  • D. 1/4 cup brown sugar

(2) Louie made 17 bag lunches for the school outing. If Louie
had made 4 more lunches, he would have made exactly
3 times as many bag lunches as Marc did. How many lunches did Marc make?

  • A. 6
  • B. 7
  • C. 13
  • D. 4

(3) Coach Neal is planning a track meet for 84 students. Each race has 3 teams,
with 4 runners on each team. How many races should Coach Neal plan so
that each student runs in exactly one race?

  • A. 7
  • B. 12
  • C. 21
  • D. 28

(4) Toshi wants to find out which after-school sport is most popular among all
the students at his elementary school. Which of these groups would be best
to survey in order to get this information?

  • A. all students at the school
  • B. all teachers at the school
  • C. all fifth grade students at the school
  • D. all parents of the students at the school

(5) The 1927 legislative session designated the mockingbird as the state bird of
Florida. The bird is about 10 inches long and has a wingspan of 15 inches.

Which fraction represents the mockingbird’s length compared to
its wingspan?

  • A. 1/5
  • B. 2/15
  • C. 2/3
  • D. 3/2

(6) Angie is flying to London, England, on a plane departing at 2:00 p.m. She is
required to be at the airport one and a half hours before the departure time and it takes her 45 minutes to get from her house to the airport. What is the latest time
Angie can leave her house to arrive at the airport at the required time?

  • A. 11:45 am
  • B. 12:30 am
  • C. 1:15 pm
  • D. 4:15 pm

(7) Melanie measured the mass of the textbooks in her backpack. Which unit of
measure best describes the mass of the textbooks?

  • A. 3 grams
  • B. 3 kilograms
  • C. 3 metric tons
  • D. 3 milligrams

(8) Marchelle built a rectangular wooden picture frame. The frame has a
perimeter of 130 inches and a width of 30 inches.

What is the height, in inches, of the picture frame?

  • A. 30 inches
  • B. 35 inches
  • C. 10 inches
  • D. 13 inches

(9) Sonya has to write the greatest four-digit number she can think of by
following these three rules:
1. Any digit 0 through 9 may be used.
2. Any digit may be used only once.
3. There must be an 8 in the tens place.
What is the greatest number Sonya could write by following the three rules?

  • A. 9876
  • B. 9786
  • C. 8796
  • D. 9867

For the next two questions, read the two selections in blue.

Betsy Brandon Meets the Betsy Brandon Meets the President
by M.V. Pollock
There was a flurry of excitement in the Brandon household early one morning in
1791. It was the day that General Washington, the president, was supposed to visit
Salisbury, North Carolina. For most of the people, it would be their only chance to
see anyone so important. Everybody planned to be there. Everybody, it seemed,
except fourteen-year-old Betsy, the oldest child of Squire Richard Brandon’s
family. Betsy had to stay at home to finish the chores.
“Ha! Betsy won’t get to see the president,” teased the younger children as they
climbed into the family buggy. Betsy tried to hide her disappointment as they rode
But Betsy was not one to mope. She returned to the kitchen and washed the
breakfast dishes and swept the floor. Then she took her bonnet from the hook on
the back of the door. She was going outside to feed the chickens. But what was
that rumbling noise? It sounded like wheels, but not like those of her father’s
buggy. It seemed to come from the opposite direction.
Betsy hurried to the front door and peeked out. Her eyes grew wide. Coming
down the road that passed in front of the house was the most beautiful coach she
had ever seen. It was pale ivory and trimmed in gold.
As it came near, Betsy felt herself drawn down the pathway to get a better
view. The coach was decorated with elaborate scenes that reminded Betsy of the
four seasons. And it bore an impressive emblem, like a coat of arms.
Suddenly the driver pulled on the reins. “Whoa!” he said loudly. The ornate
harnesses tinkled musically as the four fine horses halted right in front of the gate
where Betsy stood.
Fearful, Betsy wanted to run, but she felt as if her feet were glued to the path.
The door of the coach opened, and a tall, handsome man in uniform stepped down.
He was almost as tall as her father. He tipped his hat and nodded in her direction.
Then another, even more handsome man stepped out. He was white haired and at
least six-feet-four. Surely they were men of importance on their way to Salisbury
to see the president.
“Good morning, miss,” said the white-haired man. His face was stern and
deeply lined, but his blue eyes were warm and friendly.
“Good morning, sir.” Betsy’s voice quavered when she spoke.
“Is your father home?”
“No, sir.”
“Is your mother home?”
As Betsy shook her head, her golden braids moved back and forth. “My family
all went to Salisbury to see the president,” she explained.
“Did you not wish to see the president, too?” The voice was kind.
“Oh yes, sir,” Betsy replied. “I wanted to see the president more than anything,
but I must stay here to do the chores.”
The two men exchanged amused glances. “If you will prepare breakfast for us,
I promise you will see the president before any of the others.”
Thinking that the president would soon pass by on his way to Salisbury, Betsy
hurried into the kitchen. She prepared a delicious breakfast, which the two men
seemed to enjoy.
They thanked her and prepared to leave. Betsy asked, “Sir, when my family
returns, to whom shall I say I served breakfast?”
The white-haired man climbed inside the coach. Leaning out the window he
smiled. “Just tell them you served breakfast to President Washington and his aide,”
he said. And the coach rolled away in clouds of dust.

