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Today’s Special: A “starter’ website with up to six pages designed and hosted for one year for about $1 a day. Fill out the form below for more information today and we’ll even throw in a domain name registration for free!. Limited time offer.

In today’s world, I bet you’ve been asked more than once for the address of your website. Telling someone that you don’t have on yet is about as bad as telling them you don’t have a phone number.

Sending them to a bad looking site, a slow site, or one that just has not been updated in forever is even worse. Is that the image you want to have? was developed by InternetSouth, a web design company and advertising agency with 11 years of web experience. Eleven years is a long time on the internet! InternetSouth has done site, other graphic design, and programming for companies large and small all over the Eastern U.S. If InternetSouth can do a site as complicated on the programming side as, you can rest assured that they can handle your site, large or small.

Too expensive you say? Then perhaps you’ve asked the wrong folks for a web design quote. Sites at InternetSouth start at less per year than you’d pay for basic business phone service. Really. No, really I meant that. You can laugh now at that quote you turned down a few years ago.

Why use InternetSouth? did. Local newspaper Atmore News did. Alto Products, a huge international company based in Atmore did. As did countless others around the Eastern U.S.

Curious? A quote is free, quick, easy and painless. It does not hurt to ask.

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