Angel Food Ministries Provides About $70 Of Top Quality Food For $30

June 29, 2008


Saturday was distribution day for Angel Food Ministries at the Allen Memorial United Methodist Church in Cantonment.  It’s a simple program where anyone can save more than half off the cost of groceries. And, perhaps best of all, everyone qualifies, no strings attached.

The program food relief to more than a half million families a month across the nation.

It’s a simple concept…pay $30 for a box of food worth about $70. There are no applications; everyone qualifies. The process is simple too…just stop by the Allen Memorial United Methodist Church in Cantonment, pay the $30 and return on the designated pickup day to receive the box of food. They even accept food stamps.

Allen Memorial United Methodist Church has been the local host for the Angel Food Ministries program since October of 2006, according to their program director Katrina Williamson.

“It’s a great program,” Williamson said. “It can really help people out.”

The $30 June box of food included 1.5 pounds of rib eye steaks, 1.5 pounds of hamburger patties, two pounds of pork riblets, four pounds of chicken leg quarters, two pounds of breaded chicken tenders, a 20 ounce supreme pizza, one pound of mild Italian sausage, two pounds of French fries, one pound of sliced carrots, one pound of mixed vegetables, a 32 ounce container of two percent shelf-stable milk, six ounce pancake mix, 15 ounce pork and beans, 14 ounce ketchup, 7.5 ounce macaroni and cheese, a dozen eggs and a dessert item.

The July $30 box of food includes a 40 ounce Marie Callender Family Cock Pot Dinner with meat, one and half pounds of boneless pork fillets, five pounds of chicken chunks, one and half pounds of meaty beef ribs, 28 ounce meatloaf with gravy, one pound of beef fajitas, one pound of cooked meatballs, one pounds of all meat hot dogs, one pound of broccoli, one pound of pea and carrots, 28 ounces of pasta sauce, one pound of pasta, 32 ounces of milk, 32 ounces of Hawaiian Punch, 12 corn tortillas, a seven ounce blueberry muffin mix, a dozen eggs and a dessert.

“Our food is “restaurant grade” meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. which we acquire through our involvement with only the best producers/vendors of high quality, “name brand” foods. Never “seconds” or “day old” type products are involved,” according to the Angel Food Ministries web site.

For more information about the program, call Allen Memorial United Methodist Church at 968-6213 or visit To visit the church and place an order…take Highway 20 south into Cantonment. Turn right at the red light onto Muskogee Road. Take the second right onto Pace Parkway.

Other churches in the North Escambia area that might be interested in hosting the Angel Food Ministries program can visit for more information.

Editor’s note: has ordered a box of food. We will run a follow-up story in July to remind you about the program and let you know what we thought of the food. We can tell you that the frozen pizza from June’s menu was pretty good.

Pictured above: Volunteers at Allen Memorial United Methodist Church in Cantonment work to distribute food Saturday at the church. Pictured below: A box of food being loaded. photos, click to enlarge.



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