Washington by Nancy Byrd Turner
He played by the river when he was young,
He raced with rabbits along the hills,
He fished for minnows, and climbed and swung,
And hooted back at the whippoorwills.1
Strong and slender and tall he grew —
And then, one morning, the bugles blew.
Over the hills the summons came,
Over the river’s shining rim.
He said that the bugles called his name,
He knew that his country needed him,
And he answered, “Coming!” and marched away
For many a night and many a day.
Perhaps when the marches were hot and long
He’d think of the river flowing by
Or, camping under the winter sky,
Would hear the whippoorwill’s far-off song.
Boy or soldier, in peace or strife,
He loved America all his life!

(10) Based on the story and the poem, how was Washington’s life as a child
different from Betsy Brandon’s life?

  • A. Washington played by the river, but Betsy played at home.
  • B. Washington practiced marching, but Betsy prepared tasty meals.
  • C. Washington practiced birdcalls, but Betsy listened for passing coaches.
  • D. Washington spent his days playing, but Betsy spent her days helping at home.

(11) Which event from the story FIRST prepares the reader for something
unexpected to happen?

  • A. Betsy watched the family buggy leave.
  • B. The coach stopped in front of the house.
  • C. Betsy wondered what the rumbling noise was.
  • D. People were excited about seeing an important man.

(12) Read this sentence from the story.
As it came near, Betsy felt herself drawn down the pathway to get a
better view.

In which sentence below does the word view have the same meaning as it
does in “Betsy Brandon Meets the President”?

  • A. Direct your view to the second picture on the left.
  • B. The report clearly states the writer’s point of view.
  • C. The defense lawyer’s speech affected the judge’s view of the situation.
  • D. The guests can get a view of the garden by looking out of the window.

(13) The author of the story describes Washington as having a face that is “stern
and deeply lined” and eyes that are “warm and friendly.” What does this lead
the reader to believe?

  • A. Washington was always polite to others, even when he was worried.
  • B. Washington’s experiences in life had made him tough, but he remained akind person.
  • C. Washington was difficult to know because his looks were so different from his personality.
  • D. Washington’s hardships as a soldier made him older than he really was, but he continued to serve his country.

(14) Read these lines from the poem “Washington.”
He said that the bugles called his name,
He knew that his country needed him,

The poet includes these lines to show that Washington

  • A. heard the sounds of nature.
  • B. wanted to travel the country.
  • C. played a musical instrument.
  • D. felt patriotic toward his country.

(15) Read these lines from the poem “Washington.”
Perhaps when the marches were hot and long
He’d think of the river flowing by

The poet includes these lines to suggest that whenever Washington felt weary
and tired, he would

  • A. find shade by a river.
  • B. cool himself in a river.
  • C. change his travel route to follow a river.
  • D. recall a childhood experience about a river.

That concludes our questions from last year’s actual fifth grade FCAT. Now it is time to grade yourself. Click here for the answer key.

Just so you know…we picked the “easier” multiple choice questions. We did not use the math questions, for instance, where you had to draw geometric figures or show and explain your work.

If you’d like to let us know how you did, add a comment at the bottom of the article.

For the entire fifth grade reading FCAT, click here for the test, or click here for the test with answers.
For the entire fifth grade math FCAT, click here for the test, or click here for the test with answers.

Marion “Big Boy” Hadley

March 9, 2010

Marion “Big Boy” Hadley, 77, of Atmore, AL died Monday, March 08, 2010 at his residence. He was a retired Sales Representative from Nevada Power Company; born August 25, 1932 in Perdido, Al to the late John William “Bill” Hadley and the late Venie Hadley. He was a member of the Atmore Baptist Temple and was also known as one of the “Barnes Boys”.

He is preceded in death by one Sister, Marie Byrd and a Special Nephew, Johnny Hadley.

Survivors are his loving wife Jewel Hadley of Atmore, AL. Children: Kathy (Rick) Cooper of Pensacola, FL; Susan (Don) Schmidt of Atmore, AL; Angela Hubbird of Pensacola, FL; Sandy (Brian) Kemp of Northport, AL; Jon Taylor of Vance, AL; Kim (Sammy) Lee of Atmore, AL. Brothers: Arion “Little Boy” (Dee) Hadley of Atmore, AL; Bruce (Jodi) Hadley of Saucier, MS; Billy (Christyanna) Hadley of Nogales, AZ;

Al (Francis) Brown of Montgomery, AL. Sister Mildred Hall of Atmore, AL. Fourteen Grandchildren and Eleven Greatgrandchildren.

Services will be Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 11 am from the Johnson-Quimby Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Doug Odom officiating. Interment will follow in Oak Hill Cemetery. Active Pallbearers will be his Grandsons, Josh Ray, Ron Moore, Jeremy Young, Brad Martin, Austin Lee, Gavin Taylor and Kyson Kemp.

Family will receive friends, Thursday, March 11, 2010 at Johnson-Quimby Funeral Home from 10am until service time.

Johnson-Quimby Funeral Home, Inc is in charge of all arrangements, Atmore, Al.

Vehicle Fire Shuts Down Highway 4

March 9, 2010


No one was injured in a Tuesday morning vehicle fire on Highway 4 that closed the roadway for a short time.

The driver of a Ford Escort was eastbound on Highway 4 near C.W. Carraway Road when the vehicle caught fire. It was fully involved when the first firefighters arrived on scene. Highway 4 was completely shutdown  for a short period as the fire was extinguished.

The Walnut Hill Station of Escambia Fire Rescue, Engine 519 from the Century Station of Escambia Fire Rescue and the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office responded to the blaze.

Pictured above and below: Firefighters work to fully extinguish a vehicle fire Tuesday morning on Highway 4. NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.


Norman R. Miller

March 9, 2010

Norman R. Miller, age 75, of Jay, died March 4, 2010 in Jay, Florida.

He resided in Jay since 1973, where he served as Jay Police Chief.

He is survived by his sons, Charlie Riddle, Ray Miller and Tim Miller; daughters, Kathy March, and Charlotte (Bobby) Quante; brother, Richard (Nancy) Miller; grandchildren, Joshua March, Danny March, Bryan Quante, Geneva Miller, Tabatha Miller, Kenneth Miller, Maegon Kelley, Travis Miller and Terry Miller; great-grandson, Ryan Kelley.

Funeral services will be held 12:30 Wednesday, March 10, 2010 graveside at Barrancas National Cemetery NAS Pensacola.

Visitation will be held Tuesday, March 9, 2010, at Jay Funeral Home from 6 to 8pm.

Jay Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Civil Rights Groups: Murder Near Jay Not Racial

March 9, 2010

The recent murder of a Brewton teen at a late night party outside of Jay was not racial — that was the word following a civil rights meeting Monday night in Jay.

Ellison Bennett from the SCLC and Wayne Hodrick from the NAACP’s Santa Rosa County chapter held a closed-door meeting with Santa Rosa Sheriff Wendell Hall and Jay Mayor Kurvin Qualls at the Jay Town Hall. Each agreed that the murder was a violent act, but was not racially motivated.

Robert Franklin Floyd, 21, of Jay, is charged with an open count of murder for the shooting death of Getyron Lopez Benjamin, 18. Floyd is also facing three counts of attempted murder after he allegedly fired a rifle into a vehicle occupied by Benjamin and three other people that were leaving a party in Jay last Saturday morning. Floyd is white, while Benjamin is black.

There were allegations that the shooting could have been racially motivated, but many residents of Jay and Brewton say that race is not an issue in their town. News stories about the shooting on NorthEscambia.com prompted over 300 comments, while similar stories on the Pensacola News Journal web site also received hundreds of comments. On the two sites, as well as the sites of many other news organizations, many comments indicated that racial overtones exist in both towns.

A report aired by WEAR television included an interview with a white man that claimed to be from Jay. The man, identified by the television station as only “anonymous”, said that black people should not come to places that they are not wanted. That reported also led to a flurry of internet comments about racist claims concerning Jay.

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